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  1. 1. I like playing dice and use AUTO MODE 2. game crashes 3. slots and damage ... 4. used in stake promotion, promotion.stake.com too. Also in all challenges I pay attention to characters, VIPs, telegrams, and normal challenges 5. Uros, Vlada, Mara, Aleksandra are the latest. And Maja too 6. Blue 7. Happy new year to stake. I hope we continue to develop into the # 1 online casino! Hoping to see what we will add to the list of games. Can't wait for Pegs to be the nicest and most supportive community I have met!
  2. Beautiful memories at Christmas. When families meet. And the kids get gifts they are very happy to get a heart compilation gift to be a saint. They always come and ask can you grant my request
  3. really very good stay away from spam
  4. betting in one sentence is very successful, because 70% lost 30% won
  5. I think it is better for you to wait until the BTC ends at its lowest level like 6 months ago, because at the beginning of the year the BTC can go up 28%