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  1. Lame
    Aglucindo reacted to Nenad in ūüŹÜ ($750) Stake 3 Slots Challenge | Week 27 ūüéįūüźć   
    Medusa: Fortune & Glory

    Win a bet with 40x or higher multipliers on slot: Medusa: Fortune & Glory. Minimum bet is 10c. Any bets that are on the fun play/with nothing staked will not count. Tips & Terms & Conditions
    Bet must have been made after the commencement of this promotion. If you submit a post to this challenge and hit a higher multiplier than your first submission, you must edit your original post so we can get a better idea of how many unique participants there are. Anyone with multiple posts on this challenge by the time it expires will be disqualified. Double rewards for verified players do not count for this forum challenge. Stake employees can not participate in official Stake.com forum challenges. This does not apply to moderators. 1 valid entry per household. 10+ Post count on the forum. Prize pool distribution:
    Top 10 multipliers - $25 each The remaining $500 will be split between all other multipliers on equal shares.
    How to Enter:
    Paste your bet ID (and a screenshot of the bet - preferably). Please ensure that your Stake username/ID is posted in your post so we can swiftly organize payment if you win.  
  2. Lame
    Aglucindo reacted to Nenad in The Friendliest Chatters ūüó£   
    Hello dear, Stakers!
    We have a nice new feature for chat-lovers. Stake decided to reward the friendliest chatters from this moment on. Let me tell you more about this...

    Every two weeks, Moderators and Community Managers would pick one friendliest and most entertaining chatters to reward, except for the English room where there will be two winners.
    What does the friendliest chatter mean? It means you should be active on chat, be loved by the community, be helpful, also not a spammer, not toxic, and not muted for those running 2 weeks.
    Note that only one account per user would be eligible; no alternative accounts would be taken into consideration.

    Community Managers and Moderators will chose winners based on the users chat activity only and every two weeks. Note that gambling activity would not be considered for this giveaway, but only chat would matter. 

    Stake prepared awesome rewards for those who are chosen. You can pick in between:
    Cash Prize. If you choose this, we will award you with $30. Cash Prize in Reload. If you chose this, we will activate reload for: 15 days each day $2 claim OR 10 days each day $3 claim OR 5 days each day $6 claim, it is up to you. Also, don't worry if you already have active reload as this will be added on top of it.  
    This is only the beginning, we will have more upcoming and interesting rewards for you. ūüôā
  3. Thanks
    Aglucindo reacted to lideralex in An injustice to a person who deposits   
    Hello, my real name is alex, but known as @lideralex pose, I participate in the stake 19/06/2019, I will do 1 year on the 19th now this month ...
    see the printer of all the deposits I made here at stake during these months ...
    in the beginning there was rain from the bot in the Brazilian chat but it was cut ...
    I decided to come to the chat in English to make friends and also participate in the rain, because I always deposited it, so I think I have the right to be part of this benefit and I started to catch small amounts of rain, but I never rained large amounts Until today ...
    today they are cutting me for the benefit of catching rain with small amounts and very few ...
    you’ll support them responding that there are no problems with your account, see the links http://prntscr.com/t07qid
    http://prntscr.com/t07qv9 ... I decide that this week will be my last days here at the stake, but deciding to leave my blast to our friend Eddi can read that I am not rich, I know that my deposits do not reach the fund of the deposits of the rich, but only one that I can talk about is also a client, because I beg the rains for being a benefit, because I think it is right for someone who deposits to receive the rains. .
    but it is very slutty to cut off the people who deposit from the rains ...
    while I know people who don’t deposit have all the rain ...
    what will be the question and why am i poor do i not attribute the value that the rich value?
    I think Mr. Eddie should go there with his teams if he is not going to start losing customers
    that and my explosion .....

  4. Thanks
    Aglucindo reacted to Bojana in ūüŹÜ [0.08 BTC] Fly Me to the Moon ūüĆē | Plinko Challenge   
    Hello, everyone  
    ‚ÄľÔłŹIMPORTANT‚ÄľÔłŹ Increasing multiplier means that you need to get all three bets with higher¬†multiplier than the previous one. For example: 1.5x, 3x, 10x, in order for your entry¬†to be eligible for this challenge. Make sure to catch the new 3 consecutive wins if you have made the error in the initial posting, the multi cannot be increased only once, those will not be taken into the consideration, and there is still plenty of time left to correct this.¬†

    Good luck in catching this one!¬†ūüćÄ

  5. Thanks
    Aglucindo reacted to Jelena in [0.0045 BTC] Quarantine Pastime | Discord Challenge ūüŹ°   
    Hello, peeps!
    Thank you for taking part in this giveaway. 
    Since there were 18 participants, prize amounts are adjusted a bit:
    1st place: @Nicol3 0.0009 BTC
    2nd place: @williamshennie9 0.0006 BTC
    3rd place: @CandyCrunchin 0.0004 BTC
    4th place: @Karim 0.0003 BTC
    Other participants who completed both parts of questionnaire got 0.0002 BTC each.
    The ones who partially fulfilled requirements got 0.0001 BTC each. 
    Until the next giveaway, cheers! 
  6. Love
    Aglucindo reacted to Jelena in [0.0045 BTC] Quarantine Pastime | Discord Challenge ūüŹ°   
    Quarantine Pastime ‚ú®

    Greetings, Discordians!¬†ūüĎč
    I hope you are all safe and healthy!
    During these past few weeks, we've mainly focused on the current worldwide situation. Unfortunately, it's an inescapable topic with a justified reason. The sudden change in our lives can really feel overwhelming, so I hope this week's Giveaway will be a good distraction and one of the fun ways to spend your quarantine time. 
    We've prepared a brief and interesting questionnaire for you guys. Questions are pretty simple and give space to creativity, so don't afraid to light the creative spark.  

