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  1. I have looked about but i can't find anything in my email inbox, also the app still states that you have to do a valid transaction. But if you go on their help center it says that you have to stake at least 50 MCO to unlock the bonus. So i guess if you was fast enough you got it anyway. As a proof i can show you the email that confirms the bonus and the screens of the withdraw
  2. Hi there, So today i was looking around for some coins to play with and i just wanted to share to you this platform that i have found. It's called Crypto and maybe some of you already know it. It's a wallet platform with 7 fiat and 32 cryptocurrencies. With their referral plan you can get $50 at the first transaction. For example you can buy 12 Algo at like 7$ and it gives you $50 worth MCO coin that you can just exchange in some well-known coin like BTC ETH or XRP. The terms has changed, now to claim the bonus it looks like you have to stake 50 MCO and then the bonus is unlocked. This means you can still get the bonus but you have to top up at least 50 MCU You just need to insert your email in the referral link below. The account verification was fast and in like 30 minutes i was able to do my first transaction If you are interested just take a look Referal Link https://platinum.crypto.com/r/2kyksv5wxy Non-Referal Link https://crypto.com
  3. The bot works well, nice work!! if i can give a suggestion you could add a history list of the patterns used something like a Drop-down List
  4. Good work, looks very interesting. I hope you don't have to become mad to end the project lol
  5. Any news about? I'm looking for the querys preparing the game, next card bet, cashout .. Thank you for the answer
  6. Exactly, you need to edit the bot yourself from the source code or wait for an update
  7. Mixing different challenges is more funny to play, but you still need a lot of luck to win
  8. Can you please provide API examples for HiLo Game related queries Thank you