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  1. Bro u want to know good time in stake. How?
  2. Anonyrider341

    Hey all

    Because I have been here for last 1year (old) Yet so many things to know in stake about which I still not aware (new). I think u understand . If not. ASK ME AGAIN.
  3. I think I don't understand what actually it is. Let me know pls.
  4. Anonyrider341

    Hey all

    Ok new manager. Welcome. I'm NEITHER old nor new.
  5. I think I'm the one who came late. Please tell me the procedure of answering and screenshot posting and spreading. And is this going to last next week or new one will come .
  6. Well this is the topic of promotion. I start here by saying promotion with entertainment. if u guys and if your friends like to watch series then you can visit the channel for your entertainment and our promotion too. just like other entertainers . We like to entertain our viewer as far as we can. Here I'm providing the link of it you can check it out or I will suggest you should check. We just got active on channel and decided to provide people's joy and entertainment in their life. Is their any AGENT CARTER LOVER . THEN you can go fir it. That's all for promotion and entertainment. Channel link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdhy78bM8Q9VY5L6dw_v3UQ Thank you.
  7. HELLo ALL ! I know everyone like to be treated serious. is their anybody who don't ? So, guys today's topic is serious topic. Maybe sounds like weird. 😏 😊I want like a debate type you know like everyone's opinion about posting in stake, the topics that are knowledgeable. I have been seen that people posting on topics like --introduction, gaming, watching series, Etc. So I hereby looking for you guys to suggest your views on what topic should be discussed here.
  8. Anonyrider341


    Ready to explore into the stake.
  9. Their should be anyway to PPP.? What you think?
  10. 1.which kind of section is not allowed. 2.if what I'm understanding what you are saying then it means their is no use of posting anymore? And nothing will be given for posting. please explain then how can I make Satoshi in stake forum. 3. Yes I was talking about challenges. Thank you. One more question. #Faris Weekly challenges - what should I do to get in challenges? And How it works?
  11. Hello everyone! Dear friends of stake family I want your help to understand some topic of stake. I was joined this nearly a year ago and I sign in again but I'm getting some trouble with stake forum. Honestly.... Directly I'm questioning. So here are my questions. 1. What exactly are the topics on which I should discuss in stake forum? 2. What is the criteria for collecting Satoshi? 3. What is the criteria for participate in race or something like that in STAKE FORUM? (I think my question is not exact but I know you guys understand what I mean🙄) So please don't leave the page without replying to my question.. Knowledge growing by sharing THANK 🙏YOU.
  12. Can someone help me down in getting . What this strategy is followed and how? . WEEKLY MEGA RACE.
  13. It's a good strategy to follow up to high profits for both the parties even for community too. And I think, it should be followed but for some people at low waggering lvl it should be made in a way that they could also participate.