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  1. Of course it's cat! 😍 Im a proud cat lover since I was bitten by a doctor way back in high school, I really hate dogs, they smell so bad, they eat poop, you can't even kiss them! 😂 While cats, they just nap, on your bed? Lap? But most of the time they nap on our tummy! Then "prrr, prrr, prrr," HAHAHA! 😂 They smell nothing, easy to clean poop, and they will not bite things in your house! And wreck your sofa
  2. I really love mines actually, it's fun and there's suspense while you're playing it. You can go with high payouts as well as the limbo, but more fun to do and it's a good game for fun to waste time, while you're in work? 😂 I do it often
  3. Slots? I've never played that game online, but I've played that once in real life and lost like 40$ within few minutes! 😂 Could have been worst if I continued to gamble. Slots seems to be good and catchy, I wanna play it online but stake doesn't have it. *Cough* sup Eddie, we're craving for slots lol
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