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  1. i watch u stream wholeday yesterday .. amazing win
  2. congrats lespaul .. you deserve it 😁😁
  3. ohh stake birthday is coming soon..
  4. sometimes samurai very worst i saw more bets win 1.5x in 10 free spin lmao
  5. your right kenoG. i thought samurai is good than old slots
  6. stay home drink and wine i hope stake bday have a reward or coupon
  7. tsoyens

    Keno Profit

    i hit keno 500x 400x 350x 270x yesterday but i ripped today keno claim back my wins lol
  8. lets see what happen after launch ... someone said samurai slots is very hard ..
  9. not yet release .. good payout in samurai depends on lines .. maybe big payout depends on lines .. but i think slots is good after release . 😊
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