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  1. surprisingly ive lost more with 3 mines than with 2 mines... 3 mines for some reason ends me with them dry streaks aswell.. been having alot more luck/fun with 2 mines going for a 10x pay And with 3 mines i can barely get 3 gems before i find a mine... with 2 mines however... really weird
  2. mwanwhile i stll dont even know what satoshi really is lol
  3. best of luck even though i dont speak portugese
  4. allways rain chat to share my luck inbefore i eventually rip everything
  5. i just love plinko and i allways see it hit some decent multipliers but not that many big ones... just a great way to see coins go down the drain tbh
  6. Kinda agree with sped its hard to judge how much your actually betting... but isn't that with any crypto ? prices change literally every minute and having another crypto added to play with is a major plus in my eyes ! Also the balance coupon to play around with is very nice of stake good way of introducing it