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  1. Why don't people understand that hitting x streak bets on 50%, you have to get immensly lucky or have a ton of bets (millions), x = streak = your chances 1/2^x e.g. 20 = 2^20 = 1/1 048 576 bets Your problem seems to be of gambling in general, the mind psychologically remembers the losses more than the wins, so for example : Once you were losing a lot you were trying to make a comeback and then hit a 15 win streak, continue hunting break even or profit, but you still lose in the end, you will remember not the 15 win streak, but the overall loss.
  2. Depends on the situation, In the most cases the casino has the legal advantage, This is often times a problem when winning big and some sketchier casinos not wanting to pay out, But for your question unless you broke the TOS or any rules, which you agreed to when signing up to the site, any money should be returned to your account, and I suppose you can ask the Customer Support, or even mail support@stake.com
  3. I try to hit a bad streak on a 1.01x, on low bets then bump it up to 50% of balance for a few bets then repeat, remember to set a wager/cashout goal, and gamble responsibly!
  4. yup, this is pain, and it's always the lowest one that misses...
  5. I actually think Italy, will win, they have been on a spree, and from what I saw they actually have a good chance of winning against Switzerland, what about the other ones tho?
  6. sport:11149818 Don't feel confident in Belgium, but what's your opinion, and should I cash if I get that far?
  7. I feel that there is gonna be an underdog, atleast in the top 4 this EURO, and if I had to guess it could be Italy! Italy hasn't really won anything significant for the last few years, but seeing their form, I feel like they could actually have a shot at winning. They haven't lost in a while, but they haven't played against a TOP 5 team as well, so we'll have to see! Other than that, Germany, France, Portugal <- Atleast one of this group is going to play in the semis (not sure about finals)! Belgium, Spain, England (or Croatia, we'll have to see who's better prepared), Poland
  8. Hope, there will be an event where all the Stake community can engage in, doesn't necessarily need to be a Bonus, or Promo, but maybe just an Eddie stream or a Zoom call where the community can get together! ❤️
  9. Great move against Inflation overall, I feel that instead of this making BTC go up insanely, it will make it more of a stable coin, and less volatile (won't drop under 20k or rise above 60k).
  10. Best VIP, customer support, game modes, as well as an amazing community! ❤️ I'm down on Stake overall, but I've not once regretted choosing Stake!
  11. Take as much time as you need, I had LOTS of big L's, after the recent one took a 3 month break, you can self exclude yourself on many casinos (you can still even claim stake bonuses while excluded). The problem with gambling is controlling yourself and not becoming emotional, because this is how you get on massive lose streaks, so I advise taking a few weeks, maybe months, depending on how much 20k means to you, and if you needed the money. Take care, and gamble responsibly! ❤️
  12. Just, wait, and I think getting a monthly bonus (with several pre monthlys even), even if you have to wait for a month is better than what other casinos are giving out!
  13. I have done over 20000 balls on plinko, and am yet to hit a 1000x (best was 130x), so that's pretty much it. But, I've seen people hit it within their first 100 balls, so it's all up to luck!
  14. I was using perfect strategy and most I lost was 16 in a row, the dealer pulled a blackjack a whopping 11 times out of the 16...
  15. If you have a problem with gambling, you can always self exclude yourself from Stake, but If you have a problem with losing a lot, try playing with lower amounts (you can do more bets), don't chase your losses, and know when to stop.
  16. BTC, ETH, XRP, TRX, DOGE, LTC, EOS - Pretty much it, and sometimes I go for random low cap ones
  17. Probably 500.000€+, but to retire I'd have to say 1 MIL+
  18. legalop Mikado Good luck everyone!
  19. Bought a PC, back in the day, usually just pay bills like rent or car, if I hit something good!
  20. legalop Royal Blue Good Luck to Everyone! ❤️
  21. I like doing 1$ bets on 1.01/1.02x on Dice, and when it loses I up it to 10/20$ for a few bets to recover, if I lose in those few bets, I either end or recover it on another gamemode... If you hit a good seed u can go 200-500 games without hitting it and you can break even for 1000x+ wagered base amount... But you can also hit 2 losses in a row, which happens around 1 in 2500 bets, which can be scary. I'd reccomend gambling for the fun and not thinking much about the wager, because I've lost a lot just trying to wager a few thousand...
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