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    legalop reacted to DragonL80 in I was a $5000 winner in the June 5th 100k giveaway. I can't claim!   
    I was a winner in the June 5th100K raffle for $5,000 as you shall see if you go back and look at the Winner's List from that drawing. @Edward says on every stream that you don't need to be present to win. I wasn't present. I was in a hospital. Logging into stake was sort of the last thing on my mind. I did not receive an email saying that I had won, I've checked. The only notification that I received saying that I had won was a support message. That I got tonight. So when I tried to claim it it said it doesn't exist. So I sent a message to support oh, they ask for a screenshot I provided it. I was then told that it had expired and I could not claim it. I asked for location URL document or web page that says how long you have to claim a raffle winning before it expires, I could not be provided one. I am a US citizen who is currently traveling abroad and had attempted to verify before winning the raffle, thinking that it wanted the information off of my us documentation because that's the only documentation I have being that I'm not a citizen of Sweden nor am I really a resident just a long-term visitor as you can travel between countries for up to 180 days without a Visa oh, I don't have any documentation to provide the contrary but that should be regardless considering that I won the raffle after attempting to verify and the only reason I even did that was because the wording that I saw on the verification post said that you wouldn't be punished for attempting to verify. @Steven just locked the topic of June 5th Raffle winners 3 days ago. Allowing me To collect my raffle winnings, would be a godsend right now with all the unexpected expenses from my extended Hospital stay. Not to mention I would probably play some of them if I had the ability. If raffle winnings expire people should be told this. If someone wins a raffle there should be an email or something more than just a support message people take breaks all the time. Telling me that my raffle winning expired because of a bonus code is completely asinine. If stake doesn't want to pay me my raffle winnings because of a bonus code expiring that isn't mentioned anywhere nor could I be provided of any document or term or clause stating such oh, then maybe you'd want to pay me a bug bounty because I've discovered a flaw in the account creation process and I would be happy to disclose details to support or engineers after payment is agreed upon for the information.
    I Look forward to resolving this quickly, as I do know how to be quite loud on the internet and I really don't think stake wants to be known as the place that won't allow you to collect your raffle winnings because of a bonus code expiration that isn't stated anywhere after being told that you don't have to be present to win.
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    legalop reacted to Bojana in Eddie Weekend Stream + Giveaway   
    Congrats to the winners for this week 🤓

    Hopefully, you followed the stream to see if you are among the lucky ones, and in case you have missed it, make sure to check the tip log to verify if you were among the chosen bunch! 👌

