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  1. I think I'm the one who came late. Please tell me the procedure of answering and screenshot posting and spreading. And is this going to last next week or new one will come .
  2. HELLo ALL ! I know everyone like to be treated serious. is their anybody who don't ? So, guys today's topic is serious topic. Maybe sounds like weird. 😏 😊I want like a debate type you know like everyone's opinion about posting in stake, the topics that are knowledgeable. I have been seen that people posting on topics like --introduction, gaming, watching series, Etc. So I hereby looking for you guys to suggest your views on what topic should be discussed here.
  3. Can someone help me down in getting . What this strategy is followed and how? . WEEKLY MEGA RACE.
  4. It's a good strategy to follow up to high profits for both the parties even for community too. And I think, it should be followed but for some people at low waggering lvl it should be made in a way that they could also participate.
  5. Fetching all over me.. To the corner of the world. Working less spending time along with.. Ihv also recently joined in the web series.. May be you too be interested in that.. It's chchilling adventure of Sabrina. I liked it most may it also works upon you too If anyone is interested in web series may be they should walk around the Netflix. It has large collection of same.. I recently watched some of them may be u too like them. It's all here: Chilling adventure of Sabrina. It has 2 season and it's a good series. Or U may also check. In fact
  6. Well ! It seems like u r more curious to know all that. But it's all right I have answers for ur questions well enough. Though BTC worked a lot to secure a position since 2009 it's initial working days and gradually it's users increases as compare to then which leads to major issue in decrement of its value.. As it was using in gambling even to the dark side may be big amount of uses.... If I talk about the gambling platform I'm not gonna provide u fake information but yet as BTC is a crypto type currency not open use but anonymous currency that has the only place in gamblin
  7. Last when I inquire all those stuff I have seen their 1 BTC =3, 000$ but later in the news improvement over the situation done to.
  8. btcBTC. Yaa, recently BTC looses its payout as in the news few months ago. From its initial starting in now days cryptocurrency working lot in all those gambling platform. And that's the point that BTC again recovering all that part. Thank you.
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