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  1. im going to give my 2 cents in to the blackjack game number one i do not like the fact its an infinite number of cards. meaning you can get 7 ace of spades showing in the same hand which is utter BS... second when the player busts before the dealer flips the card THAT dealer card remains hidden or turned face down i personally like every BJ game ive played see the dealers hand flipped upright to show all the cards in PLAY for that hand. stake is the ONLY site that keeps the dealers hands hidden after the hand is complete. i busted that hand to prove a point in the screenshot first hand i went all in dealer had blackjack lol go figure
  2. Hey guys i just came across this forum post i hit a huge multi on this game during this giveaway but i dont have the bet ID its way back in the archive im trying to figure out how to open json files and find this bet id but i did hit this decent and afew times too i have a screen shot of the wins page with my username this was a middle bonus buy for 28 dollars so final multiplier was 4.91x and with the help of someone we found the bet id casino:44863576522
  3. Biggest yoinker of all time lol
  4. Hey this spreadsheet is quite an amazing tool think it has some big potential in hunting those big wins
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