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  1. I dont know your struggle but it is well known for me from steam Every friend request is just some scammer or begger or kinda both Nobody makes here real friends,they just want some benefits So this feature IS pretty good, not sure if its even usefull to have friends in here
  2. Yeah @banditc said it well, it doesnt matter which game or what you do, its always the same, just what you preffer, you can lose on 50/50 10 times in a row also win 5000x multiplier , everything is just luck , casino is just for fun,not to make you money, there are some people who might profit on casino but it is not meant to work like that
  3. Welcome nam le, enjoy your stay with us and good luck with your game and life 😀 Share with us what you've got
  4. Welcome Mara so this is your full introduction? Tell us something more about you 😊
  5. Giveaway idea: Hide bonus codes to claim on diffefent places of stake, in some random places, in FAQ, profile, you know better the places where nobody goes to 😊
  6. Anyways if they add some more options for you to multiply your bets, it will be equals chance to win in % , it doesnt matter , for example you have 50% chance to 2x your bet and you will have 20% to 5x your bet it might be more fun but the chances are always the same
  7. what do you mean, its just kinda ez math no? for example (number of mines / 25) * 100 = thats the percentage that with every hit you will lose for example 10 mines => 10 / 25 => 0.4 * 100 => 40% that you will hit mine on first hit another hit its even bigger chance that you will hit because one is already off so its 10 / 24 = 41.666% and so on also to hit two in a row is much more smaller chance its lil bit harder a = 0.4 b = 0.4166 for this two its (a + b - (a * b)) => 0.4 + 0.416 - (0.4 * 0.41666) = 0.64996 it i am right and so on , ok I think you maybe want to find some real calculator online and im sure that there is some but anyways your chances falls pretty fast the more you want to hit
  8. Just find something what fulfill your inner self people nowadays dont know how to make them happy and spend money on things like this, lil bit of adrenaline rush its useless find some hobby, find some friends, buy a pet , find your passions they will bring much more joy into your life and it will be long time, not only for few minutes thank me later good luck
  9. I think the only thing from the real pros is that casinos are kinda fun, rest of pros are there just to make you play and spend your money dont ever try to find something positive about gambling becasue thats how you support your addiction do it always only with money you are willing to lose (because you will lose them) and play only if you enjoy it it you rage and you are nervous, just quit, withdraw your money and find something what fulfill you in real life some hobby, sports, friends, pets, etc what doesnt need you to risk your money and make you depressed anyways if you need somebody to talk to , i am here for you , not all the time but I will reply for sure
  10. When you gamble with your life like almost all of us gamble in casinos that your life is one big RIP, you cannot live like casino but it is pretty nice comparison but I think not a lot of people will agree on that life is one big casino, you have to make desicions but you can risk much less to make much more in my opinion
  11. I think this is how the casinos work, the more you play the more u oscilate around house edge , so for example if there is house edge 1% , you should be 1% lose if you bet infinite times, so just hope that you would win from some small amount of bet and enjoy, also never play with something you are not ready to lose, because thats what gambling is about, not about making you rich but about making casino rich and maybe bring you some fun, excitement and bring your adrenaline up a lil bit thats why people love it and are addicted to it more good luck next time
  12. Does this even matters ? Everything could be represented as real money value so whats the difference, maybe i like bitcoin or ethereum more than doge or some low cost cryptos because I feel better that only some "cents" equals to big amount of money Compared to doge where you win 10000 and you are still poor But anyways it is everything the same but this is the only difference i can think about
  13. I am pretty new to the stake and I dont remember any of those old thingies but its nice to read about that and get some new view about that how did stake evolve etc , it is nice thanks all for your memories
  14. I think that survey is fake, the same message at the end "Thank you for participating in this survey. Unfortunately you did not win the €/$50 prize." I think its not possible to somehow condition that only if it is every 50 survey made , show another message Why don't you just let discuss it here and not tell us to do some survey