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  1. an interesting game, but I can't figure it out ... I wanted to study the game myself, but it didn't work out ...) now I will read the rules of the game ... I can turn on youtube and find how people play in it ...😊
  2. I play one week often, there is no time limit ... but I have not yet been able to win much ... I'm just learning here ...))) now on vacation I can afford it ...😊
  3. ivan8877

    Claiming Prizes

    Hello ... please tell me the coupon code can I request in each promotion in which I participated?
  4. hello ... tell me if you can participate once a month? or I did not understand ... sorry for my English ...
  5. everyone earns as best they can ... go make a $ 5 deposit at the stake, try it yourself ... figure it out ... you can make money here ... This is my opinion ... I at the stake one week ... I try ...😉
  6. ivan8877


    All people are different, and each has his own income ... I don’t give, but I don’t see anything wrong with that ...) I’m sure that many people are asking because it’s bad in life with money ...
  7. My relationship with my wife does not affect, firstly, I am not a player, and if I lose, then the bonus ... it does not affect the family budget ...)) secondly, I’m an adult and always feel the edge when I need to stop ... My wife knows me well and gives me peace, so everything is fine in our family .... It affects relationships when I play the xbox for a long time...😂
  8. in 20 years, stake will become one of the largest companies, virtual currency will be the main money in the world .. stake will issue its shares ... we will be shareholders of stake and we will live on interest ...😂