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  1. I use coinbase now because it's fast in depositing not like Blockchain. Blockchain now a day is getting slower and slower where I want to join the races and after 12 hours the depositing isn't going through and I have to wait cause I can't do another transaction cause you can double transaction you need to wait for the another transaction to go through before you can do another transaction that's why I use CoinBase now.
  2. I think they are both the same for me as long as they got value they are good but Bitcoin is a lot better because site accept bitcoin and some site do accept litecoin but not as much as the Bitcoin.
  3. It's depend on the situation we always have a house in our hometown/ancestral house/home that we can go home when everywhere we are stress in city life we all can chill in that play where clean air, not noisy environment, and friendly people because they respected each other. but we need to go to city to work for a money or else we can't it but if we keep in apartment which we are paying monthly more like your working just to pay the apartment.
  4. I really love NBA 2K, FIFA, and Racing game. I always love playstation because without internet you can enjoy with your friends and it's doesn't have age restriction cause any age can relate to playstation games because it's easy to understand and use.
  5. We all going full season of Premier League until finals It's good hear I'm build a strong fantasy team so that maybe I can win the challenge. I kinda pick wrong player before but I rebuild it I hope it will be stronger this week. Goodluck everyone.
  6. This will be good so that future will learn what Crypto and stuff but for me It's not good to depend in crypto start build bank account goes maybe crypto goes down so hard like it's was up so hard then it will be your downfall with your crypto's.
  7. This idea would be sick If we can all play poker together and bluff each other. +1 for this.
  8. I thinking to win 1000 BTC every time I have a balance in Stake.
  9. I think tactic is not so 100% correct cause I tried to follow it and still got wrong things.
  10. DCYuma DC - From the Initial of my place where I born which is Dipolog City Yuma - From anime World Trigger
  11. I've been purchasing and sell some there. I think they got a permission with valve with a significant commission.
  12. Bitskins they sell CSGO and many steam games items there.
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