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  1. babs01

    Read Me

    Why not, you are always welcome.
  2. babs01

    Read Me

    West Africa is cool during the wet season but may be warm during the dry season. I came across this great site I think from Google, btw, Where do you come from?
  3. babs01

    Dogecoin faucet

    Let me try this out and see thanks
  4. babs01

    Affiliate Program Suggestion.

    We are the same in this category btw, do you know the commission for this affiliate program?
  5. babs01

    How effective?

    How effective is this stake affiliate program I want to vent into it.
  6. babs01

    Read Me

    I'm babs01 from west Africa, in case you wish to visit one day
  7. babs01

    PDSHINJO- Youtube Giveaway ( 0.0005 btc)

    Lol, luck winner you say? for all the effort
  8. babs01

    Is there any stake app

    Do we have stake app on playstore especially for forum?
  9. babs01

    Anyone going on vacation?

    I want to visit united states, California to be precise
  10. Hope this not a scam tho
  11. Okay, good man thanks.
  12. I don't understand you man
  13. The offer still available
  14. Over 400 people have been killed in Syria in the last five days 150 of them were children. Why is the world in silence now? If a celebrity dies, there would be an avalanche of condolences. Thousands of innocent kids get brutally murdered in Syria nobody speaks a word. Such a cruel world we live in today.#savesyriachildren
  15. Good Idea, we can call the account "lives at stake"