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  1. Yeah.. I feel you. Your lucky enough if you got chosen for not being famous..
  2. Maybe a new slot game followed by stakes b-day.. I can smell a new bonus incoming.. Hehe
  3. So?! It's up to Eddie to decide, it's his money after all.. If you don't want the way he did it why not give away your money your own way. Give everyone a bit of bitcoin you'll be recognized and be famous instantly. And if you thought you got their attention by this topic, congrats. Hopefully you got one on the next streaming. Remember your not the only one who isn't being lucky by this giveaway..
  4. Your only lucky charm that won't betray u in betting is your ultra instinct and subconscious.. Through your losses your body will respond to avoid it. Try to listen it won't fail..
  5. I feel the same way bro.. Exactly as you've sad..
  6. Stake greatly affected my life.. Winning alot change my attitude. I became addicted and put every bit of my money here. Due to greediness i lost control of betting Soon enough without my knowing, I become totally broke. it's been a year since I haven't experience to live a normal life.. But with that i gained experience in gambling and little by little Im regaining myself control and making wise decision in betting. Stake shines as hope for future if you can maximize your profits and put it on a savings while you still can.. Goodluck..
  7. Can't see something new from the recommended animes here. I've already watched mostly of the recommended animes. If I were u, check out kissanime. Lots of new and popular animes there to be watch..
  8. Winning formula can be gained through risk and experience.. So, risk now and cry later.. 😂😂
  9. Cool.. I would also like to see a weekly lottery here on stake. Like every 500 satoshi wager or whatsoever claims or gets a one corresponding ticket for the raffle. Like 10 lucky winners every week. 1st - 10 lucky winners varies the prize it can get. The weekly draw may be live during Eddie's livestreaming..
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