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  1. Good lick to all 7 billion bet is big 1 btc is big is like booom pow pow usernames: here4jackpot
  2. Wooow that à insane accidental hits so many time I did by accident bet 100k-50k on x9900 and didnot win but if I did win I should be to the mooon
  3. Really good question I really wish gamble didnot exist except for the friend made here and on other gamble place I should definitly have a lot of crypto and I should take some stripper each day baisicly gamble killing me little each day
  4. Push it too the limit or any good song to play plinko
  5. Are u serious or it a joke where is the cameras
  6. I wish I had enough funds to save for the race but stake and other gambling site take all my funds before race really sad
  7. I wish we had real girl rolling the dice it should be insane in the brain anyway happy birthday stake one day I will get my x 1000
  8. I been there I done that and wow stake got nice comunity people are so nice once I got tiped 0.04 btc for stripper and hoes
  9. Nice strat but all strat are the same strike of win = big stike of l’ost so prepare for the lost