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  1. If i have a chance to take a loan in any banks or financial institutions, i would like to take enough money to purchase 1 btc at all. But, it is impossible for me at the moment during corona virus outbreak
  2. Martingale system made me lose the whole balance when i played long game at all.
  3. It is correct. But it is not encouraging if you see that you bet 100 Usd or more knowing that you only have a 0.001 chance of winning. I have a habit of looking at these things, but I'm not just stuck with math. Luck is also a big definer in games. After all, it is a game of luck and lack of it and not purely mathematical.
  4. that is a big come back $1 to over $100 . you might have a great luck wining this chances. Keep going on mate.
  5. the strategy did not work for me and giving too much headache at all.
  6. In my opinion, it depends on some condition and situation at all. Using with mobile is very portable so that you can you any where , anytime you want but the screen size might be smaller and not all games are easy to play with the release of stake 3. Otherwise , using laptop or desktop might help you when you're at home, having lager screen size and easy to handle all games without hesitating .
  7. Welcome back to Stake . It will be great if your come back here is for real and we will see you in chat too.
  8. First of all, it is a stake loyalty program for the players and the player need to reach minimum milestone to get weekly bonus which is starting from bronze. I understand that the post writer wants a weekly bonus for non vips , but in actual conditions it is not promoting players if the bonus for all of them .
  9. Stake 3 is very cool having many options of gambling slots , live casino and so on . Over all , i live live casino games .
  10. that was after i reset the live stats, my bet total is two bet showing only one
  11. Welcome to Stake community when we have a lot of fan and gambling . All you need is to focus what you gamble and do forum work and earn some rewards
  12. I vote for the dice because it is fundamental game and easy to play .