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  1. Wszechmogacy - RED my lovely color Good luck all my friends and have more fun
  2. wszechmogacy YELLOW Good luck all
  3. Blockbet i want simply system for calculated Based on wager ? ok = more wager is better reload have. I dont understand why without withdraw reload is smaller with lower wager. Someone talk me all bonus what we received causes lower reload. tell me whether it has an impact on it rains, rakeback and other what i received ?
  4. I dont think so... Was in one time 3400 wager in last 7 days and have 0.51 $ /h From last 7 days was 14000 $ and reload was set for 0.33 $ ? dont understand this rules so much
  5. Yeah but all "bonuses " what You received doing lower Your reload. All rains, all tips, all coupons etc. And probably rake back and commision from refferals too i think.
  6. hey players and brothers How You think ? how is calculated reloads ? Eddie on stream talking WAGER but send mess for me its secret recipe.... How You think ? i has for wager 3400 $ 0.51 and now when have 14000 $ wager 0.31 with out nothink withdraw and profit. its realy nice fair play i think
  7. Wszechmogacy --- GREEN is the best Good luck all my friends
  8. Wszechmogacy Good Luck bro Color 🟡 - Yellow
  9. Wszechmogacy - Good luck Brother Gold
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