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  1. Thanks a bunch. Much appreciated. Sounds like something I'll look into. Thanks Thanks Iva I love you more, bmg darling! I'll do that. Thanks. Lol! Let's be Kayla.
  2. “End, the pain once and for all”, That's all Kayla could hear. That loud voice was the only thing that sounds right; it made sense. And the soft sound of the water flowing, as Kayla sat by the river bank, felt like a ploy to truly end it. Then again, there was this other voice. Tiny and faint,but it was there.....funny as it may sound. It was persistent, strong, steady and hopeful. Different emotions going through Kayla's entire body, but there was one thing that was steady. The tiny voice of hope...voice of self-belief, self-appreciation, self-worth and validation. It felt like a ray of light amidst the darkness. Now it's Kayla's cull....to either end it (Suicide) or walk away. Walk back into life fortified by the confirmation that “KAYLA IS ENOUGH” There is so much a person can take. As individuals, we have life culls to make; culls that make or breaks us, heal or kill us, make us happy or sad, add value to our person or reduce us to the barest minimum of ourselves in terms of value/worth. Kayla took a walk.....choosing life/self-worth, knowing the best validation comes from one's self. You are ENOUGH! I am Kayla, so are you, yes, YOU! We all are Kayla (male/female).....So, it's time to let yourself be MORE, and ENOUGH.
  3. @anonnep should win $10 he is friendly and kind hearted with a weird sense of humour. @badger should win $20 she is that girl you need, a faithful and very kind. Always gat you @Furlicious should win $30 ,babe is your ride or die. She gat you in and out. Very kind and a motivator.
  4. Just shades of my humble self......lol
  5. banknotes? wont it lose the essence of being a digital currency ?
  6. i lost the habit of reading , maybe this will help start over i lost the habit of reading , maybe this will help start over
  7. lost 500k, mistakenly typed 500 instead of 50 for a bet