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  1. Crypto does exist. we make it exist...
  2. Good luck Flan. Have fun 20th position on race and my stake name is ZiraGambles
  3. Good luck Shinjo. Hope you do well. I believe 19
  4. Hey Guys, Streaming Right Now. Come Drop A Follow & Support The Road To Becoming A Twitch Affiliate ~ Tell all of your friends about my stream, the more the merrier. Doing giveaways if i get the sats. Drop A Comment for a chance to win.
  5. Very true but Baccarat kinda fucks me hard ive lost about 500$ on that game... It really sucks
  6. Hey Stakers. I have a question for you all. I have only played Video Poker for roll hunts. But I believe that there should be either higher Payouts or have the cards easier to pull. It took on average combined 500-2000 bets to hit even just a straight flush more than once. I believe the payouts aren't calculated enough to the time and cards that come out. If someone could come up with a good new payout scale or how they should change it let me know. Hey guys I am new to Stake. Thank you for reading one of my forum posts. Come chat with me on Stake and lets be friends. I need new people to talk to and give me feedback so comment below.
  7. Wow this is awesome. Im going to do an all in at 1x payout
  8. I totally get where you are coming from but I've gone from faucet to like 10k sats then i tip out and then i get tipped back and take that up to like 200k sats..
  9. This is awesome, Thank you very much for this chart. I have won more hands on blackjack since seeing this. Have a great day