    Have fun this weekend, Stakers! 🍀
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    legalop reacted to 10jbp10 in Avoid having your crypto stolen. Tips/What to Do if RATTED.   
    Making this thread because I saw a user claiming to have lost 60k due to someone RATTing their PC in chat. (Enables them to see everything they are doing on their computer)
    How to avoid having your Crypto stolen by hackers (For Windows Users)! Will make a MAC Users guide if you want. LMK.
    There are multiple ways of having your Cryptocurrency stolen. Malware such as RATs or Remote Administration Tools are a prevalent way.
    These are the basics of what you should know about keeping your Cryptocurrency on Stake safe. 
    2FA enabled. This will stop them from being able to Withdraw any Crypto without access to your Google Authenticator App. You must make sure your phone/email account connected to it are Secure, though, or you could be in for a massive headache. Just this alone can save you a lot of money. The next thing I want to suggest is to never fall for phishing scams. This is when someone pretending to be stake sends you an email or even a Discord message or anything saying that you have won something (like the 5k raffle giveaway) and gives you a malicious link (that looks like Stake.com, but is really STCKE.COM). Never click links without knowing for sure that it is from Stakes official emails! The same goes for downloading files. You should have an anti-virus on your PC. Or, at the very least, have an anti-malware scanner on your PC. I suggest Malwarebytes (even the free version is good). What I like to do is when first installing things on my OS, go to Ninite.com. It will download all of your essentials in one download instead of multiple. You will see Malwarebytes and other Free Antivirus products that you can download from there. Windows Defender is usually not very good at finding Malware. Avast is a decent free anti-virus solution too. Never download files from untrusted sources. If you do, immediately scan it on virustotal.org or using your Malwarebytes/Anti-Virus product.  
    What do you do if you suspect that you have a RAT or a hacker that is on your PC?
    You need download Malwarebytes and RKILL and ADWCLEANER immediately. Links to those on the bottom of this post. Then turn off your internet connection. You need to scan your PC and get rid of the files instantly. RKILL would be the first one I would suggest running. You will need to run RKILL as an Administrator (Right-click on the downloaded file, then select Run As Administrator). It will scan all of your PC processes and immediately terminate any suspicious or unsafe processes. After this happens, you will be asked to restart your PC. I just leave that window open and then open Malwarebytes and perform a full scan. You will find some threats if you have a RATTed PC. You need to remove them after the scan has concluded. Then you restart your PC. You should be safe now. But I highly advise you to Reformat your SSD and reinstall Windows if you see anything acting strangely after this point in time. 
    Make sure you select Scan for rootkits on this screen when you scan with Malwarebytes. This is in the Custom Scan option.
    For safety measures, you should also Download ADWCLEANER (Like Malwarebytes for Adware) and it takes much less time to complete the scan than Malwarebytes does.
    The next thing I recommend is checking what is in your Startup Queue. You can do this by pressing the Windows Key + R at the same time and a Run box will show up and then you type in MSCONFIG. A system configuration window will pop up and you will see a ‘Startup’ tab. Select that and you will see all of the processes that are queued to start when you first turn on your computer. It may take you to a screen that says Open Task Manager to do this. Click on that. Then filter the tab by Status. Disable all unknown programs. You can speed up your PC boot-up time by disabling some of these too.
    Once finished scanning...
    Next, you should delete/reinstall whatever browser you were using. So for example, if you were using Google Chrome as your primary internet browser, I would suggest reinstalling it. You would want to go to your Settings on your PC (Quick way to launch this is Windows Key + i at the same time -> Apps -> Where it says Search this list, type in Google Chrome and uninstall all versions that you see.) Then use Microsoft Edge or whatever browser you can use to download Chrome again. I also highly suggest installing the extensions uBlock origin and the ClickNClean extension once you launch Chrome again from the Web Store.))
