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  1. Bitcoin is the best choice of invesment now a days for many who is started knowing about bitcoin and still many are thinking what is good or not , rumor, news, debates, prediction are going on every day at different level, but we all in crypto know where bitcoin and crypto market is going . Many are advising that everyone should buy bitcoin at every chance they get and you can set your chance when to buy more if you have spent alredy 1 year or more in crypto market .Investors shouldn’t let the day-to-day fluctuations of bitcoin deter them from investing in the valuable cryptocurrency, .
  2. I have read a recent good news that Bloomberg opinion writer expects a Bitcoin Bull Run soon, Tyler Cowen has recently started to renege on his former belief that Bitcoin is only as worth as much as its marketing, has immense volatility issues, amongst other critiques. Fundamentally bitcoin is becoming very strong, as The U.S.-China trade war, political climate in the U.S., which may lead investors, launch of Libra, which Cowen believes increases the survivability, Hedge against uncertainty. , I also believe that bitcoin will be soon bigger and grow more then last big bull run . What is
  3. I was reading a news article about how betting on bitcoin prices may soon be deemed illegal gambling and saying many Regulators increasingly think crypto-derivatives are unsuitable for retail investors. anyone else read it? what do you think on it ?? it can be possible ?
  4. As we an see bitcoin price strugging hard to breaking 11k and faliing many times and this time after After last week’s bloodbath, it seems that the Bitcoin price has started to settle. BTC has found some stability around $8,350, trading up 2% on the day. Altcoins have also started to stabilize and flip green, following in the footsteps of the market leader. What you are knowledge say about bitcoin will touch 10k at the end of this year ? or not ? my strategy is buy btc whenever it go below 9k what is your strategy or plan for bitcoin ?
  5. A market trend can move far outside the boundary of what people think is possible and become completely removed from fundamental values. Going with the flow of price action by letting your winners run and cutting your losses short is a good psychological practice for a trader. Volatility expands at the end of one trend direction and the beginning of another, what was working stops working and the key to the lock changes for profitable trading. Do you think trading is profitable this time fro any coin ?
  6. Crypto market is going down day by day . Specially bitcoin is about to touch 7k . what are you wating for , will you buy or wait more time. Bitcoin’s hashrate just hit another all-time high and every fundamental indicator of Bitcoin... are making new highs. I bought around 500$ bitcoin at $7990 . I belive it i will sky rocket soon because : Halving in 7 months Hashrate still near ATH: 95EH/s and Price at 20% Discount right now What is your point of buy?
  7. We can see that Bakkt launches and providing liquidity. Second largest German Exchange in Stuttgart is going to provide $BTC trading. SoFi is launching a crypto trading platform. So why people are still bearish macrowise. ? did you get it>?
  8. I just read a news article saying that Bitcoin Creator Satoshi is 'Already Dead', Claims BitMEX CEO. In the article Arthur Hayes, the CEO of BitMEX, the most widely utilized BTC margin trading platform, has opined Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin, is likely dead. Did anyone else read it ,. or do you have more information about it ? I read it here : https://www.ccn.com/bitcoin-creator-satoshi-dead/
  9. Bitcoin hashrate down by 30%. Anyone know why? Looks very unhealthy. Do you think China turned off electricity to a large pool and can nuke 70% hashrate if they want to. ?
  10. As we must know that long-awaited Bakkt Bitcoin futures contracts has been positively launched , however, has not reacted and has dropped back below $10,000 price mark again this morning. Do you guyes think Bakkt will boost bitcoin prices in the long term? Will you trade on it ?
  11. Hello Friends as we know during the 2017 crypto craze and ICO boom, retail crypto investors loaded up on new, untested altcoins in hopes of finding the equivalent of the next Bitcoin – a revolution in financial technology and the best performing asset of all-time. But after the 2018 bear market, those hopes and dreams have since been shattered, and sentiment surrounding the once surface of the sun hot altcoins of yesteryear may never recover, even if the overall crypto market does. Do you think Next Gen Altcoins Boom During Next Crypto Bull Run?
  12. As we know crypto market is uncertain and many are lossing and taking wrong decision after big loss. This is small advice for new to crypto before buying bitcoin or any other altcoin : Make sure you: 1. Invest in yourself 2. Have savings for rent, food, emergencies, etc. 3. Learn about risk management . An uneducated person with zero savings and no understanding of risk management will lose EVERYTHING in crypto. Keep learning for earning here. Only invest what is ok for loss in real life. For me best is make coins, and hold for good days as we know it will come soon.
  13. As we can see Bitcoin volatility has been falling since mid-July 2019. (Options sellers have been killing it.) Do you guys who are trading thing it might be time to buy straddle or strangles soon.??
  14. I have invested in 2 casino bankroll and i found over all it is profitable to invest in casino, i wish if stake also start this feature . Are you guys think about this feature should come ?
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