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  1. If you dont mind paying a little bit of fees or waiting for a bit, use paxful I guess. Hope you can get some bitcoin!
  2. Hey, hope you are still winning with that strategy. But your strategy is only nothing but a simple martingale. Which is not the best idea to play. Martingale is just simply increasing your bets when you lose. When you hit a long streak. Which it will happen, then you won’t have enough to do your next bet. That’s how people lose all the time. So if you are still trying that strategy, stop while you are still winning. As always, good luck to all of you!
  3. But let’s say you bet 0.00000001 XRP, which is the least you can bet. Then 100% on lose, you would need a 19 lose streak to reach somewhere like 0.001 XRP. Nevertheless I got like 1XRP, which I can totally afford to lose, although there would be almost 0 profit. But does it work?
  4. I think martingale is a good idea for diamond poker, but does anyone know like what’s the streak of a red bust on a 1% house edge? Or what’s your longest streak? Come and share your streaks! So that we can think of a bankroll and the starting bet of any currency like doge or ripple!
  5. I usually stay focus to it while gambling, because sometimes if you aren’t paying enough attention. You misclick or missed the good opportunity, which has happened to me before. You don’t want to try that out, or even learn it the hard way, even though I didn’t. Also statistics show that human can not multi task, so if you think you can. You are most likely wrong.... Anyways, good luck to you all and have fun!
  6. Same, I love playing Hilo with the sounds on. The bright ding is just very satisfying to me for some reason. I’m sure someone out there has the same thought as me. Good luck to you all and have fun!
  7. In my opinion, hot key makes our lives so much more convenient. But there are downsides to this, when you are new to the site or just starting using new keys. You might press on the wrong key and bet on the wrong amount. This has happened to me and fortunately, it was in my favor so I didnt lose anything. So if you are using hot keys, make sure you will not press the wrong button. Or the result can be catastrophic.
  8. Hi, welcome to the Stake forum community. Make sure to read over the rules to not break any rules accidentally. Also this forum gives users who are active satoshi! But in order to earn them you would have to post about 15-30 of them to start earning. Also check out the Stake discord for daily giveaways! Welcome!
  9. I dont like the negative reaction suggestion, as someone has mentioned about this, too. This can encourage abusive behavior by other players. You dont want to receive negative reaction by just saying something slightly wrong right? If people dont like your post or do not agree, they can simply just not giving a like. This would be way better, hence why it should keep its original way like this.
  10. Yes, there are a lot of scams in cloud mining and etc. But replying to everyone that replied to my post. GeForce Now is like a VPS, where you connect to a laptop and play games on it. There are ways to install browser on it, but they have totally blocked mining on there. So that is why I would like to find a way to bypass that. Let me also paste some more information from their site. So that you all would know more about this GeForce Now thingy. Part of the FAQ: WHEN IS GEFORCE NOW LAUNCHING? GeForce NOW is currently in beta for Mac, PC and SHIELD. Commercial availability will be announced at a later date. HOW MUCH DOES GEFORCE NOW COST? GeForce NOW is free during the beta. WHERE IS THE SERVICE AVAILABLE? GeForce NOW is currently available in North America and Europe. Visit the server status website for a list of available servers and their current status. HOW DO I JOIN THE GEFORCE NOW FREE BETA? Request access to the beta here and we'll email details when there is availability in your location. SHIELD owners can activate beta access on-device. WHAT GAMES ARE AVAILABLE? There are more than 400 games currently supported. More games will be added regularly. You need to own the supported games on Steam, Uplay, or Blizzard Battle.net to play them on GeForce NOW. And only on SHIELD, users can get started with a selection of free games. See the full list of supported games here. Just look for more information on their site: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/products/geforce-now/ I would love to try and mine on the GeForce Now
  11. This browser looks really good, looks like the future of gaming. But I dont game a lot now, but in general the browser looks very futuristic. Along with games, but as you said it is a gaming browser. What does it really do? Other than the same function across every browser like Chrome, IE, Windows Explorer, Opera, or even Brave. The browser I am using right now that blocks ads, which is a very handy feature. Does it have features like ad blocking? Or it is just focusing on gaming and only for that purpose?
  12. Well some people are just generous and wanted to donate their winnings! By doing that, they can also make their Twitch or YouTube more popular. The players would also get a chance of winning some free money, it is a win win situation after all. I also believe Stake pays people who advertise for them or being an affiliate.
  13. It’s all self control once again. I myself would say have self control towards my crypto, I tend to also save up what I got and cash out all at once. My future plan for this is, I will be saving up to like an amount of 50k or so, then withdrawing half to my wallet. The rest would be playing around. But I don’t get that part where you said, people saving up for a lot just to lose it a few seconds. I’m sure people would be starting with their monthly savings on forums right?