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  1. I have the reload enabled non stop, and its great but I usually end up wasting it
  2. This is a good idea. Id love to play some roulette like that on stake.
  3. I would most definitely accept bitcoin/crypto from customers. I would encourage it! It's quite a shame how un-well known bitcoin is.
  4. this is my biggest win ever on stake...1.2 BTC in one hit
  5. Anyone else think that stake should re-add the profit stats for the casino? I think they were nice before, and we even had the option to hide them if a player wanted to so i dont see why they needed to be removed...
  6. All i got from the last raffle was the coupon that eddy sent out, which im fine with as i wasnt expecting anything
  7. Happy womens day We need more woman staff maybe?
  8. They are tolerated as long as you arent linking them in the main chat i believe
  9. Some people think plinko is the most addictive game but I kinda think dice is. Watching the slider and trying to hit high multipliers is so addicting. What do you think?
  10. I think USDT on stake would be a cool addition. Would bring a whole new crowd of people as well i'd imagine.
  11. Welcome to stake! i hope you enjoy it here
  12. Finally the shit forum loaded. Stake: 1Enzo
  13. It's absurd that it happens but at the same time I understand why it happens. People get sick of the losing and want to recoup it in anyway possible. Not understanding that stake only allows you to win when you're down a certain amount...Call it rigged if you want, or call it selective house edge.
  14. If you ever plan on going all in with your remaining balance. You should definitely consider Diamond Poker. I feel like it is the most straight forward after dice and limbo. The only thing that will affect it is what diamonds you get. I tend to only all in or place big bets on diamond poker. 2x isn't a great multiplier to play long term but it works well short-term.