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  1. History of The Crash game does not auto update . after few rolls when we need to see roll History , Page has to be refreshed. Else Crash shows Old Roll History. This section needs to be auto Updated. Further sometimes after Win also balance does not update. Page refresh needs to be done . Else we see old balance . Further i need to Suggest Increasing Speed in Crash . Sometimes its like Turtle move . And Suddenly Crashes. This is wrong on Our Side.
  2. I too agree . that we need a Stable Coin here. With Fluctuations in BTC and recent halving . transfer time is high and fees too . So if we hv the opputunity to convert btc to USDT at high and convert to btc again when we see a dip in btc price. Users here will be highly benifitred.
  3. IT seems @sahil777 has never placed multiple bet. If u loss even 1 bet out the bunch which comprises of ur One Multiple bet. U will Loss ur multiple bet.
  4. MINES: 22,078,503,617 placed by play4win on 12/05/2020 Wagered 0.00021000 Multiplier 1010.26x Profit 0.21194510
  5. Thnks badger i hv noted down the basic rules. Thanks it was so handy . I will try it out at once .
  6. Wow nice hit friend . i will definately try ur pattern and posst the result if i do manage a win . But as a matter of fact big multipliers difficult to hit .
  7. Ayesha each A / K will give u 12.87 x . for every corresponding A / K heep multiplying by 12.87 x . thats the Funda
  8. play4win

    Hilo Tactic

    there are no strategies in Hi-Lo its the patterns which hit. It depends how long ur pattern takes to show up .
  9. evet i play the opposite low bet and high multiplier . risk involved is less . On vice-versa if u loose on low payout u start doubling the bets and there u loose big.
  10. Some Common high payout multipliers with pattern are 1) 4 - 12.87 x ; 2) 4,4 - 165.87 x ; 3) 4,4,5 - 187 x ; 4) 4,4,4 - 2131.75 x. and so on.
  11. Well Etude is master in those high multipliers. but Etude plz mention the actual profit u got . that will help