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  1. there is no best method to play dice with but it is always true that it can be busted in long time game play .So players need to be wised playing in short time at all.
  2. When I lose big amount of my balance , I felt very sad, angry and then sick at all .
  3. use a samsung S7, not the newest model but gets the job done. I have tried Stake on my phone before... a bit too slow paced for my liking compared to using a PC. For browser, I used Brave which is based off basic attention token, because it blocks internet trackers, ads and optimizes my speed.
  4. To get to VIP you need 10000 usd of wagering. Sports betting offers 2x wagering points, so if you are betting in only sports then it's 5000usd. But in total you need 10000 usd worth of wagering points. I suggest to play safely for first impression .
  5. According to my gambling experience in dice games, martingale work with 10 loses in a row with x2odds .Then take time to recover if you lose unfortunately. The is the random game and unpredicted outcome might come so it is always important not to play all of your bankroll .Save it for another strike .
  6. I do like simple things so i just play Samurai slot which is easy to to play and have so much fun at all
  7. A lot of news slots are added and it might be interesting for slot addicts .
  8. I like Red Tiger tight now and i am look others to play with .
  9. I feel like to play higher odds bigger than 3 times when i seek for profits in short games but choose lower odds not higher than 2 times when seeking wagering amounts for long games .
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