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  1. ornietv Green β™₯β™₯β™₯
  2. Ornietv

    Who is Eddie?

    Eddie is our dad
  3. i wish i had friends i am very lonely
  4. Jesus christ , are these your real eyes? your so beautiful
  5. Hey even tho he has the oldschool aim reflexes age , like me , made him such a useless noob...like me hahahaha I also play apex , but i am also an old man even old than him, but impressive moves thhere at times! looking forward for more dusan streaming :)))) and hope i cna play too since i downloaded
  6. not really a number diff but more like 40 tickets! but hey really close :((((
  7. Thanks mate it helps a lot, even tho took me a few to realise after my countrys goverment decided to restrict access.
  8. casino:59411147149 Hi there i dont have the bet id cause of delay in the bet archive I am posting the replay now to avoid the deadline issue of 48H https://replay.pragmaticplay.net/pbgHp0ViOp I will post the bet id as soon as i get the BET archive list in my account ...
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