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  1. Hello Friends, Hope all are learning and earning safe in Crypto Market . i am sharing here the article where you can read and know all importance Concurrency Fundamental and Technical Information what is very useful in trading and understanding where crypto market going : Highlight of the Crypto Market : BTC dominance is currently at 53,5 (-1.0%). The total market cap is currently at $147.0 billion (+$1 billion). The market volume of the last 24h was $24.9 billion (+ $3 billion). Kindly visit if you keen to learn or get useful information of crypto market at one place: I am sure you will need nothing after reading this article : Visit for full details here ==>>https://www.minds.com/bitman007/blog/crypto-news-crypto-fundamental-and-technical-analysis-21-11-911977660985495552 Hope this will help you in learning and earning safely: Thanks Good Luck :
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    Guess what comes next?

    Hello Friends What are you waiting for now ? If you are Waiting for the next crypto bull run right now may be like waiting for the next “dot com” bull run in 2002. One never came, but then one day a couple decades later we woke up to realize the internet had infiltrated & reshaped every crevice of media, politics, business & culture. You could say there are good and bad #Bitcoin years but the reality is there are mind blowingly awesome unbelievable years and then there are corrections. 2018 is a correction year which is nearing it's end. Guess what comes next?
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    Great Website for Passive Earning

    these are out of trend and world of online if you are in Crypto world : )
  5. Hello Friends , how is crypto earning and learning, crypto world is mystry for many and giving every second surprises, but strong beliver who here for long term will understand what going on wtih crypto inside , i noted some points what may be good to know BTC capitulating. Alts capitulating. $XRP moving up. $ETH and $EOS looking bottomy. Scam coins dying. Is this it? Even many think that Capitulation is not happening yet. A lot more dirty blood has to bleed before the space can start up clean. There can be dead cat bounces from here. IMO capitulation will be between 1-3k and despite btc losing 20% in a week, the rest of the crypto space market sentiment does not seem to be as alarmingly ultra bearish as one would think it should. everyone is so hopeful that this is the end and that a bounce is imminent. all this is to say that people don't. ==>> If you can't see it you don't wanna see it. BTC is dumping and the ETH ratio is going up strongly. V bottom, waiting for confirmation but not looking too bad.? ==>> Adoption of use case will always win.? ==>> After one more or two fake bulls... too many hodlers for now for capitulation.? ==>> The hodlers will hodl to the end they don’t care about 4-3-2-1k ? What you think current crypto market situation ? Look the chart and think what if ...
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    Now the real Bitcoin fun begins

    Hello Friends , how are you learning and earning with Crypto Market , it is best time to learn more to earn safe ,after hashing war and other drama in crypto market , Now the real #Bitcoin fun begins. The price is low and the time is right. Nothing has changed with BTC fundamentals and in fact the infrastructure is now much larger than ever. The lower we go the more likely a bull run will be sparked. It only takes a few big buyers to ignite. Check All bitcoin related information with fundamental and technical point of views in details : https://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-price-hits-13-month-low-as-crypto-market-slumps Thanks Good Luck
  7. Hello Frineds as we have seen Bitcoin cash hard fork drama what you thinking about this poll : Which crypto asset benefits the most (relatively) from the bitcoincash hardfork drama? 1. BTC 2. LTC 3. Other
  8. Hello Friends, As we know BCH hard fork is playing big role this time in crypto market and many my friends are holding and also trying to to know if it is good or bad for us. so i have article here where you can know what will be affect of BCH hardfork . Kindly visit the site if you like to know more : ==>> https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@bitman007/bch-fork-is-good-or-bad-coming Thanks Good Luck Friends
  9. Hello Friends , lot of stories , opinion, advice , ignorance, etc. are going in crypto market, and as we know that 99% of people believe #bitcoin will never reach $1,000,000 but it's worth noting that it was not that long ago that 99% of people had never even heard of BTC. First there was the discovery stage, now we are in the awareness stage and next comes the widespread adoption stage. What your thinking says Friends ? Stay active, update and cool , we are here to win in crypto market. Thanks Good Luck
  10. Hello Friends , how are you doing with Crypto , as we know market is very strangely behaving now a days, i have read more and reach some points why crypto market is going down , let me know if you have alos more information so we can learn more here. Interesting moment for crash for sure, - XBT futures expired BCH fork is around the corner Bitmain IPO is coming soon Bakkt SEC ETFs It seems there was a similar pull down on Nov 12 2017. What your opinion or what information you have kindly share with me so i can learn more Thanks Good Luck.
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    Finally True Identity of Bitcoin Founder is Revealed?

    Thanks Friends
  12. Hello Friends how is crypto earning and learning going on , everytime new things coming to surprise the world, i am reading about Crypto realted with #metoo, for those who dont know #metoo , It is The Me Too movement, with many local and international alternatives, is a movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault. #MeToo spread virally in October 2017 as a hashtag used on social media in an attempt to demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment, especially in the workplace. How Sexual Assault Survivor Uses Crypto to Crowdfund Anonymously is very important article to read here : Kindly read the full information here : https://www.coindesk.com/sexual-assault-survivor-crypto-women-bitcoin/ Thanks Good Luck
  13. Hi Friends What you think about A process where another Crypto becomes larger than Bitcoin in market capitalization This will happen?
  14. Hello Friends, hope all are enjoying great in crypto world, there is every time new things coming to read , learn and surprised we need to update wtih most of things going to happening. I was reading an article about satoshi nakamoto, ! yes ? he identity is still secret to the world . Kindly read the article i am shareing is very infromative and knowledgable that is covering how Finally True Identity of Bitcoin Founder is Revealed? You will read about Sekushi Tokari, 43, is believed to be a real identity behind Satoshi Nakamoto. According to the source that remained anonymous his name leaked during the Mt.Gox investigation in 2017 when one of his IPs used in Mtgox matched the ones used on the bitcointalk forums. Kindly read full details here : ==>>https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@bitman007/finally-true-identity-of-bitcoin-founder-is-revealed Thanks Good Luck
  15. Good Morning Friends , Hope all are enjoying good crypto earning. Bitcoin is going its own way , Lets look at its technical aspect to take safe trading decision : check both bull and bear aspect here : #BTC/USD APEC Snapshot Outlook: Approaching key resistances #bitcoin has finally risen back above $6,400 after dropping violently below 6 days prior. Vol is a little lacklustre for continuation with 2hrs til close Immediate resistance 6418 RR: 6600 $BTC ==>> Bears managed to break through aforementioned fib targetting first major support at $6,389 with price stalling abv 6.4k psychological level Pullback is still playing out but remains bullish abv the short-term primary trendline at $6,365 What your opinion or technial idea syas, kindly add here in comments : ) so we can all learn wegether more > Kindly look at the chart for more details : ) Thanks Good Luck,