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  1. Ornietv

    When you cashout?

    i woud cash it if i had 100x my depo ... its not goodwithdraw , i believe in karma and i think if i WD staKe will be hard for me lol
  2. would be so nice to have other coins to play with, i dont know if this is actually possible, but i d love to be able to gamble with zen coin
  3. If you are a streamer, public tip is good i think its a good thing that we can choose about that.
  4. I cant wait the day that i will actually have a use for the vault ( big win). I do not really like withdraw,i like to STAKE! Its a great feauture
  5. very informative what you all guys post, i am new to stake ( dont see date i joined) and i read some stuff i never knew, TY
  6. Ornietv


    hai you also serbian?!!! welcome to stake and we hope you for the best
  7. so far i havent come with any issues but good to read this post,in case this happens i ll run by
  8. wow thanks for letting us know tomki, Yes thats a huge payout!! Did you ask him for some coin? >:)
  9. Single player : Mount and blande warband , Oxygen not included, rimworld, and few other indie gems! Multiplayer : Overwatch , sometimes pubg depends the mood, and deadby daylight
  10. Is anyone Chinese or from Hong Kong here? I saw on news, that Chinese military police is heading to the boarders to Hong Kong.I am starting to be a little bit worried, because as you probably know the events of 1989 in Hong Kong,and what happened back then is Nothing with nowdays if anything bad could occur.World is watching and hopefully there will be a peaceful solution. Please if you are local , en light us with whats happening cause, some medias are fake news or whatsoever
  11. If you give 20% of your profit means that you are a kind person,but you need to realise that no one as as kind as you,It happened to me too,but i never felt bad about doing a rain