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  1. Mines:289,646,145 placed by djafar1 Wagered: 0.00563460 Payout: 1.56x Profit: 0.00317317
  2. djafar1

    Support - Feedback

    The two bald guys I like very much. But whole support team is good and fast
  3. djafar1

    Kuleguten Stream #33! Giveaways!

    djafar1 well known fortnite player
  4. djafar1

    Cheating in Blackjack

    Sometimes you get lucky with blackjack and win 0.05 like me or you get unlucky and lose 0.15
  5. djafar1

    How I won 21 million

    Well played.
  6. djafar1

    Stimubate's Soundcloud Giveaway

    I liked the song 3 13 2018 GTKir and Djafar is now following you djafar1
  7. code: BTC invested: $25,000 code: ETH invested: $25,000 code: TRX invested: $15,000 code: MIOTA invested: $15,000 code: DOGE invested: $20,000
  8. djafar1

    Kuleguten Stream #31! Giveaways!

  9. djafar1

    Trading Package

    Trading Thingy he should make an seperate post for that. Explaining more how it works.
  10. djafar1

    Trading Package

    It is plastic bitcoin worth few pennies
  11. djafar1

    Trading Package

    I will sponsor a giveaway. First let me check my wallet.
  12. djafar1

    Trading Package

    When you make an dumb edit and BoXXoB rage like he lost an game in league of legends.
  13. djafar1

    Trading Package

    When you make one mistake and everyone calls you a scammer.
  14. djafar1

    Trading Package

    Yes indeed. Dumb play.