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  1. My real name is chantelle and surname jacobs. I am married soooo Mrscj lol
  2. Mrscj

    One of the best game?

    My fav game was hilo but now its between plinko and keno. Sometimes limbo but not very often. Keno has given me alot payout in the past aswell as lately. But it has gone down a bit
  3. Mrscj


    Hi there and welvome!!
  4. Was playing keno and just playing normally but with higher amounts. Chasing x2 or so but it just didnt want to let up. It kinda sucks but its my own fault coz i would stip and 10 min later try again. Same story
  5. This is me and my little mini me xxx
  6. I got my xrp up to 110 but then busted it the next day haha so its a bit of a loss foe me
  7. I found that whenever i play on low risk i loose alot quicker than on med or high. There is no big miltiplier to make up for a couple of bad streeks. So i rarely play low myself
  8. Mine was end of last year on limbo. Was x17800 but on 500sat eth. Was still a nice payout
  9. That moment when you play Limbo. Put your bet on 3x payout and it hits 12700x then 125x then 52x😫 before i could hit stop. That hapoend to me again today. Obviously it hapoend to all of you also. What do you do? I knew it was coming! But i just wasn't ready for it.... this time😄😄
  10. Most defnitly yes. 99% of the time
  11. I personally feel that using cheaper couns to test strats doesnt work. It will work with eth and everything will go very well. Then switch over to btc and go bust. Have proven it time and time again
  12. Mrscj


    The most stupidest thing i ever did was forget to actually put bet amount in.... and i hit like x400 on keno. Nearly shat myself. Ox400 still is 0 lol
  13. I dont mind joining the race as long as i dont loose to much of my balance. Yes it is hard to keep up with all the highrollers and their wagers. Think i have only been in top 100 twice