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  1. Next month is Stake's birthday? My birthday is in August too. This is news to me. I don't think races or any such competitions would be a great idea. My ideas: - A digital treasure hunt challenge where everyone needs to deposit a small amount making it fair for everyone - Quests rewarding certain amounts depending on the games played like MS reward points - Decorate the entire site with balloons and candles to improve the experience
  2. I would remove that horrible wheel game since I have never scored anything big through it and it is just as horrible as the Wheel of Fortune overall.
  3. Played Dragon Age and never played the rest since I am not a big fan of these turn based games, but I did have a lot of fun overall. Dragon Age Inquisition looks great, but DA 4 could be something else on next-gen platforms.
  4. Everyone knows the basic definition of what gambling addiction is. It is just like any other obsession. How addicted we are varies on an individual basis at the end of the day.
  5. Even if crypto gambling sites never existed, there are still many popular gambling sites online that accept BTC like bookmaker.eu, Bodog(One of my favorites), 888sport(I think), Pinnacle etc.
  6. I use 2FA on everything important to me like emails etc and never had any issues whatsoever. Higher security protocols could be useful op, but it makes everything a lot more complicated and I don't prefer that.
  7. I don't actively hunt for challenges like some people since I only gamble for fun though I do participate in giveaways now and then and usually have a blast with them.
  8. That was an awesome E3 in my opinion. Was blown away by Keanu Reeves and the Master Chief reveal. I am excited about the future of Xbox since I am an Xbox fan myself. Xcloud and Project Scarlett seem awesome.
  9. I don't know. News sounds cool and all, but these ATMs were almost always useless for majority of the investors. The ATM scammers don't help either. Cautiously optimistic.
  10. Initially, I was never aware that there such a limit in place. I came to know later on and understood why it was enforced and makes complete sense. Its a small limit which anyone can reach quite easily if they gamble regularly.
  11. I play on my desktop sometimes and mobile some other times and both were equally fine though I prefer playing on my desktop. These are my personal preferences.
  12. This is true. Op is clearly suffering from a streak of bad luck and we have all experienced this at some point or another. I find it best to play other games when my luck runs out with a particular game.
  13. 3kpk3

    Virtual Reality

    I have enjoyed watching several movies in VR though I had to remove my headset now and then to prevent head-aches and other issues. Thanks for the list though op.
  14. 3kpk3

    Play with animation

    The animation never really bothered me so far. It feels more interactive overall. These animations are especially awesome in games like Roulette and HiLo.
  15. I tend to ignore them and move on. They usually don't bother me too much this way though I can understand the frustration op. I think the Stake team might do something about this if more people raise a dispute against this issue.