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  1. Hey dude, still working out the forum myself, I stuck to the casino at the start but learning more about the forum daily. Lots of competitions to get involved in once you meet certain forum requirements. Best of luck.
  2. I'd say around 48 hours which was trying to hit a multiplier. Savage on the eyes!
  3. If you play for to long your likely to bust as your concentration will lapse leading to rash betting.
  4. I like to gamble for fun and it's relaxing after a hard days work. If your end game is to become rich your in for a torrid time as by the definition of gambling you probably wouldn't be able to stay rich.
  5. I like to play with bitcoin but my better wins have come from bitcoin cash. I don't really like lite coin, not for any reason other than it has not been lucky for me.
  6. I would take 50% then try a multiple of different strategies that take a lot of coin to see if i could build on it.
  7. This is interesting I don't pre roll with 0 satoshi purely because it would annoy if it came in. But if it's correct that the calculations are made on betting amounts then I guess it doesn't matter. I probably still won't do it but I also won't walk under a ladder lol.
  8. I like trading in crypto and trying to catch the pumps and dumps to earn a few coins, mainly alt coins. As they move more on a weekly basis.
  9. I play in the evenings when I can, sometimes for hours or just a few minutes depending on my free time.
  10. Iv hit 1000x in limbo, but only a small bet as I like to randomise the amount I bet and unfortunately caught it on a low one.
  11. I play on my phone without any trouble. Generally it's my internet connection that will give me a problem.
  12. I look forward to the big birthday race 🏎 . Good luck to all.
  13. Mine was when i had turned 18 and was aloud into a betting shop, all my older friends would go on a saturday at 11am religiously. I remember feeling nervous and had my I.d at the ready, i put a bet on a horse copying my friend. I lost and realised at that moment the horses weren't for me although i still have a flutter now and again.