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  1. Stake Community

    Stake has been helpful, and don't regret coming here
  2. It can be with your contribution
  3. Music Sessions - The First Club (signing in)

    Good luck on your new career
  4. Stake Giving away 1 Btc?

    1 BTC is enough to build a stadium like Wembley
  5. The new and Improve Stake version.

    Really cool
  6. My Stake song - “Busted Now” 🎶

    This song will sell wella in haiti
  7. Funny Begging excuses/styles

    ah ah ah, Givers never lack
  8. How do you come across stake?

    What do you gain as an early member?
  9. Stake Appreciation

    You do well broh
  10. What Level are you currently?

    Level 2
  11. How do you come across stake?

    How do you come to know about stake?. I think I came across this site on google. I knew the forum before the main site tho.
  12. Muted for 41 Days :(

    And while you are muting, mod should not get the remote lost to unmute you back when your time elapse
  13. Rank and Benefits

    I'm a noob and I don't care
  14. Why do you care to know?
  15. Just as I'm about begging you for BTC lol, I thought they say "givers never lack and beggars always ask"