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  1. For me just about any time is the perfect time for me to gamble. If I have the opportunity to gamble, I am doing it!
  2. I definitely dont know when to stop. I always gamble and gamble till I hit zero. I really need to learn to actually stop! When I do stop, I get that little voice in my head start telling me oh just go back and play. Just think of how much more you can make. Then what do you know, 30 minutes later I am back at it playing again. One day ill learn.... I hope!
  3. I agree 100%. I have tried many other gambling sites and none of them can even compare to how awesome Stake is. Once I found Stake, it became the only gambling site I play on now. At times I even prefer to play on stake instead of going to the casino in person!
  4. Welcome! Theres a lot of good people that play on stake. I am sure youll love it here!
  5. Yeah it happens to me a lot. Every once in awhile itll turn back to the good side again but you need a decent balance to make it through. I really need to start getting in the habit of changing my numbers up a little bit after hitting a decent multiplier. I tend to get stuck in the habit of keeping the same numbers forever!
  6. As of right now my favorite game is Keno and my runner up would be Mines. Now when the new slot feature opens up, that might quickly change because ill admit, I'm a sucker for slots!
  7. 9lives

    Setting a daily goal

    Every time I start to play I always tell myself okay I'm going to set my limits. If I get up to x amount or if I get down to an x amount I'm going to stop and continue on later. Problem is I am not good enough on keeping up to what I say. I always get greedy or I always get desperate to make back what I lost. One of these days I will learn... I hope!
  8. Mines for me I can never do good on. I still will play mines every once in a while when I feel like switching things up a bit. When I do play, I agree with what you said, I set the settings to be 4 mines as well. I feel like its easier to get higher multipliers. I never was able to get even close to the amount of tiles you have got to but at the same time, I usually chicken out way earlier than you do! If I have been having the same luck you have been having on mines I wouldn't really play any other game either!
  9. I agree, that would be awesome if there was bonuses you could hit it along with free spins too! I wonder how many reels itll have and if itll be like a traditional machine or not
  10. I dont know how you all feel about the new slot feature that is in the making but I am excited for it! I know slot machines have the lowest probability of winning money but I love them! They are nice and simple, just pull the lever, or in this case push the button, and hope for the best. Ive played some slot machines that were way to simple though and those were pretty boring but for the most part they are always fun. Im curious how this one is going to be like!
  11. I never understood why people complain about things they get for free. If it didn't cost you anything and you actually gained something, why complain? It kind of feels like people now days think they are entitled everything in the world. To all the people who complain about free stuff, why do you deserve more than what you got? Why are you so special? People these days!
  12. With the way the markets have been going, bitcoin is on a little bit of a down trend. I am getting so tempted to buy more but deep down my gut is telling me to wait. I feel like there is going to be another drop coming soon. I know I am a gambler but I hate taking the gamble on when to buy. I am terrible at reading the trend charts. I will look at them and act like I know what I am supposed to do, but in reality, I always go off my gut feeling. When it comes to buying crypto based off my gut though, I always do it at the wrong time. I know some of you have to be good at reading the charts. What do you all think, is it a good time to buy right now or should I wait a little longer?
  13. It depends on the day for me. Sometimes ill bet a lot in hopes to come up big and the other times ill play with smaller bets and try to slowly build. They both have their pros and cons to them though. You're right about betting a lot you get paid a lot but it's hard to tell which method I have had the best success with. If anything I think both methods have been about even for me.
  14. I agree with you, I don't think they should add it. I honestly don't see a reason for someone changing their name other than to try to manipulate the system or to scam another player. To me, a name is just a name. What does it matter what your name is?
  15. 9lives

    Worth chasing 10/10?

    I'm addicted to keno. If it is either playing at a live casino or online, the main game I play is keno. I used to chase for the 10/10 but in my history, when I chase that, I end up losing and still have not hit it. Sure the payout would be awesome if you hit it but all in all I think you're better off picking less numbers than 10.