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  1. for the first couple, do we have to hit them first try?
  2. Bitcoin is an asset that I believe has a lot more significance than people believe. Bitcoin is essentially the grandfather of cryptocurrency, without it we wouldn't have all the cryptocurrencies we have today, no decentralised platforms, no truly anonymous methods of exchange on the internet. Bitcoin was truly a pioneering force in the digital world and I truly could not imagine the consequences had it not been invented. Bitcoin is a legacy technology, as now there are many more exciting cryptos with incredible features, but bitcoin was the herald for the new world of digital currency and blockchain technology.
  3. If you're taking loans for a business or startup, or an idea which has a decent amount of risk but isn't based on completely random numbers, go for it! Loans are one way that businesses can get the funding they need to get themselves off the ground. But if you are taking the loan simply for a personal endeavour like gambling which has zero certainty of paying out, you should not. Gambling with loans is an extremely risky and irresponsible thing to do, especially if you do not have a stable source of income which you can use to reliably pay back the loans. Same goes for people who give loans to gamblers, without any form of identification or legal document, I'd just kiss my hard earned money goodbye if I had to loan someone who I very well knew was gonna use it for gambling. Heck, I've even loaned friends who gamble extremely small amounts (~$10) and I am still yet to see that money to this day. Money gets the best of people which is rather unfortunate
  4. On the contrary actually, I've found P2P exchanges and just dealing through chatrooms and forums to be the most efficient and secure way to deal. If you practice due diligence in your dealings and you are sure to do everything you can to ensure the security and reliability of your deal (hiring a reputable escrow service, ensuring that the person you are dealing with has no prior history of scamming) then p2p is the way to go. As for what you said about both the sketchy links, yet again, due diligence needs to be applied, use your head to tell if something is too good to be true, or if it is delivered to you in a sketchy manor. And for what you said about plinko, I agree, fuck that game.
  5. Honestly can say the same here. I ripped 0.1 Bitcoin to a corresponding 3x martingale with a 1 bit base bet. I think people lose so much with this method because they forget that this isn't passive income, this is GAMBLING and it is purely determined by RNG and nothing more. That's why on all gamemodes I only play purely manual. I am not a fan of autobetting or scripting in the slightest, and the only time that I EVER use them is when I'm chasing a high ass multiplier when I'm bored or just hunting the telegram challenges haha. But I can see why someone would believe the whole "passive income" shtick, which is why I tried to outline the problems with it in the risks category.
  6. I agree wholeheartedly. Strategy is futile, this is just a guide for people who would like to have the false allure of safety within mathematics on a game of true RNG
  7. Well I'm glad I could help haha Took a while to write out in full because I didn't know how to put my thoughts in to words.
  8. Deribit is really good but it takes up a metric shit-ton of mobile data/wifi, like im talking up in the high GBs, your best bet would honestly be Binance. I am currently using deribit because I'm experimenting with leverage trading and stuff, if you disallow it permissions to run in the background then you should be absolutely fine datawise. If push comes to shove and you really get desperate you can use IQ Option or Huobi Global. IQ Option has frequent downtime for crypto assets though, and I believe it only supports the top few.
  9. I've already messaged Steve on telegram asking for beta access, I am a man of crash as well, crash is honestly my favorite game mode and I'm truly ecstatic that it is coming to Stake. I will say however that I really don't like that spiky kind of wave thing that is featured in the first screenshot that you had posted, I haven't played the game for myself yet but I have watched others play it (I have even watched it live), and I can say with confidence that apart from that jagged-ness of the line of the graph (visible in the first screenshot) that there isn't much else that I would need from this game. Extremely hyped for when it comes out to the general public
  10. Depends on your bankroll and your playstyle. If you play on something like dogecoin, your minimum wager is thousands of times less than it is with bitcoin, so lower tier cryptos like stellar doge etc are superior if you're doing something such as autobetting or scripting. Otherwise it doesn't matter too much and its just purely personal preference. I prefer playing on mid-range and low range cryptos (LTC for example) because I personally like it when the pure number attached to my bet is larger, it just makes me feel like it is worth more so I tend to play safer and more conservatively. Safer = Better % of profiting for me Nothing exactly to prove that, but I just feel that it is worth so much more when im wagering with something where I don't need to type a mililon 0s just to get my desired bet amount in USD *cough* bitcoin *cough*. How about yourself?
