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  1. Crypto market is going down day by day . Specially bitcoin is about to touch 7k . what are you wating for , will you buy or wait more time. Bitcoin’s hashrate just hit another all-time high and every fundamental indicator of Bitcoin... are making new highs. I bought around 500$ bitcoin at $7990 . I belive it i will sky rocket soon because : Halving in 7 months Hashrate still near ATH: 95EH/s and Price at 20% Discount right now What is your point of buy?
  2. Hello Friends as we know during the 2017 crypto craze and ICO boom, retail crypto investors loaded up on new, untested altcoins in hopes of finding the equivalent of the next Bitcoin – a revolution in financial technology and the best performing asset of all-time. But after the 2018 bear market, those hopes and dreams have since been shattered, and sentiment surrounding the once surface of the sun hot altcoins of yesteryear may never recover, even if the overall crypto market does. Do you think Next Gen Altcoins Boom During Next Crypto Bull Run?
  3. Hello Good mornining friends , i want to share a very intersting statement of a bitcoiner i haver ever read . He shared on twitter that : In 2015 I sold 800 BTC to buy a house for my family. In 2018 I sold my house and bought back 50 BTC. People who thinks I'm crazy for selling my house please know that my only regret is to have sold my bitcoins. Investment in Real Estate is now garbage comparing to #Bitcoin. Many peopl was against it to buy back btc for house . When People argue him about selling selling home for bitcoin He replied : Says who? What is stability anyways? A house and a job with fixed income? I worked in IT for over 20 years of my life, bought a house and my life wasn't stable at all, now I live in a sailboat and travel the world with my family, I can say that my family is much happier now. What are your opinion on this statements kindly share -)) Do y ou think he did right or wrong ?
  4. Hello. Friends as Crypto market is not stable this time .Let's share our opinion so we all can get great idea what to do in this falling Crypto market . If we drop further 30-40% from here, which coin will be your choice to buy on dips? Which has best potential to Pullback 23.6% from lows? Choose 1 vote & comment why? They’re down more than 90% from ATH #ADA -97% #BItcoinCashABC & #BitcoinSV -96% #ETHEREUM -93% #LITECOIN -93% Thanks and Good Luck
  5. Got Late But Great to see ypu all in real life human form () Happy Bleated and in Advance Birthday Stake : best place for me in crypto world : Wish you all the best .
  6. This is really very intersting and useful article about Bitcoin bey Michael del Castillo, Forbes Staff : Crypto & Blockchain Who cover enterprise adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency. The sense of urgency is everywhere I look. Bitcoin is dying, and it's time get a new job. The warnings are stark. Bitcoin’s price has lost 70% since its $20,000 peak last year, the Securities and Exchange Commission has rejected every bitcoin ETF it's seen so far and Goldman Sachs has delayed its much-touted roll-out of bitcoin trading. Bill Clinton’s former senior economist Nouriel Roubini can’t seem to stop talking about the “useless” cryptocurrency, and even the controversial Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort, who pleaded guilty to fraud relating to stock market manipulation, has said that bitcoin is headed for the scrapyard. Learn a lot and get more idea about bitcoin deep in side , check the full article here : Blog post here : https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@bitman007/bitcoin-is-dead
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