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  1. Yeah, thar's what I was talking about, and you can't really tag hiddens, or a single one of them, so you can't really beg from them and I personally think they turn off their chats too, so they cant see the spam and it doesnt lag for them.
  2. I change it from time to time, usually when I come to play on keno, it sometimes rips me big time fi I don't change it regularly because 20+ streaks come hunting at me, so yeah I do change the seeds for my safety.
  3. That's called greed, we all sometimes experience it in our gambling careers, it's a common thing for newbies and experts to do, so don't worry, you're not the only one and you can recover the 2eth.
  4. Yeah, greed kills like nothing else does in gambling, so you have to be careful and hope for the best that greed isn't going to get you, and if it's already trying to get you, think about if you'd lose your job if you lost all of the balance.
  5. SLFJ

    Felt asleep

    Wow... that's really infortunate, did the negatives fix by themselves or you contacted staff to do it for you? Because I feel like it couldn't be like that and it would be gone by a refresh
  6. That's totally true, but if you could hold yourself back.
  7. I don't have any profits, i'm pretty much neutral so I can't say I bought something for crypto, so yeah, that's pretty much it. Have you won nice amounts? I totally haven't, even once I got to 0.09btc and lost them all the following day.
  8. I think that's a nice concept, and it has already been in Primedice once and has been removed lately, don't know the reasoning, but it was probably for the best, so I don't think it's coming back soon.
  9. Yay, because they all start from a point which is the same to others, and HR's can't do anything with their 60 eth bets. Definitely a great concept and I would love to be in it.
  10. Hey guys, So most of us know that we're addicts and can't run from the casino, but some of us aren't and can hold ourselves back from depositing. Which one of them are you? I myself are kind of both, because I sometimes can hold myself back and sometimes I just can't. Can you hold yourself back from big bets? I totally can't it's like I'm cursed to go for All-ins. Let me know, slfj.
  11. Hello! Welcome to Stake. Satoshis can be used for buying items and a lot more things as well!
  12. Hey guys, I've had this question in mind, would it be possible to make money gambling as we do working with the right bankroll? And as we all live in different countries, I'll share my perspective with you, I live in Lithuania, where wages as really small, the minimum wage is 430-450€, which is around 15€ daily. In my situation I think I could make 15€ a day from gambling with a bankroll of 1BTC, what about you? can you make your wages by gambling? Let me know, slfj.
  13. SLFJ

    Hi guys!

    Hello, hope you feel good and comfortable in this currency gambling!
  14. Lost not much and not a small amount, which is around 700€ added all up, pretty sad that couldn't keep the profits in the wallet and redeposted, weak will.
  15. Hey guys, So most of us who've been sticking around in forums for a nice time know that there's weekly challenges hosted by support members, they give you a task, minimum bets and the instructions on how to do it correctly to receive the reward, but, What is your favorite game to hunt things on? For me it'd beines, because I somehow get satisfied when it hits and I know it's a double hit because I won a bet and did the challenge. Let me know, slfj.