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  1. HILO: 51,217,230,856 placed by lolSkeffa on 26/07/2021 Wagered 0.15410840 Multiplier 299.5806x Profit 46.01377751 PERFECT!!! Thanks bro you truly are a godsend!
  2. ive been racking my brain trying every which way i could.. but really just bet *1.007 each losing round @xrflive what would be best imo is a -prompt in the beginning with a user definable inc on loss
  3. Hey man one last question... How can i make it inc bet for each new round?
  4. i get an error from line 350 and 360 char 2.... says array is empty... can u help me set it?
  5. When did our access to stake api get revoked?!? Why did it happened? What are we going to lose next? No pm. No friends. Limited rains. No api.. what's next??? Chat???
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