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  1. I'm in need of some recomendations on hwo to play Mines for low multipliers, as far as what diamond/bomb settings to go for. Typically whenever I tried it, i'd just do 1 mine cause that's the only way i felt confident in my picks. But it was such slow profit that you almost have to get half the board for a 3x lol Let me know how you guys play mines for 2x-6x?
  2. Being a player who spent the first 2 years of his crypto gambling "life" on sites that were strictly crash, I have a lot to think/say about Stakes version of crash. Most the sites I played on, actually all probably, were based off the same source code therefore they all worked, looked, and operated mostly the same. That could be a big reason for my general dislike of Stakes crash. It doesn't feel familiar like I thought it would. I love crash but after not playing it for almost 4 months I have no interest in betting that slow when I can go much faster in any other game on stake. It almost seems like Stake rushed the release of Crash and it has some rough edges that could be smoothed out. For example, frequently when you cash out manually instead of with the "Payout:" box, you will experience a bug where the balance + profit is not returned to you until you refresh the page. That's just one of the few rough edges I've noticed with crash, now I also haven't spent a LOT of time playing it, just enough to form some accurate opinions on it. Let me know what you guys think? If you've played crash elsewhere, which do you prefer? The other sites, or Stakes? Doesn't matter if Crash is worse to me on Stake, I'd still choose Stakes crash over any other crash site
  3. I'd definitely have to disagree with you but only because I tend to play lower multipliers. Limbo likes to fuck me also, tend to get a lot of below 1.2x which really makes me tilt.
  4. I didn't make any profit with boost during the promotion, just a lot of busts. But being as I'm platinum, I made quite a bit off boost when they first introduced it. My boost is quite high though so I feel like I immediately have an advantage over players with lower boost. 7.7k sats an hour is quite generous.
  5. How many of you can relate to getting excited 1 hour before mega race when its almost mega boost time? I know i do, I feel like even if I had all the money in the world, I'd still get excited the hour before mega boost. Free money just gets me happy and I get impatient Just a short topic but let me know if you can relate or not
  6. Definitely prefer the classic view. Not entirely sure why wheel view is even an option. I feel like not a lot of players are even aware it exists tbh.
  7. That's happened to me many times, ill get down to the last 10 or so bets before ripping and in those 10, i hit so many high x's, this usually happens only on plinko for some reason. It's like the game knows
  8. Usually if i hunt 100x or 1000x i do 1x over the real target, that way on the bet id it shows a nice round profit number
  9. How many of you actually know when to stop gambling? Or will you gamble and gamble till your balance is just 0? I'd like to think i'm quite good at knowing when to stop, sometimes i fuck up and dont stop when i should however. Usually if i start losing and it's not looking good ill play until im at half my original deposit, and then vault the rest for another time. How do you guys control stopping when you should etc?
  10. Thanks for this resource, I'd love more ways to follow crypto and how coins are doing. Thanks again
  11. This is pretty well known. In fact, every time Eddie plays BJ on Stream, he'll tell us to use that.
  12. Enzo

    Felt asleep

    That's happened to me on crash, never had the plinko balls get stuck though! Maybe they fixed that with the release of Stake 2, not sure cause that is caused by memory issues.
  13. Usually what I do is vault my coins on alt, where my 2fa code is stored on a phone i dont use, on that phone i use an app that allows me to lock access to apps for a time period. I do anywhere from 24-96 hours when using it.
  14. To me, it's not worth it at all unless I have a huge balance and am feeling extra patient. I would never play plinko for more then 25 minutes lol, only one time have i hit higher then 500x in those 25 minute sessions of plinko
  15. ---- sorry for double post please remove.