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  1. i still lose on every game i don t think i have future on gambling
  2. So its been four days in a row that mines have managed to completely troll my numbers all day long.. today its eaten 0.2 ltc around 0.003 btc 0.01 bch 0.01 eth 3180 doge.. busting from non stop losing streaks.. at one point, it was 48 reds hit 1 green then 52 reds at 6-9 numbers from med-high risk.. even at 10 it kept happening.. its been a constant struggle to hit..How is this even possible? the posibility of getting no hit in long strides that last all day?.. i mean come on.. this happening every hour other hour would make more sense.. heck, every half hour would still be better than to get it every other minute... i think that is way too much reds in such a short timeframe..ive change seeds, move tiles, bet low.. nothing works to get away from this hard troll.. :/then i transfer to hilo I have been thinking into HiLo recently, and I am curious of how you all feel about the odds. It’s kind of hard to explain, but I will do my best.When pulling an A or a K, and betting Same 3 or 4 times for big multiplier, it’s obviously a minimal chance of winning, and the odds are against you. But when cycling thru the first card to only be an A or a K, are we technically turning the odds in our favor? Since you’re getting rid of all the “garbage” so to speak.I am using the hilo bot to chase 3 or 4 aces. I mostly set the bot on start A or K. Sometimes I am hitting AAA once every 50-100 tries but sometimes it doesn't fall within 200-300 rolls. So I do not really think you can turn the odds in your favour. The only advantage of using the bot is you can pick your startcard and hit 100 bets or more every minute with your chosen startcard. so you will hit your combo faster than always cycling startcards manually,if you want to be successful with these hunt, it seems like one would need to use the hilo bot.. not only is it quicker, but the tie multiplier is only available with the hilo bot and not on the site.. also, ive tried hunting manually, and holy eff, took me hours to even hit 3 running Aces.. lmao.. fek dat shet!Well if you get an A or a K as the starting card it basically means you have the highest chance of winning that bet because you go higher for A and Lower for K and it comes out to be true most of the time,I know most of us believe in numbers. Well, as an engineer, I live with it.Like most of us have different strategies, base bets, and length of time playing.I often keep in my notepad variations of different strategies that I often use on different sequences, which may result in a considerably lesser chance of me losing but the loss streaks needed still somehow bites me.Sometimes I think that the scripts in dice games involve an AI that somehow predicts our patterns and shits and somehow formulates a set of numbers that will have us lose at some point. I don't really know, but these winning and losing chances, percentages, loss streaks, win streaks, or any numbers connected to gambling is not that effective anymore. Hell I even won a lot more when I was a beginner and bet randomly. LolMy question is, do we really need to trust these percentages and chances? If so, How can they even increase our chances of winning?here is no such thing as AI involved with gambling probability.Just as you stated you need to gamble more "without" being rigid and do some random strategies.Also save your strategies into Sheet instead notepadI tend to rely on math and probability when I bet for higher multipliers. The game can only hold out on certain X's for so long before it either releases them slowly, or in clumps. I tend to also focus on the positive or negative Expected Value of the casino I'm playing on. If it's negative i'll try not to play there with too much as I know that the site will be reluctant to give me what I want. However if it's positive I can almost guarantee a win in one way or another.I don't trust odds any more.They all look the same to me.Hence when I have a spare cash to bust or win huge, I generally go with a huge risk bet.You have 0.001 btc to bet. You can bet on 50-50 chance or you can bet on 25x chance.You know you can bust it instantly on a 50-50. So don't consider the odd, rather see the result if you win. If you win at 50-50 then you get just double.But if you are lucky indeed, you can make 25x as well with the amount which you may bust at 50-50. But this applies only if you don't have a huge bankroll and want to play repeatedly many bets. Then go with the lower risk as in the long long run, odds do matter, and so i think i have to take a rest for awhile.
