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  1. As we must know that long-awaited Bakkt Bitcoin futures contracts has been positively launched , however, has not reacted and has dropped back below $10,000 price mark again this morning. Do you guyes think Bakkt will boost bitcoin prices in the long term? Will you trade on it ?
  2. Hello Friends as we know during the 2017 crypto craze and ICO boom, retail crypto investors loaded up on new, untested altcoins in hopes of finding the equivalent of the next Bitcoin – a revolution in financial technology and the best performing asset of all-time. But after the 2018 bear market, those hopes and dreams have since been shattered, and sentiment surrounding the once surface of the sun hot altcoins of yesteryear may never recover, even if the overall crypto market does. Do you think Next Gen Altcoins Boom During Next Crypto Bull Run?
  3. As we know crypto market is uncertain and many are lossing and taking wrong decision after big loss. This is small advice for new to crypto before buying bitcoin or any other altcoin : Make sure you: 1. Invest in yourself 2. Have savings for rent, food, emergencies, etc. 3. Learn about risk management . An uneducated person with zero savings and no understanding of risk management will lose EVERYTHING in crypto. Keep learning for earning here. Only invest what is ok for loss in real life. For me best is make coins, and hold for good days as we know it will come soon. What are your advice more to add ?
  4. As we can see Bitcoin volatility has been falling since mid-July 2019. (Options sellers have been killing it.) Do you guys who are trading thing it might be time to buy straddle or strangles soon.??
  5. I have invested in 2 casino bankroll and i found over all it is profitable to invest in casino, i wish if stake also start this feature . Are you guys think about this feature should come ?
  6. In today market what is the world’s supreme hard asset according your experience ? Bitcoin Gold Diamond Adamantium
  7. Hello Friends how are you all doing in crypto world, as we can see every day new things coming to crypto world , today i am happy to read an article about one of the first digital assets-based pension plans. yes it may be true soon according to the news : Cryptocurrency custody provider Legacy Trust is launching one of the first digital assets-based pension plans. The Hong Kong-licensed firm announced on Wednesday that the scheme will be on offer to both employees of participating firms and the self-employed, and will offer an underlying portfolio that includes cryptos as well as fiat currencies. It’s also expected to appeal to crypto investors. You can read full news here also : https://beta.cent.co/+epeh3d Thanks : Keep learning to earn in crypto world
  8. its great to know about you , good to know good way and real crypto maker: hope to learn more from u time to time: keep sharing your knowledge > Thanks
  9. Hello Friends as we can see Bitcoin price increased by more than 7% overnight, triggering cryptocurrency market recovery. How this happned quickly ? even bitcoin hitting Hitting 70% Dominance vs. Altcoins. According to technical analysis bitcoin could move below $9,000 to test lower levels if an important support level in $9,300 was breached. In the short term, technical analysts anticipate the asset to test the wide range between $9,400 to $11,500. Get more technical price analysis with charting details here to learn more : https://beta.cent.co/+gxb85m What your opinion on Alt-coins : Do altcoins stand a chance as bitcoin reclaims momentum? Thanks : Keep learning to earn:)
  10. its good to know you : hope u making great crypto with trading, i am still learning thanks yo ur valuable response
  11. Hello Friends, how are you doing with crypto, it is very good time to learn more to earn more safely , down time teach us a lot if you learn and give time in technical, fundamental and price movements, as we can see crypto market is unstable this time . many says its bear market time and many still think for bull market as Crypto traders are bears in the short term. Their swing trade position is inclined bearish with targets expending till $5k levels. Read more in details what is market sentiment for coming days here : https://beta.cent.co/+g3cg0b Thanks : Good Luck Are you a bull or a bear in the short term? Please share your views to know more learn more .
  12. Hello Friends as we can see bitcoin prices continue to post strong rallies, and regular traders are looking at higher potential valuations for BTC/USD on a long-term trend basis. Not surprisingly, many of these projections deal with important psychological levels that may be likely to guide market activity. Bitcoin has already established gains of more than 157% while the benchmark S&P 500 is currently trailing far behind with gains of just 16.6%. This time after making many analysis and up down most of trader saying as markets appear to be viewing the 10K price region as an area of resistance-turned-support. it is same like 6k was before . Check this post to see more technical analysis with chart : https://beta.cent.co/+4zsop9
  13. is still time to post or not but i will go with it : )
  14. Hello Friends , dont get panic of bitcoin downfall beacuse if you will check Bitcoin is up 175% this year from $3,750 to $10,100 by setting higher monthly lows Feb $3391 March $3733 April $4096 May $5347 June $7564 July $9163 Aug $9675 Slow, organic price increases always better than quick pumps. This time if you see technical analysis bitcoin price suffered a massive setback on August 28th, crashing through support at $10,000 before testing the low $9,000s. This dump would eventually happen, and unfortunately for bulls, technical analysis reveals that the pain isn’t over yet – not even close. What is the reason and what technical chart says for future price is in detailed here : https://www.uptrennd.com/post-detail/bitcoin-price-dump-isn-t-over-not-even-close~Mzk0MjU= Do you think it can go to 7k-8k or something.. I think it may be possible : as crashing through support at $10,000 before testing the low $9,000 , on daily chart it appears to have generated three lower highs and each lower high was painted after bouncing from support of $9,600. What is yor opinion on this crash? kindly share to learn more Thanks