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  1. Maybe Eddie should come up with his original currency with stake? e.g. StakeCoin: D
  2. Playing is one thing. But how do I eg work a few hours or more at a computer? If someone forgets to eat and drink because he plays and plays and plays his wine ...
  3. Hi Welcome in our nice world on stake Have a nice win
  4. Welcome. If you could choose the next two cryptocurrencies added to the casino, what would it be? What are your suggestions?
  5. I'm glad that Eddie introduced what I was writing about. So that we would know who is registering from our command. But it did not really work well, because seeing the last 3 numbers / letters of a nickname it's hard to determine exactly. Could not you do that you could see the whole nickname?
  6. There is a risk and there is pleasure. And where there is money, fraudsters will always be. Because they attract such money.
  7. Wheel is bad game in stake. I change this game for other, slots, poker online, rocket
  8. Today i have 2680x... But its really hard doing that.
  9. My suggestion is slots. A lot of people will certainly attract this. And of course online poker with players live.
  10. today I tried 500 times and the most what was around 2600x. More Its hard
  11. It would be nice if the administrators did some quick way to exchange currency in the game.
  12. It depends on how much I won and how much I lost. How much did I win this hard music, how I lost something to calm down
  13. This kind of writing is not a big problem when you know programming language a little bit. And as for setting, it's just a configuration when you want and how you want it
  14. I play some days... and dont have. 620x yes and 420 yes but 1000 for this time never. Maybe tomorrow ?
  15. Yestarday, i first time use mobile on the stake. I think working good Maybe later Eddie create special app to stake mobile