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  1. Hey Stakers. I have a question for you all. I have only played Video Poker for roll hunts. But I believe that there should be either higher Payouts or have the cards easier to pull. It took on average combined 500-2000 bets to hit even just a straight flush more than once. I believe the payouts aren't calculated enough to the time and cards that come out. If someone could come up with a good new payout scale or how they should change it let me know. Hey guys I am new to Stake. Thank you for reading one of my forum posts. Come chat with me on Stake and lets be frien
  2. I believe Cats are better, they are easier to maintain and to work with. Not hard to take care of and still will be loving
  3. Want to get the most out of Stakes Affiliate Program? 1. Post link and good report of the website on as many forum sites. 2. Post your link in many crypto based discord servers 3. Find whales on other gambling sites and tell them about stake 4. Invite friends and family or neighbours 5. Make social media posts and show off the good wins and promote the coupons and new things that stake showcases. 6. Have fun and cashout & make some fun bets on stake.com
  4. My favourite colour is also Blue, Sometimes cool shades of red aswell
  5. Make this a never ending thread. Comment your favourite colour. GO
  6. Hey Stake, I love Baccarat but I seem to lose very badly on the banker side. I just wanted to start a small little poll on which you prefer. Comment Below "Player" or "Banker" & a brief description on why
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