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  1. Hello Friends , kindly look at bitcoin history and think about future price : in 2010 $BTC +700% in 2010 $BTC -65%, followed by +540% in 2011 $BTC -48%, followed by +5500% in 2011 $BTC -93%, followed by +12800% in 2013 $BTC -81%, followed by +1600% in 2014 $BTC -86%, followed by +12600% in 2018 $BTC -75%, followed by..? !! What you think ? Thanks Wish you good luck
  2. Hello Friends , Hope all enjoying in crypto world and learning daily new things as knowledge is only key to success in crypto world , Lets imorove some knowledge in Altcoin Trading with Bitcoin , i am sharing some inportant points that may be helpful in takeing decision in trading . ==>> Many #altcoins are traded against #BTC only. If BTC drops, you lose performance. To avoid this we hedge our positions if trading Alt/BTC: 1. Buying 1000 Alts for 0.1 BTC 2. Open short position for 0.1 BTC By doing so we neutralize BTC price movement. ==> Basically essentially you are playing ALTUSD cross and neutralizing BTC in the process. It’s best to check USD chart in trading view even if USD is not paired. TradingView offers USD charts for many ALTs ==>> It's a matter of trade management. If stopped out in an Alt/BTC pair at night you may remain with falling #BTC in your depot for a few hours. Having nice dreams in the meanwhile...😴💸 and It’s interesting but those ALT/USD levels work too even when in reality it’s just a dummy chart prepared by TradingView. So check it out. By checking these artificial ALTUSD charts at tradingview you can easily discover hidden losses due to dumps of BTC at a glance. Thanks : Wish you good luck
  3. How you understand the " Trans-fee Mining" Crypto Exchange Model?
  4. Hello Friends , Hope all are enjoying , as day is going to end here i want share last thought on btc for today hope it will help many here : My Last thoughts on $BTC: 6420~ support Ideally I wanna see stops below 6.5 taken out Volume gap at 6340 = last defense for bulls bearish signs: Low volume, price right below resistance this time its not a bullish consolidation imo. 38% fib confluence at 6.6 Trade with care: If you wanna go long, wait for a clean break and retest of 6.6 If you wanna go short, wait for a swing failure confirmation. Those couple of pips more or less won't effect your profits significantly. One last advice: Don't try to pinpoint your entries, too much Information overflow Thanks Wish you all the best
  5. Hello Friends , Here is my bitcoin analysis hope it may be helpful in trading decision. In the #BTC chart: Resistance at 6500 USD was tested 7 times in the last 7 days ==>> (see chart with comments). First attempts were repelled explosivel. . But resistance became weaker during the last hours. We'll keep watching and act accordingly . Thanks and Good Luck
  6. Hello Friends Iam here to share my technical and fundamental vies on #Bch= bitcoin cash, may be many are trading or want to trade #Bch . It can be useful for everyone If #BTC breaks down below 5750 in next 3-4 weeks, Look target in chart : We will get an opportunity to enter #BCH between 215-315 Juicy Zone Ignore the trade if you hate Roger Ver & Jihan Vu, If not it can be a potential 5-10x play in 24 months. Also do ypur more own research before takibg this advice to enter .
  7. bitman007