  3. are you agresive or playing safe? Going all out and bet big means IF you win you win big. For those who have to much time and to little satoshi its hard to build up....Please share your safe strats here to help these people kill some of their time and start making small profits,All In means no risk, no fun, high adrenaline, high profit or high loss.Strategies that builds up your balance means more risk, less adrenaline, time consuming profit building and after all more fun.Always all in.The thing is, better bankroll management is usually what makes the gambler success. Patience and cool head too,I think a lot of starters get cold feet once they lose big and won't return to the games. There is always a comeback, I like to play it slow and get small gains! Good luck out there!Sometimes it takes courage to bet all in and I don't have it in me. I'll just be patient to bet for low and patience to get profit. if you dont risk a bit you cant gain.if you play safe soon or later a lose will make you dowmuch more tha winnning.so i thnik you should not be palying safe or greedy but mixing them,one thing is that there is no strategy at all for these games. All games are based on random number generation algorithms there is no way to master them.The simple analogy will be if you toss a coin you still have 50% chance of winning no matter how much you get good at the predicting a coin toss. Only proper management of your bankroll is the only way that you can win in these games. So take sometime to form a proper bankroll management system.theres really no real way of playing safe when gambling. thats my personal opinion. if you mean by betting low is safe, it could be, but not really.. in my experince thus farm even when i bet low, i still end up busting when the wall of reds comes out. you also miss out on the big payouts when betting low, which your balance will suffer due to that fact, all the system remembers if you hitting a big payout, no matter if you betted high or low... so when it sends the wall of reds, your balance melts with it,I learnt something great on Prime dice. The probability of busting when you stake all in at once is lesser than the probability of building it up. Because on the long run it will likely and definitely bust. It is as simple as that.Its not easy to play aggresively or one big bet yolo. You need big balls, and courage to accept whatever its result.You start playing safely and as the times goes by you'll see that it is much better on the average side.10% of your total balance works But I am not using it consequentlyi think it comes down to how much tim you want to or can spend on playing/wagering.. (time wise)..... if time isshort and want to win a llot , need to play aggressive, see what i mean.?I lose everything when I bet over 10k sat, from 1 win per 4-5 bets on 3x payout it raises up to 1 win per 17-26 bets on 2.5x payout.It isdefinitely never easy to have an enormous patience in gambling. Usually rushing ahead to gain a quick profit often leads to shambles and a vanishing bankroll instead.i couldn't put it better myself to be honest etude, any type of gambling requires an awful lot of patient especially with the value of cryptos fluxuating all the time so its hard to know when to stop gambling and withdrawing profits as i get carried away trying to go all in but busting epicllly and then getting spammed by beggars after a big bust is likely and i hate it,I have been gambling alot with very low steady paced strats that gives you the edge on having the chances for very high red streaks around the 31 mark.Sometimes i use high ones when manually and lower ones with martingale or specific strategies that include martingale specific settings.Return losses chances are always according with strategy of course,in gambling it is always best to do "hit and Run" for one there is no such thing as safe betting... whatever the strategy you may be using in the long run it bust you no matter what.. most of the time the best minutes in gambling is the first few minutes you roll.. if you wanna hit big.. try to be daring on the first few minutes then go lie low if you already win and that's the fun part for me, because i am no longer afraid of betting.. it builds up confidence with your game knowing you got a stock already whatever might happened.. so that's my two cents,Or just make usage of such "hit and Run" and run other strategies or play other games from Stake ;)Maybe that's the solution to everyone but take care but it does not work always 100%,in my opinion there are 2 ways to win or at least have some more chance to make profits.Firstly you keep a very strict bankroll management and you try to increase your balance with micro profits. I sometimes do this on mines. I take the settings of 24 diamonds and 1 mine. I use 0.5 to 1% of my balance as basebet and try to hit 1 to max 3 tiles which give a multiplier of 1.03 up to 1.13. Your profits aren't that huge but you can build in a steady way. This way of playing also is pretty safe and hitting 3-4 reds in a row is very low. When I hit the bomb I mostly increase 4x of my basebet. but if I play 0.5% then I still only bet 2% of my balance. after that I go back to my basebet. By playing this way I managed to increase my balance x10 a couple of times in a couple days time frame.Secondly you can also chase big multiplier with tiny bets. This I mostly try with the money I earn from the forum rewards. Until now I havent hit huge multipliers but I am sure I once will hit it and scoop a very nice payout. Mostly I also try this in mines and try to hit he 2 million x in mines. Only with a 1 or 2 satoshi bet you get the opportunity to win 0.02 up to 0.04BTC which would be a huge return for a ridiculous small bet amount
