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  1. Everyone Will Be Gifted With US$100 Worth of SocialGood (SG) Plus, You Could Earn Even More! End Date: June 30th What is the Social Good Platform? "Save Money and Build Assets While Shopping" The world’s largest shopping network utilizing blockchain, providing the “lowest prices” and “largest product line-up” to smartphone users worldwide. When shopping at partner sites such as Amazon and Apple, you can get up to 20% cash back for free with SocialGood tokens (SG: DigitalGold). Then, it’s up to you to decide if you would like to convert your SG into fiat or hold onto it for the long term as an asset. Plus, a portion of your purchase amount will automatically be donated to social contribution organizations. There are already over 40,000 participants worldwide. Airdrop Details: SocialGood is airdropping $100 worth of SG tokens to the community members. Sign up at SocialGood website, complete some easy tasks and submit your details. Link: https://socialgood-cashback.com/airdrop/ How Can I Get SocialGood Free? 1. Click on the below banner and buy the items you like from the online store. You will be gifted with 20% worth of your purchase price back in SocialGood. 2. After you've finished your purchase, within 24 hours, please fill out and submit the AIRDROP form. Notes: ・Each person may submit only 1 item per application, and can only submit only 1 application one time only. (i.e. 1 person, 1 item, 1 application form, 1 time) ・The item purchased cannot be worth more than US$10,000.