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  1. 11 of july 1983 My birthday is today but i dont do it for tips just posting it ^ some people are lonely including me is always nice to get some wishes
  2. Nevena youre so beautiful πŸ˜›


  3. Plinko: 25602031247
  4. Sorry entries closed didnt see
  5. But you would see bad stuff happening in the world from above,would effect you negative,or u could even stalk people, i know u would its you paecga, u would try to stalk eddie ,and his beautiful abs ... we all know u love eddie.. Predict the future
  6. Ornietv i love you eddie β™₯
  7. Yes i am 24;7 on stake, stake is my life,stake is my everything, srtake is fair stake is love i love stake,stake isnt rigged. Very constructive post btw