  4. bacarrat on baccarat,this game i dont like, but I do enjoy playing it live at land based casinos from time to time. Having said that, when I play I almost always bet on the Banker simply because it has a slight edge in the long run. I will also throw a bit on the tie every few hands if there hasn't been one in a while. I almost never bet on the Player unless there has been a long Banker winning streak.Apparently the banker has an advantage, but I don't quite know what that is. I usually just bet on the player, since the payout is slightly higher than the banker. If anyone knows what the banker advantage is, please let me know :)ive played Baccarat i feel like its always usually one side or the other. like one side is favored more then the other for a long time. or after alot of bets. Now that i think about it i dont know why i dont play it more often really. I guess ill go play it now lol. blackjack what do you think? blackjack autobet should be ez pz to program compared to VP in terms of the maths the browser has to calculate.i know it may not be something everyone may want to use... but sometimes i feel it can be very much desired and used as most of the time i play with the standard strategy. I think it would be cool having an auto black jack game mode as well.. in reality it will be teaching the new BJ users the correct way to play as well in order to improve their chances.I thought about it, yes it is really convenient, but I came to the conclusion that I myself would choose Stand or Hit exactly when I want itI think the issue here would be what happens to decision times during Blackjack of to buy Insurance if dealer were to have and Ace card is his first hand then followed by having given to you hands that can be splitted or moments where you can double your bet.It would be very difficult to determine what optimal strategy is for blackjack. There are certain ways I like to deviate from optimal strategy at times. So I think it would cause a lot of complaints amongst players who are not happy with the system's choice of actionsince there is so many Blackjack challenge ,i think we need some auto bet on Blackjack, it would be great for everyone who needs thatbut for me, i think i choose manually to do and get some profitdicefor me? dice ithink the dice are the best and i love playing on stake,better test the mines because there you can win enough you only need concentration and you will see that it will give good results friendI do like to play Dice on Stake much more often compared to the Dice games offered by other sites too. It may very well be the convenience and I am too used to playing at Stake. ;)Dice pays out well - if you watch HR you will see that 75% of the highrollers are playing dice. You can scale your bet in dice as in no other game, apart from mines, which is more like "square dice" -- more than "sphere dice" is a sphereI hit 9900x this morning in 400 rolls.. it happened so quickly I was still waiting to spend the rest of my ltc for preroll, and bam, 40 litoshi -> 400000 .. what a waste Still a rad game when it isn't feeding you 400 reds on a 99 though (I'm actually on forums so I can finish that particular bet .. . which- is something relatively new, and occurring more frequently - and was one of the motivating factors for my departure from PrimeDice -- it seems it has found its way here through the updates. :Ii actually have had similar experiiences where ive randomly won a lot on stake dicehowever.... stake dice interface is not my favorite tbh and thats why i dont play it as much as i normally do on other dice sites..the interface to the whole matter is very important to drawing in the players,everyone has their own way they like... and its great stake offers sphere and original! mines i usually go for a heart of shapes and patterns on mines, iplay 3bombs 7 diamonds, I normally go for this one which is a personal favourite and is really profitable when it hits. 3 Mines, 14 tiles you need to click. This is a 13.80x When it hits. I have been going for this for a while and I have made quite a bit of cash by doing so. Post your favourite pattern down below! And I might try it out! ;DMost of the times when I hunt for high multipliers on Mines I just choose a random pattern without much though towards it and hope for the very best.I always go random shapes until i feel like withdrawing, i also sometimes go for 5 mines and click 8 random shapes and i actually hit it. It's all about luck to be honest.I mostly chase 4-5 tiles on 11-12 mines, giving a high payout and you can literally build a balance out of almost nothing. Also 24-1 might be a good combination to multiplie a deposit.I tend to pick randomly, I don't want to pick a specific pattern because my superstition tells me that I shouldn't be too predictable because the game is aware of patterns like that. It's just crazy talk I know I know, it keeps me betting confidently and having fun that's what matters
  5. yes i agree with you but its just a metter of luck , thisis just one help, but not 15 win, hehe, i knowit now, i think its almost same as martingale, but with little twist, lol