    I would change all of my passwords at this point. Also try to find a way to log out of all current sessions on whatever you were logged in with. If something you see on the computer sounds too good to be true, it typically is. To be super safe, i'd recommend changing your passwords from a different device that you are completely confident was not infected by this virus.
    TLDR: If you suspect your PC has a RAT then you need to download RKILL and Malwarebytes and ADWCLEANER immediately. Once those are downloaded, you should turn off your Internet (closes their connection to your PC) and then open RKILL as an administrator - do this by Right-clicking on RKILL and selecting Run as Administrator. This will scan all of your open processes and attempt to terminate any suspicious ones. Then you open Malwarebytes and scan with that. After Malwarebytes scan is finished, open  ADWCLEANER and do a scan with that too. Then you restart your PC. Should be good after that, but if it was a much more complicated RAT and you see your PC acting strangely shortly after again, you should reformat your SSD/HDD and reinstall Windows. 
    Very useful links:
    https://www.malwarebytes.com/mwb-download https://www.malwarebytes.com/adwcleaner https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/rkill/ https://ninite.com/ https://m.majorgeeks.com/mg/sortname/anti_spyware.html ^ Link 5 will sort you through all of the different types of Viruses and tools out there to combat them. Sort them through Popularity is my suggestion.
    Also, there is Malware that utilizes a copy and paste technique to get you to copy and paste their Crypto address when you try to copy and paste. So always be sure that what you are seeing when you copy and paste and attempt to withdraw is the actual address of YOUR wallet.
    Another thing that suggests that your PC may be infected with something is when the Time and Date are not correct/unsynced. Always worth a scan with Malwarebytes if you see that. 
    Any suggestions to improve these quickly compiled thoughts or organize them are welcomed. I will edit this later to improve it.
    *Please make sure your email connected with your Stake account is always secured/has 2FA and is enabled to SMS text you whenever a unrecognized device attempts to log in. This will save you a lot of money. 
    *If it is a large amount of Crypto in your Stake account, I really recommend withdrawing to your private wallet (such as Exodus) after each Session. You just never know. To avoid fees i'd use LTC or XRP.
    *You can also Download Malwarebytes on your Phone (Android for me, not sure on iOS)
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    legalop reacted to Mirela in Eddie Weekend Stream + Giveaway   
    Hey, Stakers, congratulations to all the winners from today's Forum Giveaway! 🎊
    Here is the list of the lucky winners 😎
    Mirela's picks for this week:
    6 - tahawkin   16 - captmarvel  18 - Infinity0123  41 - Wolfius 35 - Waccy 2 - weifail 10 - W35TCO4ST 46 - Xhauna Jelena's picks for this week:
    10 - questik 33 - maxpayne25 34 - LendaV1V4 20 - ewaiaga 35 - ezmoni 23 - iriz09 42 - Geryzmad 50 - 7opnotch Maja's picks for this week:
    46 - shayash 50 - mckeup 33 - DariusBrasov 2 - BBW  42 - zaharris  33 - FapMaster 23 - Blahx Tamara's picks for this week:
    5 - PAYI 45 - dupeddonk 1 - Bolik1337 30 - Gretchen25 5 - r0w3n4 20 - federicaaa 5 - Dg1004 Steve's picks for this week:
    17 - Zurr3lious 31 - 10jbp10 37 - pigglywiggly 23 - computer 22 - Paigeturner 44 - Blueprints 28 - Guguusss Mikey's picks for this week:
    8 - RDx7 36 - jchew87 50 - GamblinGawd99 23 - Manueln06 2 - niki014 29 - Limbowhore 16 - arcaaaadiuss Random winners: 
    329 - pratikbaba 563 - Manueln06 686 - Katniss 182 - RDx7 328 - Gennady12 474 - khee Thanks, everyone, for joining, have a wonderful weekend and see you next time! 😁😇
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    legalop reacted to Impact11b in Who are your first Stake Friends ?   
    I don’t have stake buddies 😭😭
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    legalop reacted to Benobo7890 in Who are your first Stake Friends ?   
    No buddies on stake unfortunately lol 
  7. Payday
    legalop reacted to Edward in Eddie Weekend Stream + Giveaway   
    Eddie weekend stream
    Join me on live stream & ask me any questions about Stake or the gambling industry in general. Every 15 minutes I will also be running a giveaway - More information below. Today's stream will start at 12:30pm GMT.

