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  1. Yeah, that's the first good solution which could be achievable and yeah, decreasing rains would very much help it, posting bet ids to not be as spammy would help as well, because people start begging after someone hits big multipliers.
  2. SLFJ

    slot game strategy

    It's not that hard to understand, but not that easy as well..
  3. Not simply some, will need a lot more than you think, to balance the price itself, maintaining a cryptocurrency is a hard job and should be treated likewise and not just for shits and giggles, to just own it.
  4. yeah, same, I solely depend on free spins when I play slots myself and once I hit many big multipliers in the past, I'm somewhat addicted to it and still come with hopes that i'll hit those big multipliers somewhen again.
  5. Ahoy, So we know that Stake and Primedice both lived quite a long life and are going to live a lot more since it has no closing signs anytime soon, do you think you'll gamble here all of your life? I myself do, because I can never lose interest in the site myself and am going to gamble while it lasts. Leave your thoughts down below.
  6. I would get lost in them real quick as well.
  7. Hey guys, So I have noticed that the most of us are playing dice, and I feel like it has the best odds, do you think the same or do you have a beter game which odds you think are higher and easier to win? I actually feel like it has the best odds and the best chances, as your bets can be crucial to your balance or make you rich very fast. What are your opinions on this?
  8. Hello guys, How do you enter your first game in Stake and by which criteria do you choose it? Maybe it's by your mood or maybe your friend gave you a strategy to try out on a specific game? I don't switch up my games as often and almost always I play Dice or limbo myself, I choose these games because they have the best odds and the most strategies. Let me know.
  9. SLFJ

    Faster wagering

    Yeah - the new update is way better for those who wager on plinko every day or try to hunt it faster and easier, it will help you guys a whole lot by speeding up the proccess of falling. Best of luck in plinko.
  10. Yeah, something like in G****m - would be good.
  11. Yeah - try asking Faris, he's the master of this and can show you all of the secrets of mines to winning fortunes very fast, as you can see he did a post with well over a lot of wins in mines, he's the teacher :D.
  12. Exactly, having a few decks - I don't mind, but infinite decks.. I'd rather jump off of a 500ft cliff than play blackjack here, where it's mostly impossible to win something, because as you get better cards - dealer is sure to get better ones.
  13. I mean - it's better not to gamble if you're feeling depressed, but I'm a no one to tell you and command you what to do or what not to do, just a friendly tip that could save you coins or funds that you might've lost.
  14. Probably slots as it's more realistic to see wins there.