  6. hello just want to share this custom 7 bombs. Manually click 3 tiles . bust? repeat it again and again and again. I usually play low it's difficult to do it. Multiplier 2.35x so it's okay to repeat it over and over again for atleast 4 times check your live stats. After you still have red until 4 times increase base bet into x2 until you hit it. I have been trying so hard to ht anything on Mines for like a month now and my biggest multiplier has not even been over x150 lol. The best is choosing 20 mines and selecting only 2 green boxes. You will have a payout rate of x26 and only need a small bet, increasing your bet amount by 5% after each loss. Waiting for risk of the red strip and you can get a big payout.do not really have a strategy but I mostly play mines to build my bankroll in a slow way. I mostly pick 1 mine 24 diamonds and try to find 3-4 diamonds. as soon as I hit the mine I increase my bet with 400% and decrease after successfully finding 4 diamonds. in this was I managed to double, triple and even quadruple my balance a couple timesI have been busting a ton lately on mines. My strat is 3 mines and click until you hit a 13.8x or 10.35x. That is my personal favorite. But I will probably give your strat a go in the near future... Next time I have money I'll give it a go.Mines are not that bad!:D Try hitting higher multipliers, it can escalate pretty fast. Mines is the game which gives the most high multipliers out there.I am not a fan of mines. Actually, I don't like mines at all, because I feel my destiny is not in my hands. I have hated mines since Windows 98. The game was so annoying then.But with this strategy, I will try it tonight and see what we can hit with it.Well, just avoid getting greedy, as I said this strategy isnt just profitable, you might need a lot of luck aswell. Good luck anywas, hope it's gonna work for you aswell!:Dlast few tries in mine previously burst all most 300k in all payout ,may be my bet amount little bit higher . you have a nice strategy hope this time i get some wins .i will try now for small bets hope for the best.this new strat sounds like a must have i might have to try it when i next get the money its seems a good probability to make money and profit and it seems it doesnt rip u too often so i must try this i must say i have a few strats myself i have 2 colums on the left also a t shape also a half x and a full x on 3 mines or 5 mines but 5 mines u get more profit but obviosly you will rip easier on 5 mines 3 mines is decent on 3 mines i nomrally click about 12 tiles and thats normaally a 10x if im calculating that correctly in my head which im probably not lol also there is a e straton mines also theres a tree strart as well that works a treat for me and last onethe stair case on 5 mines enjoy i hope i helped u guys as much as you guys helped me btw edit this is what the tree start is Mines: 7073836731 also my mate azzah told me about this strat so props goes to him for making this up well not making it up but telling me about it what i normally do is switch between the half x and the tree strat and the full x i normaly build up well...., some times anyway enough blabbing have a nice day folks
  7. have you played playing martingalein diamond poker?, if you ask me if it is worth to play I would say no. Even the maximum payout being only 2x you can still profit from it, no doubt.. I use to play myself (when I am in the mood) with a simple martingale strategy where I will double my previous bet every time I lose a bet.. obviously you will have to do some math and check what's the best bet amount for you as you can easily get 10 reds in a row (I already had 14 reds in a row once) so at the end, if you have a nice balance to cover it, you can end in profit.. but we can't forget that the profit will still be the same amount of your first bet and that's why I find myself it kinda boring to be playing manually and I let the autobet do the hard and boring work for me (lol!). By this point you probably already noticed that some other games can give you a better profit and yes, this is true, but it really deppends in one balance, mood and desire in how to play and which strategy to use. The martingale strategy I mentioned is just one of all the infinite possibilities you can use. About that 1.5x payout when you hit a Full House, yes I also agree that sucks and it may end up fucking many of your strategies when you hit it after a cold strike and I really wish our Developers would give a look at it.. it doesn't sound fair to me to have a Full House paying less than a pair since the chances for you to hit it are way lower than hitting anything else. I honestly think that it should be paying a minimum of 2.5x instead, it could help to make people pay a bit more attention in such a cool game as Diamond Poker.i rarely play diamond poker but when i do i always won 3 streak . what i hate in diamond poker is that 10/10 of games 3-4 is tie !Most of the time when I play diamond poker I end in profit. If you get a loss streak of 8+, then you can increase your bet to make some easy money. Check out this post I made, which you can use diamond poker to make some profit,A thing I learned in all this years playing online games is that a tie is always better than a loss.. think about this lol As for me what I hate most are these damn Full Houses.. they sucks with their 1.5x payout!I like diamond poker but here's what I don't understand why are the multipliers not differnt for example why is the payout the same for three of a kind and four of a kind