    Aggressive Plan of Coinbase

    Hi Friends its great to read this news how coinbase for own newly opened office at new york, it will cater to institutional cliend and will be great big step in crypto industry. They are working to keep in mind that They have to create a bridge between financial services and technology," Lets read more benefits and details inside original news here and improve our knowledge : ==>> https://www.coindesk.com/coinbase-crypto-jobs-hiring/amp/?__twitter_impr
  8. Been thinking about aliens lately. Here are some questions: - Do they know about us? - Who will reach out to who first? - What do aliens eat? - Do they have weapons? Guns? - Are there animal aliens & human aliens? - What is first thing they would do on Earth? Who has answers?
  9. Hi Friends , I am here with some Important Bitcoin Information with Chart , Here is a Rationale for downside Bitcoin breakout by 7th October. Please read comments on the chart. We are facing Resistance against 22 Week MA. Its powerful & will prompt downside breakout if history repeats. If that happens use that opportunity to accumulate cheaper ALTs Thanks and Good luck:
  10. Hi Friends Many are still confusing what to do or not do in Crypto World , after reading more and learnng more i could reach out wtih some important points that can help you in Crypto world : ==>> Let’s not forget, the following may happen in next 2 quarters: - ==>One or more BTC ETFs - ==> Bakkt coming online - ==>>Safe Tether - ==>> ETH futures - ==>> Morgan BTC derivative - ==>> Citigroup BTC derivative - ==>> Corporate Insurance on Crypto. If Investment & speculation is the game - lots to look forward to .Bottomline:- Let’s focus on making money. It’s absolutely possible to make the highest ROI with the help of some good mentors #crypto offers the best environment for explosive returns unlike any other asset class Keep your eyes & ears open & make right choice & you are golden
  11. Hello Dear Friends, i am here with Today's Useful Fundamental and Technical Analysis for bitcoin and i am sure this will help a lot in taking decision of trading. As We can see BTC dominance is currently at 57.0% (-0.8%). And The total market cap is currently at $194.3 billion (+ $6.6 billion). Here The market volume of the last 24h was $11.7 billion (- $0.1 billion) For full details in Fundamental and Technical Analysis wtih Charting Kindly go though my blog here : https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@bitman007/crypto-report-13th-sept-2018-fundamental-and-technical-analysis Thanks and Wish you all Good luck
  12. bitman007

    Bitcoin vs. Sanctions

    Hi Friends, I Was reading about Bitcoin vs. Sanctions: Will Cryptocurrencies Be Used to Counter the Economic Wars between Governments? and i found it very intereting and useful to share wtih you friend to increase our knowledge. In recent times, the global political forces have been very unevenly distributed. Leading positions and relations between countries can change very rapidly. Economic wars unleashed by the opposing sides can lead to the significant degradation of the financial system of a state. This problem is especially relevant for countries with developing economies. Therefore, it is not by chance that many countries that are unstable from the financial point of view have expressed interest in cryptocurrencies. . So friends , Which countries can benefit from digital assets and how can cryptos become a panacea for sanctions?
  13. Hi Friends, I am big learner of Crypto and here i have collected best tips for crypto trading so everyone who are looking for learning or trading can get help at one place: Kindly read and use them carefully: Here is some basic and useful tips for now: ==>> Setting buy orders ahead of time comes from the logical mind. It removes emotions from your decision making. If you put them there in the first place, there was a reason you did that. You used reason to do so. Stick with this logic & reason & don't FOMO. ==>> Once a coin breaches its last resistance, it begins to discover new characteristics of price (i.e. supports & resistances). This is known as Price Discovery. Use fibs to ascertain with some level of probability where a rally rooted in price discovery will end If you are Eager to Learn more to earn more safely : kindly visit my original Blog here : ==>> https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@bitman007/learn-how-can-trade-crypto-safely
  14. Hello friends i just heard that Japan's Financial Services Agency (FSA) is expanding its crypto team (30 to 42 officials) to keep up with increasing interest towards crypto. According to Reuters Japan, 160 firms are expected to submit licenses to operate as crypto exchanges in 2019. This is rapid growth. This is really good time to accumalte more crypto for coming big bull run : many good news coming on way. Wish you Good LUck all
  15. Good Mornin g Friends , as every one know Bitcoin and crypto recorded 80% decline in 2018, worse than the dot com bubble, so they can't survive! Well, I got info that Bitcoin had 83% correction in 2013 and 87% correction in 2014-15. So already, it survived from two dot com-like crashes in the past five years. I am sharing this article where is in deep datails about bitcoin is new pet.com or not . Original Soyrce : http://amp.timeinc.net/fortune/2018/09/12/bitcoin-cryptocurrency-crash-dotcom-bubble?__twitter_impression=true