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  1. @PugLife I agree with you. I like the site very much and like the community and just chatting with these bois.
  2. Your best methods for attracting referrals

    @PugLife I will try this. Take it or not!
  3. I will try this out....
  4. mhm I lost a bit money on this dip big dip
  5. Funny Begging excuses/styles

    Well he tried
  6. [HOT] Get paid to watch porn!

    seems nice
  7. Your best methods for attracting referrals

    make your friends use your code
  8. Site was updated today BUT

    I like how it is now but the changed the roulette too much?
  9. Stake Community

    I like community and chat
  10. Barbaris here ;)

    Dragon ball super is the best..
  11. I will remember this for next time
  12. No Luck with Big Bets 😑

    You will win next time