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  1. Actually Speaking I Stay In India and Dont have Access to the Football , Baketball or Tennis Game which i bet On . So Cant follow them Minute by Minute .
  2. 99 % of my bets in Sports r in loss. I prefer casino more Over Sports Book .
  3. Sports has Varieties of Option . My Personal Favourite Is Football and BasketBall followed by Tennis . Well Once i played a Multi bet in Ice Hockey , I lost . So i hv least Knowledge there
  4. What plans ddo u guys hv for Wagering in Todays Mega Race. Do u all play the plain Vanilla Type 1.0102 x . This is used by max players . But I suggest playing On Limbo 1.25 x with no On loss increase. Max times Linmo is giving numbers above 1.25 x . But there r up 's n downs . But still here u recover a part of losses which is impossible in Dice with 1.0102 x . What strategy do u Guys play . Share Please.
  5. bro it happens a lot with me . I was hunting 100 x i got 0.00 hit in 26 rolls . so imagine how u fell. bro better hunt for 990 x . or 495 x .
  6. As far as i am Concerned . I am unable to hit bigger than 56 x These days. What do u guys feel . Keno has just become a coin Succer machine. Pls give ur suggestions . i might be wrong .
  7. Brother Shekhar 9900 x (99.99) 4 times in 1100 rolls . U crazzy if u imagine that . Some times it takes 11k to 23 k rolls . for 1 win . .
  8. This is a Good Idea . But every New Idea has its Pros n Cons . Pros - Faster Transfer , No Minner Fees. More Competitiveness to against other Cryptos. Cons- Security Issues will Come . Email Hacking is Too easy . This could happen that One uses his Email and transfers but a hacker transfers the bitcoin to his wallet.
  9. Nice Study bro. will try out Crash on that payout . But while wagering in race this would not be a good Idea.
  10. Unless n Untill u hv a big Bank Roll Never try for The Challanges . The Result will be Only One ---- Bust . Unless u r super duper Lucky n Able to Win Very Quick . that i fell will be 1 in a 1000 person Situation
  11. Firstly Chasing the Challanges depends on one's Bank-Roll. So if one has Big Bank Roll always giving a try is a good idea .
  12. Where's Conspiracy bro . U were unclear and could not explain ur title . Kindly re-edit u r post
  13. play4win

    Its me

    Well Sure Brother . We might be divided or away by Physical Boundries . But Internet has brought us closer . I would love to be ur friend . Sentd me friend Request I will surely accept .