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  1. menurut saya sih dengan tidak bermain tergesa gesa dan gegabah
  2. In stock trading or something like that, you first need to dive deep into this topic, without it anywhere, do not put the same on everything
  3. As a child, my parents did not buy me anything, now I'm an adult. Now I'm able to afford not to buy anything! – Doctor, I'm afraid to treat teeth! I think it's better to give birth than to suffer the pain of a drill. Dentist: – Girl, well, you decide quicker so I know what seat to put! Strange creature – man. Hits because he loves. Fighting for peace. He works to get some rest. Drinks poison for health… 1 – You have to live every day like it's your last day! – That is, every morning to go to the notary to write a new will? 2 The blonde comes to the doctor. Doctor: Say "Ah." Small or big?
  4. I also often gamble, hide from my family, only my best friend knows about my games, and together with me he also began to show interest in games
  5. What would you like for your Birthday? From family and friends?
  6. If there were no casinos in my life, there would Be money on savings in the Bank, saved a lot of nerves, hours of life, do not play people... I, too, recently learned about airdrop, and await the profits with this, nothing not one takes, and couple of coins you will come on might)
  7. I would choose to swim in the pool with my family and friends, go to nature or throw a party. But without live broadcasts, just a photo for memory
  8. The guy in the white Polo is cute. Oh, I would also put my face, but I'm sick for 3 days haha.Funny guy, that was Fun.