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  1. I think would be great idea. Because sometimes is confusing on what amount we are betting. I think the price of token should be the same as we buy it or sell it. I.E. you buy 10000 tokens for 1btc. you play a little you have 15000 token. you get 1.5 btc. No matter what the price is end up being.
  2. I would say possibly Ross Ulbritch has more chance to be Mr Nakamoto. Founder of Silk Road. if its not him. Reason why havent touched genesis BTC is because he is the pionneer of BTC and must be the one still mined the most BTC even excluded those 980000. And with all this he must of been a trader also so even more capita gain here. If not it could be also bitmain that created it. Satoshi Nakamoto want to lead to suspense like Kaiser Soze in Usual suspects. Everyone talks about him but no one knows who he is. Gives him more notoriety.
  3. you can place an offer for the price that you decide. you can buy with basically any payment method.
  4. ahh yes it is. you can possibly buy bch with any method and then buy btc with your bch on same platform.
  5. https://local.bitcoin.com/r/snoop888 this is a good peer to peer exhange. people might verify your identity not be scammed. depending on mode of payment. but rates are usually fair for me. have great day
  6. I think it would be great to have faucet that are actually worth something. I have 990 satoshi faucet on other site because I'm a good level. Some times I reach the minimum WD. But anyway I bust it. But it's exciting to multiply 1000x the faucet when you have no balance.
  7. One day made a 0.005 btc coupon into 1 or 2 btc. In about 15 minutes and busted in the next 15. Lol dopamine was threw the roof.
  8. I go hard or go home. Bet 5 10 20$ and aim 65x on minesweeper
  9. I once won 400$ when I was young. It was worst thing happen my life. In thought I could control my luck. Then I started gambling on a regular basis. Now is been 10 years I probably spent over 250k$. I won several times in past 6 months over 10k$ never cashed out except once. And it only made my gambling problem worse. I lost my fund for my commercial and more money I got from friends try to save my business.