makes no sense. Also when you get a full house you get less payout!?!? I don't get it The full house pays less due to the 1% house edge. It is the only way Stake can make a profit on Diamond poker,i love this game i play it more often nowadays since my return dont be sofast2h8 this game guys! give it a swing,I actually did makena little profit playing this game while hunting for 4 of kind blues for the giveaway. I just had my bet double in every loss. It did get to a point where my bets ended up big due to the loss streak, but since my bet was small and had a good balance, it actuaally worked out and did not come close to busting which is impressive. Just not very exciting to play and i still dont get how full house pays less than other hands.. I love diamond poker for some reason. Maybe the simplicity of it. I tend to bust most of the time playing it.The christmas theme was especially pretty to me also.I don't like that fh pays 1.5x but it was explained to me that is the house edge. Not sure if that is right though.Is Diamond Poker actually worth to play? - no that a booshit game Can you make some profit out of it? - the truth is im still green with it What is the best strategy to play it? - probaly is double on lost or x3 or x4 like that but this shit game is very rigged What about that 1.5x payout when you have Full House? no idea,I never play Diamond Poker with, Auto inc 100% when i lose and i get some profit from playing itI think it is just the thrill for me. I like to do a variation of martingale on diamond poker, which I describe here. However, I do agree with you, dice 2x offers much better odds due to the lower house edge.A simple martingale (double your last bet) is always a nice idea but we can't forget the long red strike you can have (I personally had 14 reds in a row while trying to catch these 4 blues for the Christmas Challenge) so it can make your base bet increase A LOT.. and that 1.5x payouts at full house can really be an issue when you get it after a long red strike eh? lol i think they need to change the game or remove it ,lolo
  8. Hello guys, now I'd like to tell you how you should actually play bacarrat in the most efficient and secure way possible when playing on stake. This maybe won't always bring you more success than you've already had with your mindset, but learning this mindset too, might increase your play and teach you how to play more efficient with higher chances to win. Haven't convinced you already? Then maybe you're already a good enough BlackJack player and you never lose... I don't think so, that's why I recommend you read the following tables our fellow player made,I do play baccarat in real life casino and sometimes i do play stake’s baccarat. Stake’s baccarat doesn’t have the super six tho.I hope they add it soon. Anyway my strategy is to use progressive betting. For example: 1st bet is 10k and u lose then my next bet is 20k and then if i lose again ill bet 40k. I just keep doubling the amount of my lost bet. Do the same everytime u win. If u ever get 5x streak win then thats good enough to stop.I think thi sgame is horrible. much more horrible than bloody diamonds lol. for me that is.since atleast bloody diamonds has 50% chance winning, here you can have as low as 33.33% chance of winning accompanied by only a double your amount wagered or 1.9x( if u bet on banker) you can increase winnings by betting on a tie but it only comes up sometimes with a 33.33% again or might be lesser due to the number of cards that are possible to mix with one another.with these i can say that i hate this game lol and i don't see myself making profits with this one, although it's fun to win when you think you're gonna lose.Can you give me some tips of playing baccarat? I love playing card games especially baccarat and i be thankful if you give me some tips.Kee doubling en or lose.. That would bring in a huge hit, but can also backfire with a huge bust, I guess itll depend on whos playing and how much they are willing to gamble for optimum profit.Everytime I bet on baccarat as a way to re accumulate a bit of a balance back I seem to bust it all. If i do small bets I win 5+ times in a row but anytime I do a large bet I bust it all. It makes me somewhat sad but ive never deposited and I never will. You can work your balance up enough off tips and fun games to make the community fun and make some money at the same time.It's very hard to ever really do well in the long run without ever depositing, but I do suppose it is possible. Just stay patient and play safely. We all have times when we feel like no matter what we do, we always lose. I would highly recommend to deposit to give yourself a better chance of being a winning player, but to each their own I supposeI am sure you will change your mind about making deposits and about the initial comment about loosing bets everytime you have a winning path or increase the bet. We all did and we all changed our strategy to gamble. I am sure you will find your success path to make your gambling here in Stake a very good one .If you always lose on this game, try looking at some strategies or just change your seed. You might just be having a bad streak of losses, which will only be temporary. Hang in there, luck will come It is pretty much expected to keep losing your bankroll when working with a small bankroll since your number of tries in bets is limited and definitely need the luck factor in other to build it up to a considerable amount.
