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  1. MINES: 8,048,969,262 placed by falchionMan on 17/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000200 Multiplier 5148300x Profit 10.29659200 5 million multiplier
  2. If i was you i would just buy cheaper shoes lol. But if you want to get those other shoes i would place 1 euro bets on plinko. Setting high 14 or so. Success !
  3. Dammnn from 1 sats to 1200 dollar. Thats nuts. Nice hits!
  4. Hello! When i am betting with amounts such as 0.08 ethereum i always get friend request. At first i always accepted them. Instantly when i accept them i get a message as "Hey bro how your bets going", i reply as usually "Bad" cause i always lose lol. After that they are always start begging for money. I mean just stop it, if i want to give money away i will send rains. Do other people experience this to and what to do if someone is begging for money?
  5. My biggest hit was 9900x on dice. But only with 2 sats so not really much profit. But it was a nice hit =]
  6. The Simpsons because its such a funny cartoon. Never gets boring. And i'm waiting for the new season of La Casa De Papel. Coming in 20 days or so Further not really looking very many series, i like to watch youtube to.
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