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  1. que bien poder escribir y leer en español simpre tratando de estar la margen de la ley
  2. lo bueno de stake es que tiene varidad de juegos
  3. luck you are very beautiful welcome
  4. try it with preroll
  5. I would change it to not be so bored in a game
  6. I agree that there is no safe strategy as well I will try my luck
  7. 0 bets make no sense at least use the minimum to get something
  8. if sometimes we forget the unlocking of the capital letters and that causes problems, we must be very attentive with that
  9. esto es de pura suerte no hay estrategia 100% segura solo probabilidades
  10. I hope you inform yourself and learn about cryptocurrencies is a complete world
  11. bienvenido buena suerte
  12. dilber14

    Hello stake!

    I'm new is in forum equally welcome