    Important note: Questionnaire is constructed of two parts.
    First one is Stake related and questions are posted below. 
    I'll edit the topic with the second part on Wednesday, so stay tuned since you need to answer to all of the questions in order to be eligible for the Giveaway prize. 
    First part of questionnaire:
    Let's say Gary isn't Stake's mascot and you are given the chance to create unique one for Stake, what would you name it and how would it look like? If Stake would have a 'My Slots' game where players could create their own customised Slots, how would your game look like? What would be its theme, what symbols would you use for Wild card or Scatter, which song you'd choose as background music for free spins? As for the Sports fans, which sport you'd like to see on our site that we currently don't offer?  
    Second part of questionnaire:
    Describe the most or one of the most embarrassing moments you ever experienced. What’s the craziest thing on your bucket list? If you could ask clairvoyant one question and get the absolute truth, what would it be? Those who have already completed the first part of the questionnaire can just edit their post in this topic and as for the new participants, they can answer both parts of questionnaire at once on Discord and post screenshots of replies here.
    ‚ÄľÔłŹP.S. Since this is a Discord challenge, kindly comment¬†there and post screenshots of your replies here, on this topic‚ÄľÔłŹ
    Prize Pool:
    1st place: 0.0008 BTC
    2nd place: 0.0005 BTC
    3rd place: 0.0003 BTC
    4th-10th place: 0.0002 BTC
    14th-25th place: 0.0001 BTC
  7. Thanks
    Aglucindo reacted to lideralex in Macarrao deu um carro para algumas pessoas do chat BR   
    e eu que cheguei no final estavo para igreja voce acredita kkkkkkk...
    cheguei na rapa do taxo peguei pen√ļltima rain dele de¬†2.00000000...
  8. Wow
    Aglucindo got a reaction from lideralex in Macarrao deu um carro para algumas pessoas do chat BR   
    So descobri que teve essa rain quase 24 horas depois.ūüėāūüėāūüėā
  9. Thanks
    Aglucindo reacted to lideralex in Macarrao deu um carro para algumas pessoas do chat BR   
    ola amigos stakanos
    existem todo tipo de macarr√£o , parafuso, espaguete, para lasanha e assim etc...
    mas existe um macarrão  que te dar um carro...
    mas niguem nunca viu macarr√£o que te da um carro...
    sim pessoal MACARRÃO que tida um carro nao foi so para 1 nao foi para 25 pessoas como assim alex...
    veio um rapaz no chat brasileiro ele acertou no jogo plinko 1000x com 1.00000000  e fez 999.00000000 por duas vezez  totalizando 1998.00000000...
    e começou a distribuir presente em formula de chuva mas conhecido  como rain  no valor de 2x  2.50000000 para 25 pessoas 2x de 2.00000000 para 25 pessoas e 4x de 1.00000000 para 25 pessoas  totalizando de  dado foi 325.00000000...
    teve pessoas que pegarão todas  as chuvas ( rains) totalizando 13.00000000 valor em real R$12072,29 e carro novo não e...
     então teve alguns BR que ganharão um carro do macarrão...
    e foi tudo de graça unica coisa que precisava fazer era bater papo no chat BR...
    bom fui para igreja no dia cheguei no finalzinho mas ainda deu para pegar uma rain de  2.00000000 R$1600,00 no dia paguei todas minhas contas...
    para quem n√£o acredita ta ai Printer para nunca mas esquecer...
    que MACARRÃO foi pai para muito nessa pandemia botou muito macarrone-se na casa de muitos...
    essa foi maior rain que recebi com valores altos...
     e você que achou disso tudo...

  10. Thanks
    Aglucindo reacted to lideralex in Minas e melhor jogo   
    ola amigos stakanos
    pose sempre tenho abordado isso aqui que jogo de minas para quem tem banca sempre  da para fazer um dinheiro...
    e só você ter sabedoria maninhos(as) e criar sua próprias estrategias...
    veja essa foto abaixo de um amigo nosso quanto ele fez em uma bet...
    então amigos criar sua próprias estrategia e boa sorte...
    e você tem algum jogo que você e um crack???

  11. Payday
    Aglucindo got a reaction from lideralex in Quantos ficar√£o desesperados por causa atualiza√ß√£o da stake   
    Pensei que tinha sido hackeado denovo¬†ūüėā
  12. Payday
    Aglucindo got a reaction from lideralex in Limpar ou nao seed   
    Eu limpo quando da muito red e fico com  a seed que vem muito numero baixo por um tempo.
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