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  1. Thank you I have added the telegrams and discord channel
  2. Thanks for replying to my post! And thanks for the advice! I gamble at similar sites often but have never tried a game like limbo I’m currently intrigued by that one and trying to get where I don’t lose my butt on it lol
  3. That is just insane there is even a million multiplier here I’ve never seen such a high possible multiplier at any site
  4. Hey guys I’m hunter I’m play at several of the other crypto gambling sites frequently but new to stake at first I was a little disappointed after losing some money and there not being much of a faucet since I’m used to some kind of second chancel/loyalty reward/cashback type thing whatever u wanna call it, but then I found this forum and it looks to be a great bonus to get some crypto to win with! I’m always chatting at the other sites I play at so this is my kind of bonus! Don’t really understand how it works much yet but I’m excited to figure it out any tips are appreciated ! Like seriously tell me some things I need to know guys please!