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  1. I barely visit stake, even with the amazing, and fun loving people here. I decided to control how I gamble since I never win anyways. So I worked on controlling my urge to be here every minute, because at some point I started getting into DEBTS!. So I cut down on playing(Wasn't easy), but I had no choice but to save myself. I was in between jobs, wasn't helping either. Then I took to FRX(Forex Trading) I had no idea was it was all about, I looked it up on the internet, and it seemed easy. So I hoped on it. Hahahahha! Losing became worst! Crying about my losses didn't help,
  2. If a multi billionaire has already made crypto 2030 plans, then why not you? Key into what Mark Zuckerberg said here; https://internationalcryptocurrencynews.com/mark-zuckerberg-bids-to-bring-crypto-mainstream-a-shop-in-every-instagram/
  3. Thanks a bunch. Much appreciated. Sounds like something I'll look into. Thanks Thanks Iva I love you more, bmg darling! I'll do that. Thanks. Lol! Let's be Kayla.
  4. “End, the pain once and for all”, That's all Kayla could hear. That loud voice was the only thing that sounds right; it made sense. And the soft sound of the water flowing, as Kayla sat by the river bank, felt like a ploy to truly end it. Then again, there was this other voice. Tiny and faint,but it was there.....funny as it may sound. It was persistent, strong, steady and hopeful. Different emotions going through Kayla's entire body, but there was one thing that was steady. The tiny voice of hope...voice of self-belief, self-appreciation, self-worth and validation. It felt like a ray of
  5. Just shades of my humble self......lol
  6. i lost the habit of reading , maybe this will help start over i lost the habit of reading , maybe this will help start over
  7. chinny

    Online Dating

    Mav Ikr! Gl to us all. lol
  8. chinny

    Online Dating

    First of, 97% of online dating is catfishing. And yes there is an amazing and sweet 3% somewhere. To get things right what the both of you want from the relationship should be stated from the beginning. Some date online just for sexual reasons; some are insecure and want a total stranger to make them feel good or wanted, while some are genuine and want some thing good out of it. If it must work, proximity is key. At least the both of you should live where there is a high chance of seeing each other if things get serious. Vid chats, calls and pics ain't enough to define real. Peopl
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