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  1. I like to travel by foot. You lose a lot of details when you travel in the car or some other vehicles. A bicycle is a good option too. Although you won't get very far, this will offer you more than hundreds of kilometers in the car. I traveled a lot on foot when I was in Indonesia, Thailand and then in Italy, Europe. This way you connect with nature, with the people, with the culture. Greece will be my next travel destination, saw some amazing locations on http://travelazzi.com/. As soon as I get there, I'll go on foot again, as much as possible.
  2. I play a lot of poker, but I play with bad players because that's the only way to make money in poker. As I understand the players you have a lot and a lot of good) I better make you a counter offer. Go to this website http://www.kokoslot.com and play together) Add me as a friend Demixl
  3. How I can removed moles on my face without doctor?
  4. Neither the cat or the dog is good for me. I don't like cleaning after them. Plus all that taking care is not for me. That's why I got an aquarium. No noises, no disaster, no walks, perfect. And there's not a "better" pet, it depends by your persona. I'm a quiet guy, I got a quiet pet. And they have all my attention on keeping the tank clean and fresh (like the whole house). I want to add and some worms to my aquarium as they are something unusual. Some thoughts about them? I liked their description from https://arcreef.com/bristle-worms/bristle-worms-fireworms/. The best thing about the aquariums is that in a little box you can have a lot of underwater flora and fauna, when for the land ones you need a jungle.
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