  11. The Martingale Method A beginners guide to martingaling - Darkai This is simply meant to be a basic thread to introduce people to the concept of the martingale strategy Please take everything I say with a grain of salt, as most of the things that I will bring up in this thread are factual, I will have small interjections of my own personal opinion on some things, I will try my best to logically organise all my ideas and be as transparent and non-bias as I can in this thread. What is "Martingale"? Martingale is a mathematical principle of betting. It involves a system where you attempt to multiply your bet by a certain amount, if you lose the bet, you bet again to the same multiplier, except you increase your bet by a certain percentage to make a percentage of your losses from the previous bet back. This percentage will keep exponentially increasing until you win a game, once you win a game after a loss, your base bet will return to what it was originally. Examples Establishing Variables Let our base bet = W Let our balance / bankroll = The variable X Let the multiplier we want to hit = The variable Y Let the % we increase our bet by on loss = The variable Z In this example, lets assign values to our variables. Please note that bold letter = var Number right before var with no space = number x var Let w = w Let x = 1000w Let y = 2.00x Let z = +100% (2x) Round | Bet x Multiplier | Outcome | Profit | Total profit No. 1 | 1w x 2 | WIN | +1w | +1w No. 2 | 1w x 2 | WIN | +1w | +2w No. 3 | 1w x 2 | LOSE | - 1w | +1w No. 4 | 2w x 2 | LOSE | - 2w | -1w No. 5 | 4w x 2 | LOSE | - 4w | -5w No. 6 | 8w x 2 | LOSE | - 8w | -13w No. 7 | 16w x 2 | LOSE | - 16w | -29w No. 8 | 32w x 2 | WIN | +32w | +3w Notice how even after the losses from Game 3-7, when game 8 was won, the losses were completely reset! Notice how you could cut out game 3-7 and the pattern of total profit (+1 per game) would stick. For further reference later, lets call Game#8 the recovery round That is the idea of martingale, you are making back enough of your losses, as to where you still get enough profit as you would have if you won the first bet on your loss streak. This obviously seems like an excellent strategy in practice, but martingale comes with its own flaws and drawbacks, and there are many things you could modify in your martingale to make it more or less risky. Modifications Going back to what was stated far earlier, with your Y & Z values being ideal for eachother, you can modify this principle to make your martingale more or less risky. Take the values we have currently assigned to our example. If we chance Y to 3.00x from 2.00x, we are making it more risky, but with a higher profit margin. The suggested z value for a 3.00x y value is 50% (1.50x), so if we are to make the z value higher than the suggested value for that y value, then we are making it more risky for ourselves but increasing the profit margin. The reason it inherently becomes more risky is because the higher the multiplier you are chasing, the lower the probability of it is hitting. If you play a total of 1,000,000 games, you can expect the maximum streak without hitting your target multiplier to be up to 11x your y value. So if your y is 2.00x, There is a free online calculator available that allows you to check how big of a loss streak you can take with your martingale settings. The calculator can be accessed at: https://dicesites.com/tools THE RISKS Martingale is an inherently risky strategy, just due to the fact that the primary principle that it relies on is exponential increase. If your base bet was 1 bit (100 satoshi), and your payout/increase was a corresponding 2.00x/100%, by the 20th loss in a row, you would be betting 1,048,576 bits, meaning you would have gone from a $0.013 bet to a $13,500 bet in under 20 games. This is the same principle regardless of the multiplier you chase, as if you change your multiplier to be higher, the streaks without that multiplier will be higher as well, meaning you can't really change your payout to reduce the risk of losing your bankroll, the most you can do is reduce the % you increase your bet by, but that is also counterintuitive as that means you won't able to recover your losses as fast, and you still have a chance of busting on a bad red streak. I will add more information to this guide later on, but for now this is everything that a beginner would need to know about the martingale betting strategy! Please do provide some feedback as to what comprehensive guide I should make next. Happy staking everyone!
