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  1. Bought a PC, back in the day, usually just pay bills like rent or car, if I hit something good!
  2. legalop Royal Blue Good Luck to Everyone! ❤️
  3. I like doing 1$ bets on 1.01/1.02x on Dice, and when it loses I up it to 10/20$ for a few bets to recover, if I lose in those few bets, I either end or recover it on another gamemode... If you hit a good seed u can go 200-500 games without hitting it and you can break even for 1000x+ wagered base amount... But you can also hit 2 losses in a row, which happens around 1 in 2500 bets, which can be scary. I'd reccomend gambling for the fun and not thinking much about the wager, because I've lost a lot just trying to wager a few thousand...
  4. Did 10.000+ PLINKO bets, yet to hit it... Biggest hit was the 130x beside it, it could've been the 1000x, but it jumped out.
  5. By purely amount, 5000$ - Lost in about 24 hrs... Also, lost 250k DOGE (worth around 500-600$), a year ago that I was saving, would've been worth 130k$+ today...
  6. legalop

    Best wallet

    I use either coiniomi on Android (it's free and has a lot of coins supported), or Ledger Live (if you have a LEDGER NANO X).
  7. You can always self exclude yourself for a day or two, on the site If you're worried about losing the funds, but I'd advise you to just withdraw it!
  8. Sport is fun to watch, but for bigger bets I'd say casino...
  9. Nope, but I think maybe some will take payments in BTC, maybe even ETH...
  10. I'm gonna be honest, probably no, but I'd do 0.1 giveaways in the forum and some in the chat.
  11. To counter multi accounts, so the prizes go to people who actually are a part of this forum, I guess?
  12. Nope, learned, that even if you win BIG, you will still continue to gamble...
  13. ROULETTE: 43,218,479,464 placed by legalop on 04/05/2021 Wagered 0.00075313 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00075313 ROULETTE: 43,218,481,112 placed by legalop on 04/05/2021 Wagered 0.00075313 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00075313 ROULETTE: 43,218,482,446 placed by legalop on 04/05/2021 Wagered 0.00075313 Mul
  14. I used to claim my bonuses in DOGE, around 100k a month in bonuses, sold a total of 250k for about 500€, sucks...
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