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  1. Play league of legends and 1v1 for 5 dollars lol seen yassou do it xd
  2. Ahahahahah yeeeeeeeeet when you fail I forgot I wasnt livestreaming so copyright music aint okay
  3. In my opinion I do not like instant bet. I like to get baited on plinko with magnets and blackjack with animation. Soooo. If they could make the animation on some of the games more clean. I would smash then.
  4. Sorry for the background noise if you notice. I fucked something up with mic. Nothing more to say about it.
  5. @Waves Well done. I like ur deep voice
  6. Worst game is probably unturned or roblox lol xd
  7. When you are from Denmark your accent makes you sound like an idiot and my voice is just very light compared to other dudes.
  8. Nah just do 10 minutes and all ins easy peasy lemon squeezy
  9. did badger really win 6 btc on that omg im proud
  10. why dude its over man no more prizes to claim except 5000x with 1 dollar
  11. When you say end does that mean if I get from 5 to 200 and I lost later in the video I could just cut that part out xd?
  12. @coeghacked I tag you because I had a lot of fun with you. And I think you are funny and I like roses and violets. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  13. Done the same thing at december challengs but I won pretty big xd
  14. Indeed it is telling its a casino and advertising with 130+ accepted coins is perfect