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  1. Lame
    Anonyrider341 reacted to polor12 in BTC info stake out   
    and the sources of this is coming from where.. knowing it cannot be just covering from the gambling platform. is one the places where btc is highly invested in that is for sure.. but it cannot be the only place.. are you getting this from a definite source or through you own observation.. first you say the reason why it was down then give the reason how the gambling platform help recover it.. i say fake news..
  2. Haha
    Anonyrider341 reacted to nuuuitsjdragon in BTC info stake out   
    Hmm maybe you’re right.
    There are sure to be other factors too as well right and those might be partly responsible for the recovery of BTC. 
    LOL maybe the dark-web drug buyers/sellers are the ones pushing it up!
  3. Thanks
    Anonyrider341 reacted to williamshennie9 in BTC info stake out   
    Yes BTC is recovering. I can't tell if it is whales pumping up the price or just the new market sediment whereby people think that $10,000 is the price that the market should be of 1 bitcoin. Let's see if it goes to $20,000.
  4. Thanks
    Anonyrider341 got a reaction from Hoffguy in BTC info stake out   
    btcBTC. Yaa, recently BTC looses its payout as in the news few months ago. From its initial starting in now days cryptocurrency working lot in all those gambling platform.  And that's the point that BTC again recovering all that part.
    Thank you. 
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