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  1. Paladins: BG Trailer

    Overwatch's had "lootboxes" all along, but it's just for skins there (better). Don't really care much about how those chests look. Or am I reading that wrong and you mean another kind of chest?
  2. Favourite Strategy Game??

    Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. Give it a try if you like 4x!
  3. The Foundation series by Asimov. I'm doing slow progress.
  4. How to win big (legit)

    All tiles should have the same likelihood of coming up.
  5. Paladins: BG Trailer

    Here's another entry for the popular genre coming up: I think it's worth a try. Paladins was already a game as enjoyable as Overwatch, if less refined, back when I played it. Many beta builds ago.
  6. Electroneum news trigger huge price pump

    Somewhat agree with wil above, I'm not confident. I'd drop a bit on it if I had money to spare, but only in the same way that I'd try to diversify into anything people might pump. Hard to make these decisions without assets to spare. Congrats to those that found good gains though.
  7. Chartbet Complaints

    This wouldn't be exclusive to Chartbet, but would work great for other games as well. The crowd aspect certainly can add much to the play experience. It's funny watching people following after others' bets and such.
  8. Bitcoin ATMs

    Nothing near me, but being that I live in a lower density area it's not that surprising. Wish I had some around, it'd make it much more convenient to trade them. I'd imagine there's many more unaccounted for, no way there's only 1 in a country like France.
  9. Sounds like their version of pay for activity. Definitely not one of those things you should be doing without speaking the language, so I don't think the translation suggestion is that great an idea.
  10. [Wanted] Bitcointalk Trust

    I have to agree here, and I think this is unnecessary.
  11. Which is better PUBG or Fortnite

    Overall I'd say PUBG, Fortnite is a bit too crazy for me. Too bad I don't have the hardware to run PUBG well.
  12. Best game you’ve ever played

    Planescape: Torment. Lots of text to read, the good kind.
  13. code: MIOTA invested: $60,000 ----- code: KMD invested: $10,000 ----- code: XRB invested: $10,000 ----- code: NXT invested: $10,000 ----- code: TRX invested: $10,000
  14. Why???!

    It's not one you can personally manage, this party might not care to deal with those tokens, and you wouldn't have access to them.
  15. Chartbet Complaints

    Maybe lowering the edge some to get that, while also lowering the max possible multiplier. I wonder if having some past highlight plays listed there would inspire more to play. Although this could work for other games, too.