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  1. It's not that the stake is restricting as to get there promotion but if they keep it free for everyone then everyone will abuse they will just keep making new account than playing in the site to achieve it. It's like your playing a MMORPG where you need level up to access more stuff.
  2. For me They both good they are fast they a agile and they have brain to play with watching them like they are playing video where they keep outplaying there enemy and rush in and finish with a incredible kick.
  3. I will do hunt x1000 if I have a spare from my profit cause I don't really mine of winning cause I've lose hope before since my friend hit 1000x I tried to hit it day by day but by the times come I don't even have a chance to hit it even but I hope someday my luck will hit it sooner or later.
  4. WTH It is so insane Imagine you rage bet and you get this kind of Initial Hand what you doing to do? I think I got dab and jump then shout this is so amazing if you how many bad you did are you came across with this kinda of opportunity imagine you bet with 0.1 BTC cause your raging it's gonna be life changing while raging.
  5. That's why there is not such things a safe bet in gambling as long as there a slight chance the things could happen.
  6. There is no safe to play in gambling because even a 0.01% in a jackpot site can win. even you have 98% of winning you can also be busted if they roll goes under 2 or over 98 so for me there no such thing a safe bet in gambling. As long a the coin have differrent faces you will have a % on losing too.
  7. If your VIP you get weekly rake back from Eddie via your wager in the week I think there is no point of calculating it because you know you yourself if you just keep wagering you will get it at least they put the VIP Progress so that you will not be feel cheated of yours wagered. how small or big your wagered is as long as the vip progress is moving you will get it.
  8. Yeah I wagered outside races too but I will keep something in my vault so I will not be busted and play something in Races insurance as Blackjack says. but sometimes luck will come anytime maybe outside race you hit something but when Race happen I will just doing the 1.01x so I won't hit big.
  9. Getting Rid of them is not a answer because then you stop if they see that you are getting annoyed of what they are doing to you the best solution for this is to make them feel the you don't care of what they are doing to do because it's doesn't matter to you anything they do.
  10. for my Perspective now I love LIMBO than Crash now cause I can't really full play crash because of my internet spike and when internet spike happen crash will automatically ruin every thing it will not do anything and it's a money loss guaranteed
  11. I give if I can give but when I'm done and still recovering my lose sorry but I won't give, But if I get a good profit or a good hit I will try to Rain some just like everyone doing for everyone. Simple Kind of Help ripple to an Endless Loop you need to be big sometimes anyone could win from a scratch.
  12. I got attracted by the Forum Challenges and Forum Rewards as well but keep in touch got a lot of things to happen maybe Steve do a sneak giveaway like he always does.
  13. I'm playing with Stake cause Stake got a lot of games Primedice got only dice and I don't have a good luck in dice game so I prefer to be playing Stake for options to play and more options to play with.
  14. I did a sleepless night while hunting for the new challenge of Dusan but sadly I'm didn't get but when I asleep and wake up in the afternoon I go with directly to forum and see if anyone did get it, and when I go to challenge it got a new reply then I directly see it. Sadly I'm not getting it until now.
  15. Video Poker, Mines, and Keno cause this game is not a game that is pre-determine you can choose what you gonna and it's in your hand if you lose or win. Not like Plinko you watch in bounce and bounce from the left and gonna think it going to be big but it's just straight goes back to the middle because it what determine once the ball is been drop.