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  1. If I play plinko (i never do), I go for 1000x and the likes, If i'm feeling high multipliers I go to Keno or Mines. The new Mines bot is excellent for doing that. Im not a fan of HiLo because I've never really been able to get good profit from it. It's been super lucky for others though which I envy.
  2. I know several people who have made a lot of money betting on sports. I think you need some experience with sports however or at least the ability to remember stats. I've considered getting into it and making some spreadsheets with stats that I can follow and make educated guesses.
  3. Great video. Not sure if plugging your site is allowed but I had access to the beta as well and had quite a bit of fun playing it. I'm excited to see what happens now that it's out.
  4. That's a nice win the way you make it sound! Good shit man hope you enjoy it I remember when I won this really rare knife in a game from a supply drop (loot box). Felt like I was on fire haha
  5. Enzo

    sharing my strat now

    That sounds like a winner...but you gotta remember that every strategy will fail at some point including this one. But I'm glad it's working for you right now. Hope you continue to make money using it.
  6. I haven't had a chance to hit any high multipliers with XRP yet i've played a lot of 2-4x in dice/crash. But i'm a huge fan of it being added. I think i'm not alone either cause the HR tab is ALWAYS full of XRP bets. I follow a streamer who bets only with XRP and it gives me a doge feel but better.
  7. I wish the old HiLo bot still worked so I could easily attempt this. Without it, eh. I'm far too lazy to try that myself as long as it would take. Pretty sure Faris holds Mines payout record too. Crazy guy he is.
  8. Depends what game i'm playing. If i'm on crash I like to try high x's. On dice I'll play 2-4x a lot. Some under some over. I need to get better at keno and mines cause thats where the real big multipliers are.
  9. As a rule of thumb I try to be 1/10th my balance. That's on games like crash/dice. But if I'm playing Plinko or something similar wher eyou go for high multipliers. I will usually bet %1-3 of my balance to give me a lot of roles. Sometimes even less depending on balance.
  10. I haven't played on a site in a while where I liked all the staff. The support team is great and always up beat. The chat mods are doing there jobs the way they should be. And Eddie also deserves a thanks for being a great generous owner.
  11. I'd say buy at around $9500. That's close to predicted bottom out. I and many others don't see it going down much further below $9000. Just like the person above me mentioned you could prepare for a flash crash and buy it at $7500 if it gets that low. Totally up to you its your money but i wouldn't buy yet.
  12. Now that Crash is out for everyone I can finally ask, how do you guys play crash? Do you go for low X? High X? Set a predetermined cashout or go manual? For me, I do a mix of both depending on what my balance is and how fast I want to make profit. If I want to just have some fun i'll go for high x's with low bets. I also ALWAYS play with a 9999 auto cashout so that I can hold a bet for a while if I want to or "feel it". Let me know what your guys' preferences are for playing the new Crash game mode!
  13. I really don't know what the goal of all those bots was. But I know it adds up fast. Eddie had mentioned it on a Stream for a mega race a few back. I think the first one.
  14. I don't really think trump can do much besides a little dump in the price. But really just spreading a lot of FUD about crypto and misinforming a LOT of people. While he's right that it's used for drugs etc on parts of the web. That's definitely not all.
  15. Nice one! I'd play limbo but Crash is really more my style, crash and dice are definitely my two favorite games on stake. If I want high multipliers I'll most likely go to crash. Limbo was my go to for a little while and then Eddie let me in crash beta