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  1. I was talking about this with a friend the other day. Once sportsbook is released, Stake will (I think) have the widest variety of ways to gamble. I don't know what else you could want from an online crypto casino. Not to mention the fact that Stake is one of the most generous in terms of rewarding loyal players. I guess we shall see how people react, I hope to see many new members when sportsbook is ready and out.
  2. I'm not a seasoned slots player so I thought i'd make this topic to ask what people recommend to be the best # of lines for playing slots aiming for high payout. I assumed 20 would be good but I've seen a few users mention that they've had more success with 10 or 12. Does anyone have recommendations for what I should try? I have really only tried 20.
  3. Wanted to make this topic to discuss the newly announced VIP challenges that will be starting on Monday. What do you guys expect from them? Or what would you like to see from them? I think it's a great idea to introduce VIP only challenges. I think it's yet another great way to reward the VIPs who spend there hard earned money here. I hope a lot of users haven't got it in there head that these will be high paying challenges, because from what I've been told by my VIP host and Eddie, these will be similar to the normal challenge payouts but just a smaller prize pool. Let me know what you guys expect/want!
  4. I think the mix of the two was a great way to distribute a reward to players. Personally, I believe that complaining about the amount of free money you get from a business that is designed to take your money, is in bad taste. We should be happy Stake gives us anything at all. I pretty much knew the amount to expect for the monthly coupon but I was still in shock when I claimed 264 XRP ($78 USD). Just like every week I claim mega boost and I am a bit shocked by the amount. Stake is extremely generous and I think using this platform they give us, in which they reward us for posting, to complain about the generosity, is just rude and shows how ungrateful and expectant players are.
  5. I think you're right in that bitcoin will always have a place in the future of currency as we know. I think blockchain technology will forever be a thing. Slowly but surely more lawmakers and government officials are seeing the positives of bitcoin as a primary currency. Some countries already allow you to pay bills/taxes in Bitcoin which is a HUGE step forward for the crypto-currency community.
  6. Curious to know what everyone thinks of slots on Stake. Personally when I first saw it I was in love, thought it was so cool. After playing it a few days my opinion has taken almost a 180 degree turn. I absolutely HATE slots. I don't understand why someone would play such a terrible game. A lot of people seem to forget that slots in real life are literally as rigged as casino games can get without being illegal. Maybe i'm biased because I cannot for the life of me seem to hit a high x on it. My highest is 7x lol. But I think slots is a terrible game mode and will be received well by players only for entertainment. I see players who profit well on it but I just don't see that being the majority. Let me know what you think of slots as a whole.
  7. I think a lot of players fail to remember that Slots is literally as 'rigged' as a casino game could get. We think Stakes %2.93 HE is high? Try %5. That's a better average for most slots games on the internet, real life casinos is a whole other story.
  8. It's fairly obvious and true that investing in casinos is far more profitable then playing on them. For example: I have a friend who invested 1 BTC in a popular crash site, Bustabit. Dilution fees brought him to 0.990 BTC invested. After 2 days, a whale came and won about 500 BTC. His investment went from 0.99 BTC to 0.9 BTC. So you can still lose, but in the long term it's expected that your investment will be up. There's no telling what may happen. This whale that i mentioned hit a very lucky streak and won 14 games in a row betting 40 BTC on 2x. So a pretty rare sequence of events there but it can happen that you will end up at a loss. I've often wondered why Stake doesn't allow user investing
  9. Well, it is a casino so it's not surprising that most users are at a loss instead of in profit. I am negative for all currencies besides BTC. Fortunately for me, my positive BTC stats out weigh the other currencies negative stats, in terms of fiat value.
  10. My monthly coupon was 264 XRP. As far as I know, monthly coupons are based much more on your VIP level rather then your wager. Both play a factor but most platinums for example got 264 XRP.
  11. Nothing will happen. The whole point of a VPN is to protect your data from prying eyes. I use a VPN no matter what site I am on because I value my privacy. Not to mention, the US government has far bigger issues to worry about then someone playing on a gambling site they aren't supposed to be on.
  12. I think a good coin to hold at the moment is XRP or Ravencoin. They both seem to be doing quite well despite bitcoins constant fluxation.
  13. Most people obviously joined this forum because they payout for every post. That brings good and bad people to the forum. I think the moderators however do an excellent job of keeping the trash separated/deleted from the good content.
  14. What does everyone think about the idea of being able to withdraw your forum rewards in any crypto that stake supports? I think it would be much cooler if I could choose one of the other 4 coins on Stake when withdrawing from forum. Would save me the cost and time that it takes to use Dinabot or Stakes in-house exchange feature. I don't know how easy it'd be as far as the programming/logistics of it but I definitely think Stake could do it! Tell me what you think about this idea!