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  1. Hey there man, gggggs thats amazing , but why did not you share your bet id so we can see that amazing thingy ? mine is like 80+x max multiplier but anyways for me it was pretty amazing good luck everybody so you hit something amazing like this and play responsible friends
  2. Hey there man I used to skip cards when I just want to play some bets with higher risk, for example I skip all card from middle range like 5 6 7 8 9 and when I get for example 10 I bet on higher just to get much better multipliers and trying this to hit at least 2 cards like this and than cashout thats pretty nice strategy to get some profit but I have already ripped with this too anyways good luck with your bets and skip alwaway when you feels like it and do not forget to play responsible friends
  3. HEy there man , I think you are wrong, there shouldnt be anything like "VIP have higher chance of winning" or "VIP have better multipliers" you just play with different settings , I think it is about number of tiles you have chosen or maybe different risk but as you have stated you have high risk so this is not why don't forget we all lose a lot and have the same chaances Only youtubers / streamers are rigged Just kidding good luck anyways man with your bets and do not forget everybody to play responsible
  4. Hey there man , i am not sure what you wanted to say but if you play with high risk, just play really small bets , at least / 300th of your balance so you have enought to recover from bro let us know what you have got good luck to make some profit and do not forget t o play responsible bros
  5. Hey there bro ggggggggs , thats amazing my best is just x259 multiplier from high risk 4 tiles all hit but it doesnt happen anymore, I just made it months ago when it was still possible it was even easy to hit , I made it few times with like 32 tries good luck to everybody so you hit something amazing like this at least and do not foret to play reposible bros
  6. Hey there man, I feel like you are the most luckiest boi ever but anyways ggggs , this is amazing 😮 I have played like milion of best of video poker and I was never even close to this And I play even with much more smaller balance but it doesn't matter , this just never happens to regular people like me Anways good luck to everybody to hit this amazing thingy 😮 and play responsible friends
  7. Hey there all, to make some money from dice it is hard, but as at all other games My best tactic to win some money is to play x99 multiplier 1 percent chance win play with like balance / 300 or / 400 to have something to recover with and I have made pretty nice profit with this easy tactic / strategy on automatic but it doesn't work all the time as everything, but sometimes you just have to believe or just sometimes you need to rip good luck anyways to everybody and do not forget to play responsible friends
  8. Hey there friends, I keep trying different strategies all the time and there is no safe way to profit there is always possible to profit with 1 percent (x99 multiplier) chance of winning but also rip a lot on the other hand also if you play 98% percent win chance to rip because there is always that weird "luck" of loss streak So just play as you feel like , what mekes you feel good and good luck to everybody also do not forget to play as responsible as you can my friends and let us know how you were doing with your bets
  9. Hey there evebody I cannot tell if it is my favourite but for sure it is one of the best Exactly when I talk about autobets it is my favourite with keno but when I play manually, video poker is my best, I can say that it is fun games like dice is just good to play if I like it on auto to do a lot of bets and potencionally making some profits good luck everybody in making some great profits and do not forget to play responsible friends
  10. hey there man, Always when I try to hit something crucial, it always ends in rip I always need to play responsible and calm when I want to profit, becasue I stop to control myself I will RIP everything So no there is no chance to make profit with crucial bets It is always to play low and calm in my opinion Good luck everybody in your play and do not forget to play responsible everybody enjoy your day
  11. Hey there man, I play just dice in line version, the basic, as you have said it doesn't matter at all and I am used to this version I have never even tried the other version For a really long time I had no clue that something other even exists so yeah thats the answer good luck bro with any type you play with and do not forget to play as much responsible as you can my friends have an amazing day also
  12. Hey there man If I remember right I saw this live it is amazing I love to see somebody hit something amazing like this 😮 good luck in hitting even better hits bro also good luck to everybody to hit something like this amazing and do not forget to play responsible friends Once I will have luck like this too maybe whos ready to profit like this ?
  13. Hey there bros I used to play 1% win chance (x99) multiplier and on auto small bets, like balance / 300 for example at least or 400 so if you have really bad loss streak you have something to recover from with I used to profit on this easy strategy a lot but also a lot I used to loss but in general this strategy use to give me some nice profit for some weird reason anyways good luck who will try this easy strategy and do not forget to play responsible friends
  14. Hey there man, I need to try this strategy, I finally need something to wager a lot and not rip in a seconds so thank you very much for something new good luck everybody with this strategy or in any other you will try and do not forget to play responsible bros also what do you think about this strategy ?
  15. hey there poor bois, so sad to hear that boi but anyways 30k satoshies are only about 2.5 dollars thats not that much but good luck anyways and don't forget to play responsible its not good to rage bet to try to recover your loses becasuse you can lose much more becasue of that sometimes its much better to play calmer or just stop for a while and accept that you lost already that balance just try it again later "from 0" not thinking about your loses and always play only with balance you are willing to lose my friend
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