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  1. To Eddie and Support. Whenever a game is launched there should be a Section - How to play . Its not neccessary that all users know how to play . I lost 0.013 ltc by playing slots. I am not able to understand Which Symbols in slots will give me wins. How many Scatters and which Combo will give gain. Even after it hits 2x ,I see loosing my balance . And How many lines i play for which payout. May be i will sound like a Layman , But I am not ashamed to say so. Please look into This .
  2. yes i felt this will help us a lot.
  3. No u will get more options and Strategies to play
  4. Is it possible to show a column of Weekly Wager in Stats Window . It will start from The Saturday Mega Race time till sometime next week before the mega race. It would be helpfull to analyze how much boost we could get . So depending on that we can Increase the Wager.
  5. Ornietv , I agree with u lot of times Plinko Sucks . I slots gives big payouts . I wont play Plinko .
  6. Friends , Mods, Supports and Owners , I fell Our Dice is missing lot of features. On Win Side and Loosing Side . 1) streak /Every _ wins a) Reset , b) reverse target c) stop auto . Next Speed selector with 3 speed Options low , Medium and High . Then a Minimum Button . Further statistics Window does not show Max Win streak and Max Lossing Streak , And Current Streak. Please add these features . these will help us a lot more . Thanks to JOSH and all developers for doing such a nice job in background.
  7. Ornietv , u r absolutely right . when we could not see the rackback amount we were not so excited about it. But now when it's so easy to see and claim rakback . Temptation to claim it keeps tickling in the back of our mind.
  8. which programme u talking about . Is it the coding behind games u talking about. Clearly state what u want to say .
  9. Xrp was a welcome addition . I would like to see TRX ,EOS and ETC.
  10. Vijaypondini create a justified Topic . Dont just create a topic for the sake of creating One . Every one knows Casino's Run on losses which users make. And the House edge + etc , etc. If Eddie loose his btc it goes to his Own business. Whats the Big deal in It .
  11. Well , PeopleHurt i did not save my win pattern . but i hit all boxes on high payout on 8 boxes. I got . 90x, 400x and 800 x . that too fast .
  12. Well "Happy Birthday To u in Advance " . Goals must be set . If u hv Goal then Only u Succeed. I pray to God U reach ur goal before Birthday. Well I now bronze . I also plan to be Silver , but with low balance its tough to set goals .
  13. Yes the Main thing that plays in Mind after Big Bust is The Stress. But a t the back of mind we often hv this playing that we need recover and hence more losses . I suggest playing the normal game . Try to win and surely losses will be overcome
  14. Nice Strategy . Keep it up . This means a lot for us.