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  1. I like ethereum why? Because the transaction of it is realy fast and there are alot of websites where you can pay with ethereum thats why i like it so much. I don't like btc because it takes so long for a transaction to be complete and i hate waiting.
  2. hI, My biggest coupon was from 2 days ago it was around 4$ dollars BTC. I got up to 40$ with it but lost it eventually:( I love how stake does these coupons. It gives you a chance to win some money for free that why i love stake.
  3. I've seen that before its a really good helper but you shouldn't always look at it. Sometimes you just need to make a dumb move to win. I used this once and because of it i lost alot looking at it. So you shouldn't always follow those rules its not the best.
  4. Ye i've done that a couple times but you shoudn't do it that often because after a winning streak there comes a losing streak, once you lose you bigger bet you will double that just to get your profit back and you might lose alot doing that. You need to know when to stop with this stat, if you can't you shouldn't use it.
  5. you should never stick with a gamemode longer then 30 minutes why you might ask? Well its gamble and eventually you will lose thats how it works. When you switch gamemodes the whole seed thing will change aswell so the site is ''less rigged''
  6. Ye i've earned something without even depositing. For example i went from a eth faucet to like 30$ it was insane. And i also earn here on the forum wich is great aswell, I love how stake gives you opportunities to earn cash without depositing, for the people who have not alot of cash. I realy like it and thats why i love stake.
  7. I don't know i never seem to win more then twice in a row, doesn't matter if i choose banker or player on even switch when betting. I don't realy like this gamemode and there are other gamemodes that are much and much better then baccarat.
  8. Yeah i've been there, thats why i always go for the luck and choose the lowest % card cause you never know. It happends alot when you go for a higher card but it hits low. Just try it and it will pay of one day.
  9. My opinion live poker. Why? Well i never seem to win on that gamemode i never won twice in a row If you look at different gamemodes its just not worth playing it. There are so many other gamemodes that pay much easier and more so i'd remove live poker don't like it and probably never going to like it ever. Mayby they could change something with that gamemode to make it better but it will be a hard job to do.
  10. Hi S1MPL3X, My strategy is betting on numbers around 24 different numbers and just roll with it and i also have a jackpot number when it hits you get alot of profit, Sometimes you get a big win streak and its easy cash.
  11. Hi guys, I was wondering when you get rakeback. I've heard some people say that they have gambled around 3000$ and got rakeback i gambled 8000$ like 2 weeks ago and still haven't received it. If you know please tell me:) thanks
  12. skrubreker

    Pattern hunting.

    Thats not only with pattern gambling, Even you go for a 2x multiplier you can bust realy fast when gambling 10% of you balance... When you gamble that much you should gamble smart, slow and go for small multipliers when you don't do that ofcourse you are going to bust thats how gambling works.
  13. Hey:) I ussually go with 1 mine and click as many as i can when i feel like cashing it out i cash out when i think i can click all the diamonds i will try it it alot of times i will hit it and make easy profit. With mines you just need to know when to cash out and its the easiest game to profit on. You should try it you will make alot of profit.