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  1. Yes i am 24;7 on stake, stake is my life,stake is my everything, srtake is fair stake is love i love stake,stake isnt rigged. Very constructive post btw
  2. https://vocaroo.com/i/s1o5kBgg3Gyu
  3. i think you should be perma banned for eveyrhting
  4. Please make the paytable payouts visualised as they are, bet per LINE, ÷ 20 , instead of what you show now, its wrong, for example instead 125x use ÷ 20 ( line) ty.
  5. http://prntscr.com/pj0edd 1. Who do you know here at Stake that comes from your country? @FotisNt toloubas7 @Philip74 i am sure its two more i forget their names... 2. What new chat room would you like to see?a more social chat room... 3. What do you think about our chat rules, what can be improved to make chat more pleasant for whole community?I do believe there should be a little more strictness about passives, fights , and talk bout loans.In addition, i would love to have VIP stars hidden, as they give loads of EGO to people.
  6. well majority or star players got hteir stars by begging so
  7. Hi, I would like to have my ignored users exluded from my rains, is that possible? is that already inside the system ?
  8. I am sure this is a great milestone of bets for stake,and am also sure loads of people would love to hit it. I would love to hit it not because of the prizes or anything,but to have it as a feat of strength! I think its about 2, or 3 days left for this to hit,do you have any plans , tips hitting it ?