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  1. Hello guys, What do you think if Stake added profiles in game which like you have a profile picture, description of yourself, it would be like near your wagered and wings when you would press it on chat and you would see the player that has their profile set up already, I personally think it would be a great idea, because forums already do have it, so why Stake website shouldn't? I mean like it would be more interesting to see what the player is about.
  2. SLFJ


    Welcome to Stake! Where the community is the best and you can make tons' of friends.
  3. The worst part of gambling is surely this, and then the house edge. The house edge won't make you lose as vigorously as your unsound psychology. I always try to keep my profits and losses away whilst gambling and it does sure work. You can quickly use your vault to deposit some number of your money (not exact amounts). I think its also nice to do something else while gambling like listening to music maybe. Completely agreed with komiks, you can concentrate better in some kind of sound than in silence.
  4. SLFJ

    sharing my strat now

    custom 7 bombs. Manually click 3 tiles . bust? repeat it again and again and again. I usually play low it's difficult to do it. Multiplier 2.35x so it's okay to repeat it over and over again for atleast 4 times check your live stats. After you still have red until 4 times increase base bet into x2 until you hit it. I have been trying so hard to ht anything on Mines for like a month now and my biggest multiplier has not even been over x150 lol. <- Don't feel like it would work because it's quite risky, hard, but might give a try in the future, thank you for your contribution.
  5. SLFJ

    My entrance to Keno.

    Heyo guys, So I've been thinking to start playing Keno for profit, is that a good idea, if no, why? And would you have strategies for it that I could maybe try to get it and advance into keno a little bit more, you can also share your biggest wins with me so I could know what I'm working with, also with the strategy tell me have you made any profit with it and is it risky, not? Thank you guys in advance for the strategies, tips, tricks.
  6. Welcome to our crib, if you have any questions regarding Stake, you can pm me here or in Stake, my ingame name is SLFJ.
  7. Yes, but understand that some topics might not be so-so interesting for other users if you think it's interesting for you, doesn't mean it's interesting for them, or maybe they are just maxed out posts and cant just because of that, and the other day, when they can post, they will maybe find more interesting topics than the one you found out is interesting, it's just different to other people, no one likes the same things as others, then it wouldnt be interesting to live.
  8. I would say, you just don't change the seed, hunt it for a few hours if you don't succeed, 102x on mines is pretty easy and you can do it in like 20-30mins prior max, so I feel like hunting for 2000000x isn't the best idea because it will take you like a week or more of consecutive gambling to reach that goal, about bet id, it's just luck, so I mean you can't really change seed and then you would get different id.
  9. SLFJ

    Dicebot or manual?

    Howdy! I'd have a question, do you more often use dicebot or play manually, like pre roll then hunt patterns? Because I'm half that half that, but when I don't have much sats, I stick with manual, because martingaling from 2k wouldn't work, would it? No. So that's why I want to ask you guys, do you martingale with dicebot often or what strategies do you use on dicebot? I'd love to hear and maybe even try some of your given strategies. Thanks in advance, SLFJ.
  10. Yeah, I go out atleast once a day, the weather isn't that good in Lithuania these days, but I still do, not many people in Lithuania do go outside on these days, just because it rains alot and we have a few wind storms and I'd be more than happy to visit some other countries where the weather is great, like Spain, Australia, could name and name them back to back, because there are alot of countries having the best of the summer weather.
  11. SLFJ


    Howdy! I had a question in mind, since you know, there are many passives, how often do you tip them? I personally don't like tipping them nor getting tipped myself if I haven't won a giveaway or something, but some people keep giving passives a quite big, why are the people not just reporting them? I know they are humans too, but I think they should step up their game and to try win something out of themselves, not like rather ask for it for free, I feel like its a major part of stake to win yourself and not ask for it, yeah they could loan, but if they only give back what they loaned. It's my opinion, so don't murder me for it. Waiting for your responses.
  12. I probably would say 10x my profit, but then I'd be lying, because I never do stop, I try to get more and more, so I get the bronze star and maybe soon vip, but yeah I mostly don't stop and keep rolling, because it's fun, it just gives me joy, idk what to do of that, I need a person who would lock my account off of gambling for like 3 hours after I 10x my balance, that would be great for me, because I haven't discovered the quitting skill yet.
  13. Yes, I surely do, and one of the reasons are to help my family with things, the second is for my drivers license and a car, it will take a while, but I think i'll be able to do that, because my family isn't in the worst situation atm, so I don't think it's necessary, but i'll save it for the bad days when we're going to need the money urgently, so we have some on reserve, you guys have some interesting reasons too haha.
  14. SLFJ

    Has anyone noticed...

    If you go any less than 100 sats, the tiles appear slower and everything is much slower. But if you bet 100 sats or more they appear much much more faster and sooner. In my experience anyway. Does this happen to anyone else? It probably does I am just confused on to why this occurs. Is there a certain reasoning behind this? I have no idea on to why they do this. I wish it wasn't a thing how about you? My answer is no, it's just your connection sometimes, has never happened to me, but when I didn't have a stable connection, then it did, so I mean it's all your connections fault, not stakes.
  15. so my question to you, is does online gambling cause problems between you and your significant other? to me personally, I'd say no, we're strong and going forward, not looking back, I don't know how would it affect it, we'e not conflicting on every corner about how I gamble every day and blah blah blah how I don't give her attention, we're on a great note currently and looking to stay on the same one for a longer period of time.