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  1. Yes there is, go to cryptogamblers.pub then follow the instructions that they give, this is the only trusted exchange on stake with 3rd party so far, I've seen a few more exchanges, but the failed.
  2. SLFJ

    good day

    Hey, welcome to the Forums.
  3. Yep, and if someone asks you which casino you're meeting someone at, just say - stake central, then they will get confused, but who cares because it's never going ot happen though so.
  4. And the 2FA error is very annoying, not going to lie, I'm not like rich or anything, I know they're trying to be very safe, but I don't want to put it on because I travel much sometimes and I leave my pc home.
  5. I totally agree about this, they always mute mute mute and warn warn warn, they never do something creative, so maybe it's the time to turn it around your way, I like the idea of the time out room.
  6. It's well... Decent, I've woken up to it today and I was like wtf is this new game, then I asked in chat and someone told me it's a new version of diamond poker and it's dogshit, so I tested it out seems like it too.
  7. Yeah, I always do that, I can get up but I can't withdraw most of the times, but I can withdraw a little bit but not much, I'm never a heavy withdrawer, because I like ot keep playing and tipping my friends.
  8. Welcome to Forums! Hope you'll enjoy your stay, I mainly play dice, keno, slots as well but when I'm bored it's mostly slots, because it's entertaining,
  9. It's probably permanent, because in Primedice we have these races every day for a long time now and they don't have plans to change anything so I think it'll stay as perv 24 hours races.
  10. 10 mns if you can, because hourly is pretty shit and you only get like 2.5x-3x of what you get per 10 minutes in an hour, so it;s not really worth it to get the hourly, but if you don't have much time get hourly.
  11. Yeah they differed a lot, when I had 10 minute reloads I used to get 285 satoshis per average, then I decided to switch to hourly and expected to get around 1k satoshis per claim but I got 780 per claim.
  12. Hey, I'm planning to join in as well, I also have pretty much the same wagers as you do per week just mine is around 2-5k usd each week, I'll make updates on here every week if I don't forget to.
  13. No, I'm not happy with the 10 minute reload, since the promotion has ended I'm back to my daily reload back again and I love it way more than I did the 10mins reload one, but yeah, that wa kind from eddies part
  14. I can lend you... a minimal tip of mutecoins, you can try to hunt 100x of your mute time on limbo.
  15. When meng wakes up in a bad mood and you disturb her...