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  1. I’ll start by saying this will include nothing but 100% truthful facts I have proof of. In no way is this slander, if removed it will only show a lack of transparency by Stake.com. I was a gold V.I.P. Eddie was my personal acct. manager on telegram. Admitted being a compulsive gambler in a very detailed and vivid way asked to be self banned he even sent. Me a lil money since I had lost a Quite a large sum Over the last days. He suggested we stay in touch, blindly I took this an incredibly kind gesture at this time. Several Days later finances are improved and all things in my life are steadily going back to there previous glory. Couldn’t sleep one night And I check my emails and BAM there it is! One of those free money emails I think to myself both the fact of wow they are so greedy they attack and prey on the weak, gambling addicts who came to them looking for help. Wow that’s supposedly against every casinos policy I’ve ever heard of cant believe the greed, those thoughts lasted about 10 seconds, not even 5 mins later I had a screenshot of the tempting email and a text asking to be unbanned in the most convincing was Possible and a few mins later I’m right back in there playing my bonus email money Even claimed the previous Saturday’s Mega boost and had eddie redo my hourly boost. U can proly guesss where it went from here lost everything I had and or made for the next close to 20 days or something, I waited till the raffle was up before asking to be self banned again and told him to make sure I didn’t get anymore emails and when I bring up the fact I was took advantage of eddie got real defensive said he had been goof to me which I said gee thanks for giving me a small percent of my Massive losses back so I could give them right back gee thanks bud😂. Then he played the dumb card and stuck to it saying I was a liar, he said self banned don’t get bonus emails. Then he swiftly blocked me before even reading my last text or 2 and didn’t offer up any money this time when I said I wanted some of my money back since stake knowingly took advantage of a problem gambler. Also worth noting when I asked eddie for my account Back I sent him a pic of the bonus email that had the time the email was recieved (only like 2-3 hours prior plus he can look and see in system I got that email) and my username in it when I asked to have my account unlocked, I have Chatted With eddie ALOT and a lot about many Different topics And I can confidently say he is extremely intelligent, clever, and theres no error that caused me to get this bonus email without his knowledge, he knows what’s going on at His company and most B definitely with his vips, not to mention we had a friendly chat daily For months, I sent support an email Friday asking for the Losses I incurred after my original ban stating I was filing complaints with the CGF, curacao gaming , and pretty much whoever else will listen on Monday if they Don’t wanna make it right. as of now? no reply. My Bet is they think I’m bluffing Lol tomorrow they will see if I am or not please comment opinions and if you find this right or wrong and also your opinions on my request for the losses incurred after unbanning! I’ll keep this updated with any replies from stake or others adding all screenshots feel free to verify they’ve never been photoshopped
  2. Thank you I have added the telegrams and discord channel
  3. Thanks for replying to my post! And thanks for the advice! I gamble at similar sites often but have never tried a game like limbo I’m currently intrigued by that one and trying to get where I don’t lose my butt on it lol
  4. That is just insane there is even a million multiplier here I’ve never seen such a high possible multiplier at any site
  5. Hey guys I’m hunter I’m play at several of the other crypto gambling sites frequently but new to stake at first I was a little disappointed after losing some money and there not being much of a faucet since I’m used to some kind of second chancel/loyalty reward/cashback type thing whatever u wanna call it, but then I found this forum and it looks to be a great bonus to get some crypto to win with! I’m always chatting at the other sites I play at so this is my kind of bonus! Don’t really understand how it works much yet but I’m excited to figure it out any tips are appreciated ! Like seriously tell me some things I need to know guys please!