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  1. amazing hit its special royal flushes congrats Loopoo
  2. very nice rain thats the biggest rain i ever seen
  3. wow nice . my biggest rain ever receive is 0.0001btc by Drmethyl hehehe
  4. amazing hit your so lucky huh .. how many times i tried to plinko but hard to get that multiple proofit
  5. Stake cheated during game play. so it is best to play only one game a day
  6. i signup cryptogambler.pub yesterday but i use same password in my stake account many hours when i check my account i see withdrawal transaction.. now i change my password and set 2FA
  7. after i create account that cryptogamblers site my stake account was hack and lost all my funds
  8. i try to send two 0.0001 btc to swap in xrp but its error and my btc lost stake user: @tsoyens