  12. There are a multitude of factors put in to deciding what is a good profit percentage to withdraw at. The main ones (for me at least) are how much I deposited, how much I have stashed away in my wallet, and if I need that money specifically for something). An example of this would be if you had $10,000 worth of bitcoin stashed away, perhaps in your wallet which you had readily accessible, and you were given $10 out of the blue, $10 would not be an excessive amount in perspective, if I was in that situation I would aim for at LEAST multiplying it by 50x by doing extremely risky bets and all ins. On the contrary, if you had ~$0 in your wallet and you were given $10, in perspective it would seem like a commodity of larger value to you as you have no other money, you would likely play much more conservative/safe and try not to lose it, given this circumstance I would probably aim for 2-3x'ing the $10, as then you can still play with the $10 yet also have a reserve fund of $20 incase you bust. And the last possible option, take this situation as hypothetical because I'm going to imagine some kind of extremely dystopian world where a hamburger costs $40. Say you had roughly $20-30 and you were starving and had no food, and the only food within 20 miles was a hamburger stall that sells them for $40. This is one of those situations where two different personality types are revealed, a normal or casual player would simply play to reach their goal and stop as soon as they hit it, they would cashout their profits and buy what they need to and move on with their lives, but an addict would simply just keep playing to try and earn just a bit more money so they could have play money even after buying what they need to. Of course it is a lot more complex than that and there are many factors which go in to deciding a reasonable number to cashout your money at, but I wouldn't let anyone else advise you on when you should cash out, the only time you should listen to something like that is if you are telling yourself in your head to stop but you just keep playing for whatever reason (which is a fairly common phenomenon). This is just my viewpoint though, let me know if you feel something different.
  13. There are lots of incredibly high caliber bets posted on the official stake.com twitter account, however if you are referring simply to wins throughout 1 play session, the current max profit per round is roughly $1,300,000 worth of bitcoin. The last I checked, stake has a bankroll of 22,000 Bitcoin, and there have been cases on numerous other gambling websites of people winning up to 20-30x of the max profit, so the hypothetical biggest win that I could imagine anybody getting with some regards to legitimacy (Not having the hashes or knowing the future game outputs) would be roughly 3,000 BTC / $39,105,000 USD at the time of writing this. As for wins that have already happened, I am unsure as to what that would be, you would have to ask someone more veteran to the website, hopefully this served as a good hypothetical indicator of the maximum win someone could have at stake is.
  14. Well, this is gonna be painful to recount, but I made 0.23 Ethereum in to 5.2 Ethereum. I started getting greedy and chasing higher multipliers with higher and higher bets, and it essentially got to the point where I was losing what I originally started with every game. After even trying payout martingale and running in to a bad rapestreak, I ended up busting 2 Ethereum, So I redeposited another 1.5 Ethereum and busted again, and again until I essentially had nothing left in my binance, that was weeks and weeks ago and my pockets are still sore from that. Kind of annoyed as well as I was only 0.8 Ethereum off my goal, as I was gambling to try and get a new computer, since the old rustbucket that I had been using for many years prior was starting to show signs of slowing down, and it wasn't up to par with newer generation games. Still upset about that but I guess you live and learn. So as a TL:DR I ripped 6 Ethereum because I started making ballsy bets and hit a bad streak of red crashes, leading to me re-depositing and busting everything that I had to my name at that specific point in time.
  15. Hi, my name is Darkai. I've been using stake for just about 1 year now. I'm an avid cryptocurrency gambler and an aspiring trader. I've been lurking the forums a little bit so I've seen some of the interesting discussions that take place on here. I look forward to interacting with some of you, hopefully I can contribute useful information to the forum and have some decent conversations with people on here. Hope to see some of you around