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  1. It depends on the day for me. Sometimes ill bet a lot in hopes to come up big and the other times ill play with smaller bets and try to slowly build. They both have their pros and cons to them though. You're right about betting a lot you get paid a lot but it's hard to tell which method I have had the best success with. If anything I think both methods have been about even for me.
  2. I agree with you, I don't think they should add it. I honestly don't see a reason for someone changing their name other than to try to manipulate the system or to scam another player. To me, a name is just a name. What does it matter what your name is?
  3. 9lives

    Worth chasing 10/10?

    I'm addicted to keno. If it is either playing at a live casino or online, the main game I play is keno. I used to chase for the 10/10 but in my history, when I chase that, I end up losing and still have not hit it. Sure the payout would be awesome if you hit it but all in all I think you're better off picking less numbers than 10.
  4. It did for me. My ex cheated and then left me once I found out. She always said I spend way to much time either at the casino or playing bitcoin casinos. The way I see it though, she cheated so she isn't worth me quitting gambling then. Sadly, I'm sure online casinos or live casinos have affected many peoples relationships out there. Gambling is just so addicting it's hard to stop!
  5. When i first started getting into bitcoin a few years ago, I was hooked on all the faucet sites like the moon faucets for example. As the price slowly crawled up then obviously the amount you got from faucets slowly diminished. Now days, to me at least, feels like faucets are nothing but a waste of time. Sure your balance will build up over time but the amount of time and effort it takes to even get to the minimum balance to cash out, takes what feels like eternity. Does anyone still do faucets on a regular basis or do most people think its a waste of time now like I do?
  6. Hey Ges, welcome to the forums! It's a lot of fun here in the community. Make sure to maximize your earnings by following them on Telegram and their Discord channel too. If you arent a member to their discord yet, here is an invitation. https://discord.gg/2efVyV
  7. Hello welcome to Stake! Yeah the faucet isn't to great but overall I believe Stake is the best crypto casino I've come across. Even though the faucet isn't to great there's still a lot of earning potential. To maximize your earnings make sure to follow stake on Telegram and become a member on their Discord channel where they have hourly btc giveaways. If you aren't a member to Stakes discord yet, here is an invitation to the channel. https://discord.gg/2efVyV
  8. 9lives

    Hello everyone.

    Hey welcome to Stake. I love Stake and I'm sure you'll feel the same once you figure things out. There's lots of potential to earn some crypto and make some friends at the same time! Make sure to join Stakes telegram and Discord channel for more chances to win with their btc giveaways. If you aren't a member on Stakes discord channel, here is an invitation code https://discord.gg/2efVyV
  9. There are many people out there who think cryptocurrency is a scam. They believe that if they can't hold it physically, then it isn't actually worth anything. But how does something gain any value? Something gets its value from the belief of it actually being worth something. If I held in one hand a sheet of paper and in the other hand I held paper money and told you that you can take only one, which would you choose? You'd take the money. The reason you would take the money over the sheet of paper is because you believe it has more value. Currency has changed multiple times throughout history. For an example, in the past, sea shells was used as a form of currency. Now days though, sea shells are worth hardly anything. So how come people believe our current form of currency won't change in the future? I believe the people who think that our currency will forever remain the same are the ones who are crazy. What do you think, could cryptocurrency be the future, or are we always going to use the currency we use today and why?
  10. 9lives

    What's the best age ?

    The only age I can think of is what ever age I am at the time of having sex. I'd say about 98% of the time I enjoyed it. It never got better as time progressed, it's usually always good. To be honest, the only times when I haven't enjoyed it is when I am desperate. Just about every time I've been desperate for it, I've instantly regretted it once I was done.
  11. Ive always wondered if it would work but never actually tried it. I've contemplated mixing some in with my nicotine juice. I never do though because I dont want to waste any and I dont want to screw up my vape!
  12. Oh gosh I usually always bust to be honest. So far on stake I've wagered 12.56124868 btc and as of right now, I have nothing to show for it. I still continue to deposit more simply because I love to gamble!
  13. I love slots! I'd call myself addicted to them. I love them pretty much for the same reasons you said. I love the visual effects they have, the noises it makes, the adrenalin rush you get on each pull, and that nice warm fuzzy feeling you get when you get a big win. I don't necessarily have a favorite kind of slot. It depends on what kind of mood I am in when I play. The 3 reel slots I have more wins on but I don't win as much as I would on the others. I'm not sure what my biggest win is either. What I am sure of though, I definetly lost more money than I have made. That still hasn't stopped me from giving the machine another spin though!
  14. Yeah I go for high multipliers. It is addicting because when you hit, you come up big, leaving you with that good old warm fuzzy feeling on the inside. When I get a big win though I usually get greedy and try to win more. I'll end up making bigger bets and then Ill get into a losing streak. Thats when I'll try to make up what I lost and not to long later I have lost most of my winnings. I do that almost every time! One of these days I'll learn my lesson and stop while I am ahead...
  15. That is totally true. I am suffering through the same thing. Depression is not fun. Unfortunately more and more people are getting depression though. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a good source to have but at the same time it can actually make things worse for you as well. The people you talk to are not professionals and they don't work with any company. It is just someone who has volunteered. A little over a year ago, I was seriously contemplating taking my life too. I called the hotline and spoke to someone for about 30 minutes or so and I'm assuming the issue I was going through maybe threw them back into depression because they told me that they are sorry but they can no longer speak to me about my situation, they are going to connect me to someone else and then they hung up. At that moment I thought to myself wow even the Suicide hotline can't even talk to me and that's what cause me to attempt taking my life. That hotline could be good or it could make the situation worse.