  9. this is how i play, The slow build is the only way to stay out of the way of the edge.. if you play the same at 0.025 as you did with 0.0025 you are going to have success. It's a difficult habit to sustain however,. and I've been trying to change these habits.. I'll play well for a couple hours, and then fuck it all up in 60 seconds.. The high payout,. well, 9900x is pretty high, but not very difficult to hit in comparison to other payouts -- is another way to play it slow, although I find you're better off just betting your 50-100 bucks on a certain number of bets,. and hoping you hit - if you miss,. put in another 40 next time -- eventually you'll get what you want. I also usually go with slow disciplined building when I bet... Sometimes I go off the norm and go for high x's in keno or plinko but usually that's always prefaced by building up slowly so I'm betting with mainly profit. Sometimes the building up slow just leads to straight busts if I get impatient/dumb. I tend to bet more conservatively and slow even though I know that the more I bet the higher chance I have of the house edge catching up to me. My strategy is very simple nad you can try it I do most bet on dice at either 2x or 3x. If I win, dice loves me. If I bust, dice is just low on mood. It's worth it. I have seen people losing more the 5 million satoshis even at 1.01x bets on first or second roll.so dont try, If it's gambling and there's no guarantee, if you can lose on the very first roll at 97% winning chance, why not make the stakes and bet higher I prefer to look for payout 99 and I will stop when 1000 roll has not found payout 990 and I will change my game to payout 990, if at payout 99 I prefer to use incres bet but if at payout 990 I play bb flat, but after 400 roll is still not hit. I set 2x basebet from the basebet. I did it like that as long as it hasn't been hit. and if I got it I just returned to hunting payout 99 again. When playing Dice me stopped doing the martingale method. I was losing way to much because of long streaks. I found another way to maximize profits and still wager around the same.So where you put on win make the percentage -15where you put on loss make the percentage 75Keep the payout at 2 and select either over or under. Start off with very small bet and once it accumulates take the bet down again. Helps if you have a large number of coins,,,I am also not a fan of Martingale, as it always seems to get you in the long run. I have tried strategies very similar to what you are describing and done fairly well with them, although I generally shoot for somewhere between 2.4x and 3x with smaller amounts.Yes I always say it should be called Martinfail rather then Martingayle but your strategy looks to me like it kind of follows the same rule as Martingayle. I might have to try it though see how it works I guess. I hope it keeps working for you.
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    oe, means no coupon yet? ow, i tought i missed it, haha, thx sir
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    hello miss bojana, i dont know how to claim prize for this giveaway 🏆[0.1 BTC] Le Tour de Gary|Hilo Challenge, ive join for the first time, but still im not sure how to claim the prize, can you help me pls?
  12. it depends, if you profit on your bet and win a reward, its goo, It's all in the head and how you see things. This happens while looking at your balance or your live stats as well. I remember in so many occasions while having my live stats on for several games, I tend to look at the peak I hit and when I do, any loss below that would make me feel uncomfortable and I start to win that back. This is the same as chasing your losses and we hear this over and over again. Never chase loses! The worst part of gambling is surely this, and then the house edge. The house edge won't make you lose as vigorously as your unsound psychology. I always try to keep my profits and losses away whilst gambling and it does sure work. You can quickly use your vault to deposit some number of your money (not exact amounts). I think its also nice to do something else while gambling like listening to music maybe. I've seen someone else post (can't remember who or the topic name) about his strat on fooling himself. He played on his phone and pc simultaneously so he doesn't really know his exact balance since it doesn't refresh itself and I think that's pretty cool too and I have also done so a while ago but on two different tabs - same outcome, the balance doesn't refresh. I always try to get my mind off of previous losses and also peak amounts I've hit, since these two really get the worst of you. Recently I I made 200k Satoshi from 1k Satoshi. I was so happy. That 200k Satoshi seemed like a million dollars to me. Then I turned the 200k satoshi into 1400k Satoshi! Greed got the better of me and I bet a huge 1000k bet and lost! You know what happened next? The remaining 400k balance seemed like so small. Just see the difference ^ there psychologically! 200k seemed like a million dollars but now 400k seemed so small. Why? Because 400k is what am left with after a huge loss while 200k is what I won after so much win! Although 400k is double of 200k, it seemed so less and then I bet a 3x multiplier with 400k to recover but lost it all. Lesson learned. Only for temporarily though. I couldn't afford to lose the 200k by betting it all because it seemed like a million dollars while I happily bet all in for 400k. This is the game of psychology. If one can control this one psychology, they can win so much forever. What are some other psychological tricks you would recommend?!
  13. i will always choose longer life, coz as we all know, our life is limited in time, and we need to konw the value of it, since we cannot live for ever, staying on a game or gambling is also one of time waster since we need to stay on one site or place for too lone before we can win on a game, i always want to share everyone how time is so precious, hope you value it too.
  14. good idea but since there no way i can see anything on chatroom when theres a trivia, spams are everywhre, better to have a place to join trivia rather than the normal chatbox
  15. i think its not, since you can lose more than what you can get as a reward, much bettter to win on your bet than to focus on tha reace and lose more