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  1. Stake username: 187 ESPN username: Stake187 Bracket Name: Stake 187 Bracket
  2. Thats a nice climb, sad you didnt withdraw at the highest
  3. Germany has announced that all major events will be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic until Aug. 31. This puts one of the biggest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments, ESL One Cologne, at risk of being canceled. The ESL is currently looking into the matter further. The coronavirus pandemic has swept across the world, affecting even esports and esport events. CSGO fans were left bitterly disappointed when IEM Katowice played out at the Spodek Arena without an actual audience. Furthermore, the first-ever Major to take place in Brazil, ESL One Rio, has been postponed to mid-late No
  4. ESL has finally revealed the full groups and a schedule for the ESL One: Road to Rio tournament. This tournament was announced after the ESL One: Rio major’s postponement to November due to the coronavirus. The pandemic has led to the more traditional minor tournaments in CSGO being completely scrapped. The Road to Rio tournament features 56 teams in their respective regions awarding points to qualify for the major in Brazil. Source: https://www.dailyesports.gg/esl-one-road-to-rio-csgo-groups-breakdown-along-with-schedule/
  5. "The way Von Miller became the latest athlete to test positive for COVID-19 should serve as another eye-opener. Miller said he took the coronavirus seriously. He had only left home to get food, but he still became the second NFL player to announce a positive COVID-19 test. (Rams center Brian Allen was the first.) “I have people coming in the home in and out, workers, maids, people that do plumbing, everyday stuff,” Miller told the TODAY show on Friday. “But it was nothing crazy. I coughed and here we are.” Miller said his symptoms started with a cough that worsened over time. Mi
  6. I tend to win a lot of my table tennis bets. Especially if I bet on low odds, course its obvious low odds mean better chance of winning but with CSGO games it seems to not matter for me It seems, if there is a strong player in table tennis, they remain strong for the entirety of the match. I think it would be wise to put some bigger bets on lower odds for tt and let it play out.
  7. Well, we know the recent stake giveaway for tickets to the F1 even was cancelled due to COVID. The prize was still nice but man a free F1 ticket would have been very cool imo! Course im a huge car enthusiast so i'd be in heaven. But i'd like to see how many others like Formula 1. Would you have attended the event had you won the giveaway? Obviously it doesn't matter cause no one on the forum won But it's fun to discuss
  8. If you are, who are you betting on for the CS:GO matches between Gambit Youngsters and Nordavind? Personally I tend to take the underdog in CSGO tourneys. Seems like i've been somewhat successful cause lately we've seen a lot of good teams get lazy in the 2nd half of the matches. I'd be surprised if Nordavind doesn't pull a W but i'd like to know what others think.
  9. I'd like to see some warzone betting on stake. Anyone else agree that it'd be a nice addition and has a decent size demographic? I think if they added it we'd see a small increase in players.
  10. I think this is to get you back onthe site if you haven't used the account in awhile. I've gotten it on my platinum after leaving for a bit.
  11. I have the reload enabled non stop, and its great but I usually end up wasting it
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