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  1. Zoomdice!!!!

    I really got to go back and give it another look with these updates. It seems I'm not yet region locked, or anything like that, from this one yet.. gonna try get some of that depo promo.
  2. Locking out multiple logins would have just kicked out when they got in, they could have still plundered the account, no? Might be just me, but it's strange how they'd try and gamble. The 2FA is great advice. I'd only add that you should run it from a different device, and you might want to backup the code somewhere else before linking them. Just in case you ever loss the device.
  3. My Strategy Auto Dice

    Upon re-reading it, not so sure either. The part that is clear: Base bet: 50 sat Payout: 99x mult On win: Reset On loss: +2% I'm not sure what this part means: Number Of Game : 5 5 rolls? 500 rolls? And, yeah, it wouldn't be gambling if there wasn't luck. PS: Just noticed the edge is the same as in PD.
  4. code: MIOTA invested: $60,000 code: STRAT invested: $10,000 code: NANO invested: $10,000 code: ETH invested: $10,000 code: STEEM invested: $10,000
  5. Where have you been finding these? Through adverts, or some spam mail, etc?
  6. 2 the best of the exchange

    I think Binance's grown really popular of late, I'm also mostly using it for what little trading I do. That said, in terms of safety, for those with large sum, it's probably best to stick with those that follow legislations, and have their balances insured.
  7. Coinbase F**ked up

    I only heard of people having the charges disappearing from their cc instead. Or I wonder if that was a fix for prior mistakes.
  8. Meet the Filipino Food

    Those cuberdon look very pretty, but I don't know if I can handle that much sugar. As for the balut, I don't think I could eat it without being tricked into it, and with my eyes closed.
  9. Bitcoin in 2018 will be $50,000

    I read some older articles from early last year, they were only predicting 2k for the end of the year. As we very well know it far exceeded those expectations, but, I don't know, for me, it can still go either way. The major gains it had last year might be causing people to take such huge leaps for granted.
  10. Those profit numbers sure are low, but it's what's expected with most of it being down. Thanks for the info! Still got plenty of time left in this month!
  11. Gave "The 100" a try. It's not that bad, but that sure is one with much nonsense and plot inconsistencies. Can't say I particularly like any of the characters either. Black Mirror is next on my list..
  12. code: MIOTA invested: $60,000 code: STRAT invested: $10,000 code: ZRX invested: $10,000 code: OMG invested: $10,000 code: ETH invested: $10,000
  13. This is getting a bit ridiculous. And isn't there a violation of rights when celebrities involved aren't endorsing it?
  14. Omelette, sunny side up, hard/soft boiled, poached, scrambled, and variations of them. Eggs are used in all kinds of recipes be it pasta, cakes or mayo. A favorite for me would brownies.
  15. Britain's first Bitcoin Heist :(

    At least they are physically well after the ordeal. Although, they might be paranoid after the home invasion. I have gone through similar and never really got over it, be it emotionally, financially or otherwise. Crypto is very convenient for the robbers in that they don't have to spend any effort trying to hide and laundering it. If you are packing large amounts of crypto like the victims here, try to keep your ID as private as possible. Actually, even if you don't, as you may in the near future.