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  1. I love you, Eddie, but so does Betty 'Cause you're such a handsome guy Who's gonna kiss you, who's gonna miss you Who's gonna laugh and who's gonna cry I love you, Eddie, but so does Betty Tell me, which one will it be Make no mistake now, one heart will break now Do you love her, or do you love me (I love you Eddie, but so does Betty) Last night you took her to a movie show Tonight you took me to a dance Each day I'm hopin' that you'll let me know That I've got the very best chance I love you, Eddie, but so does…
  2. ulham - Arsenal 2-3 Crystal Palace - Southampton 1-2 West Ham - Newcastle 0-2 Liverpool - Leeds 4-3 West Brom - Leicester 0-0 Tottenham - Everton 1-1 Brighton - Chelsea 2-3 Sheffield Utd - Wolves 4-1 36th minute
  3. Ornietv

    Keno bug.

    Yep it happens at my phone too mate
  4. Ornietv

    Keno bug.

    If i display balance on USD,and i scroll over the amount of x payouts during the bet,Screen gets black and i get the try refresh browser message. it does not happen when balance is displayed as crypto.
  5. Some people are really clueless and they try to ruin this post,but i will not give up until i get answers. can a representive asnwer us please : 1. Are the (entitled for giveaway to players funds) have been shared between the support? did you actually ask the guy first? if not thats a theft lol 2. Are you keeping the 10.000$ giveaway funds that left for later events? 3.How much balance of it left? p.s Honesty is what made stake what it is today.. Steve? dusan?? eddie??
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