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  1. Happy bday stake) my best day on stake was when i won meme contest 2! 🎁
  2. England Verstappen Manchester United Chelsea
  3. One day he will be struck with a lightning. after that, when he wakes up in 3 days he wont feel any health issues. that will be counted as marvel and the next match the Brazil will loose because Neymar made a stupid mistake. because of this mistake, Neymar's career of a footballer will end. After spending 3 weeks in hospital, he realyses that he would never be able to play football again. theres only one thought in his mind: "if only i could go back... everything would be different...". saying that once again, he tightened the rope on his neck... "So... that is the end..." he said. The chair fell and Neymar... -Oh wait... where am i? oh... -Good morning, Mr Neymar. Im your doctor MrSmith. how do you feel? -wait, but... this already happened once? -What do you mean? -nothing... nevermind.. i guess it was just a nightmare... -Ok, i guess it was. Youre called a real marvel today because u got actually struck by the lightning, but it didnt damage you at all! -oh, i've heard this already... -sorry, what did u say? -nothing... nothing... ----------------------------------------------------------------- To be continued.... Tell me guys, if you wanna know what happened next! gl everyone!