    Link to stream: Twitch.tv/PrimeEdd

    How to enter the giveaway?

    Simply post your Stake username below! You'll need to ensure you have at least 10 posts. Also don't try to abuse this giveaway it'll lead to a perm ban regardless of who you are 🙈
    How are winners chosen?

    When you post on the forum you will be assigned both a page number & a post number. Towards the end of the stream I will draw 8 random pages for each VIP host to choose winners from.

    Essentially you're hoping that I draw your page number on live stream & that the person assigned your page picks you as a winner! I will also draw 10 random post numbers. If your post number is drawn you will also win. 

    Want to increase your chances of winning?

    1. Stay tuned into the live stream for tips on how to edit your post to include certain information for a higher chance 😎
    2. Be super nice to your VIP host & don't give them a hard time 😂

    Giveaway prizes 

    Non VIP: $5
    Bronze: $10
    Silver: $20
    Gold: $30
    Platinum: $50
    Platinum 2: $60
    Platinum 3: $70
    Platinum 4: $80
    Platinum 5: $90
    Platinum 6: $100
    Diamond: $250

    Level 1 verified users will receive 1.5x more than non verified users
    Level 2 & 3 verified users will receive 2x more than non verified users

    If you have not verified your account yet do so here https://stake.com/settings/verify
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    legalop got a reaction from Darko in Who is Eddie?   
    Australian Model that burns a lot of money on stream, yeah and he also works with stake...
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    legalop got a reaction from ubbey04 in Finish the sentence   
    The leading and best crypto casino available!
  10. Wow
    legalop reacted to ubbey04 in Biggest Tip You Ever Received 💰💰   
    Unlucky with games but blessed with generous circles . Strangers  that can change your life .

  11. Wow
    legalop reacted to Angel173 in Biggest Tip You Ever Received 💰💰   
    My biggest tip received from someone who is very generous to me 😍🥰❤️

  12. Wow
    legalop got a reaction from ubbey04 in Biggest Tip You Ever Received 💰💰   
    Won a GA on Prod's stream...

  13. Thanks
    legalop got a reaction from PogLife in Are bonus buys worth it   
    Nope, I honestly feel like it's just doing bigger spins, and unless you gamble to make money.
    Playing longer and having fun with just doing normal spins is better in my opinion,
    it also makes hitting the bonus more satisfactory 😉.
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    legalop got a reaction from jerrahmaya in Are you ready for Stake 4.0?   
    Hope, there will be an event where all the Stake community can engage in,
    doesn't necessarily need to be a Bonus, or Promo,
    but maybe just an Eddie stream or a Zoom call where the community can get together! ❤️
  15. Payday
    legalop got a reaction from MinaDj in [$2000] Nationwide| Sports Challenge   

  16. Wow
    legalop reacted to toddradd1 in Opinion on this Multi?   
    yea i'd cashout if it makes it to italy leg.
  17. Love
    legalop got a reaction from MarkoKu in EURO 2020 Winner?   
    I feel that there is gonna be an underdog, atleast in the top 4 this EURO, and if I had to guess it could be Italy!
    Italy hasn't really won anything significant for the last few years, but seeing their form, I feel like they could actually have a shot at winning. They haven't lost in a while, but they haven't played against a TOP 5 team as well, so we'll have to see!
    Other than that, Germany, France, Portugal <- Atleast one of this group is going to play in the semis (not sure about finals)!
    Belgium, Spain, England (or Croatia, we'll have to see who's better prepared), Poland, seem like good guesses for the quarter finals/semis.
  18. Love
    legalop got a reaction from ubbey04 in Are you ready for Stake 4.0?   
    Hope, there will be an event where all the Stake community can engage in,
    doesn't necessarily need to be a Bonus, or Promo,
    but maybe just an Eddie stream or a Zoom call where the community can get together! ❤️
  19. Love
    legalop got a reaction from Krynn in Why STAKE? 🤔   
    Best VIP, customer support, game modes, as well as an amazing community! ❤️
    I'm down on Stake overall, but I've not once regretted choosing Stake!
  20. Bitcoin
    legalop got a reaction from renalou19 in Eddie Weekend Stream + Giveaway   
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    legalop reacted to Metta514 in The next improvement for Stake Business   
    great opinion to add VISA depo
  22. Wow
    legalop reacted to kazzim in The next improvement for Stake Business   
    I believe that the near future update in Stake's Marketing Business should be the issuing of Visa Card .
    Where Stake users have the possibility to Load Their own Stake Visa Cards instantly and directly from Stake wallets without fees.
    Fees are only applied when Users are spending their funds  using Stake Visa Card .
    Stake users are able to:
    Reserve and manage your Visa Card on Stake website.
    Top up your card using your Fiat Wallet, Stake Wallet, or credit/debit card .
    ATM withdrawals.
    And shop online worldwide anywhere Visa is accepted.
    Cash back every time Visa Card is used .
    Feel free to comment your opinion about My Suggestion!

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