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  1. nice one. ill rty to follow your tips)
  2. well congrats @Jeazelle and good luck in da future πŸ˜–Insert other media
  3. @Dan can you pls provide query that returns user status : Vip (bronze,silver etc) or regular. Thanks
  4. before slots it was limbo, now im playing both and im really in love))
  5. My dear @j240 for every game the martingale is the strategy with negative expectation game. So the more you use it = more you lost. It goes for every game so my advice to you - use it in a short term, go green, cashout, run.
  6. Happy birthday and mega race !!!
  7. i was making nice small 10-15$ every day, but once i wanted more and lost almost 2 eth))) Greed is my worst enemy and "Over confidence" is hes best friend.
  8. I'm trying to cash out 65-70% if i have profit and continue with small bets. Once i lost 0.2 eth instead of cashing out, so i'm trying to left small amount and not regrade if i lost it.
  9. I'm playing for fun. Its not a job for me. Moderator is a job, support is a job, player is having fun here.
  10. have you used !odds? bro you got to use odds)
  11. My highest pos was 76th i believe and 17k sat prize. i bust 0.1 eth but than recover half. It was fun and intense. Next time ill try to finish in top 50